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20,550 New Dropship Products added with FREE SHIPPING

Today we added 20,550 new products from a new drop shipper of pet suppliers.  This new warehouse is home to thousands of premium pet products. They strive to bring you the best products suited to the needs of your business.

You get great pricing without a minimum order amount and most importantly every order, no matter how large or small will receive FREE SHIPPING

To view these new dropship pet products, login to your wholesale2b.com account and click on the links located in the BLUE announcement box.
We hope you will enjoy these new products.

ACTIVATE A PLAN today and start selling these great products on eBay, Amazon, or we can built a fully loaded and functional e-commerce website for you in just one business day.


Dropship Lingerie and adult novelty products

Today we added 2 new dropship suppliers to our portal at wholesale2b.com increasing your product selection by a total of 11,147 new products.  These new products will make a great addition to your website or to your existing eBay auction list.

1) JERRY FASHION – 4,810 new dropship products

This supplier provides all types of fine sexy lingerie such as: adult costumes, corsets, chemises, baby dolls, bikini sets, sexy ladies’ panties, men’s panties, sexy garter sets, erotic dresses, sexy stockings and sexy leather collections.

2) OVNIWHOLESALE – 6,377 new dropship products

This supplier provides state of the art wholesale adult sex toys and lingerie. They are a leading distributor and offer one of the largest inventories of adult novelties in the industry.

To view these products please signup for a free account at www.wholesale2b.com. Then activate a dropship plan and start selling these products from eBay, Amazon or from your own  website.  We can also provide data feeds for the most popular shopping carts such as Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, and many more.  We can even create a website for you with automated daily updates.  Simply pick your suppliers and let us do all the work for you.

September 6th 2015 – New dropship lingerie products

Today we added products from a new drop ship supplier.

This supplier provides all types of fine sexy lingerie such as: adult costumes, corsets, chemises, babydolls, bikini sets, sexy ladies’ panties, men’s panties, sexy garter sets, erotic dresses, sexy stockings and sexy leather collections.

Visit www.wholesale2b.com to review these new dropship products.

We gather products from various drop shippers across the internet and make them all available to our members from one single place. We also offer the order fulfillment service so this means that you won’t need any tax ID and you won’t have the hassle of signing up with tons of different suppliers. You get every thing you need from one single wholesale2b account, and you can also manage all your orders from the same account.

We add new suppliers to our portal regularly so you will always have access to a growing selection of products to dropship from eBay, Amazon or from your own website. Please visit our website for more details about our dropship plans.


The Truth About Online Businesses—They Are Easy Than You Think!

While there are many jobs that require you to have a specific skillset, or that are simply out of your wheelhouse—an online home business isn’t one of them. The technologically savvy world we live in requires us all to have the vast majority of the skills required to launch a home business—meaning that it is easier than you might think to get started!

No Coding Required

If you shy away from launching a home business because you don’t want to learn how to code, then you will be pleased to learn that you don’t have to! There are many options when it comes to building a home business, most of which allow you to create fast and easy drag and drop websites—or that allow you the ability to sell products or services which are easy to set up by following simple step-by-step instructions.

You Don’t Need To Produce Your Own Product Or Service

If you want to work from home, but have been putting it off because you don’t have a product or service to sell—you can sell someone else’s products or services. If you have ever browsed through a storefront on eBay or Amazon, you are likely to find that many sellers offer a wide-range of products, categories, and brands. While you may assume they are selling from a large warehouse or brick and mortar location, they are likely dropshipping. AKA—they list products that someone else has in stock, pay for orders only once they make a sale, and their drop shipper handles shipping. This means zero inventory on hand!

Minimal Time Is Required

If you are a stay at home parent who wants to work from home online, but is concerned about the time commitment, or you already work full-time and don’t want to overcommit—your home business is likely to take far less time than you imagine. Unlike your kid’s busy schedules or your daily hours of operation at work, you can work online any time of day or night. You can even break up the work you need to accomplish into many small sessions you complete throughout the day. In fact, in as little as 1 hour most days, and around 10 hours each week—you can realistically gain a steady source of income. And if you have more time to invest, the better!

Having a home business goes against most of what we have been conditioned to believe, which is that you have to work hard to make more money. While you may still have to maintain your current employment, you can realistically launch and build your home business in your spare time!

Your Full-Time Job Shouldn’t Be Your Excuse For Putting Off Your Online Dropshipping Business

Even if you are passionate about your work, and have found an employer you are proud to work for—odds are you have a financial need for your full-time job. You work to provide for your family, to save for your first home, to pay off student loans—and to someday retire. While you are certainly not alone in your need for work, you are also not alone in your desire for more.

Your Home Business Has No Set Schedule

Sure your full-time schedule is already demanding, but an online dropshipping business is an extremely flexible way to work from home. Since you can manage your business from anywhere with internet access, you can sneak work in throughout the day. For example, you could reply to customer’s message first thing in the morning, process your daily orders while on your lunch break—and can set aside an hour or two each weekend to source new products.

One of the many great things about working online, is that you can work anytime you like! After the initial set up, most days will require an hour or less of your time.

Work From Home To Supplement Your Full-Time Income

How many times have you imagined what you would do if you had just a couple hundred more dollars each month? You could pay off your debt faster, have a bit more spending money, and build a larger nest egg. While your dropshipping business may not grow to that of full-time income, it can certainly improve your quality of life—and get you one step closer to your financial goals.

The More You Learn, The More You Earn

As with anything new, you will need to invest time in learning your way around your new dropship website, or your Amazon or eBay store. This includes how to select the right niche, how to market your new business, and how capitalize on seasonal sales—such as holidays, back to school, or trending items each spring, summer, fall or winter. The more time you have to invest in learning how to build your business, the more money you are likely to earn in the long run. While any business take time to grow, with dedication your home business could evolve into a full-time income. Or your current full-time job, could become your part-time job—imagine that!

Dropshipping allows anyone and everyone the ability to work from home. There is minimal startup capital required, and since we take care of the vendor sourcing and backend tools—your business can be up and running in just a few hours!

How To Use Drop Shipping To Find Your Niche

Finding the perfect niche products to sell, doesn’t necessarily mean selling products that you know and love. While selling products that you use on a regular basis may be what you initially gravitate towards, you must prioritize identifying trending products in a niche that does not have too much competition. Below are just a few ways you can use drop shipping to find your niche.

Identify Trends

First begin by identifying which products are best sellers on eBay and Amazon, then look for dropship products that are in the same genre—but that you are able to sell for less due to the impressive discounts available to you as a drop shipper. Also keep a close eye on how trends in best sellers shift and change. For example, some items will sell better in the summer, during back to school time, or around the holidays.

Test Your Drop Ship Products

Another way you can use drop ship to identify your niche, is to start by testing products in the niche you are considering. Since drop shipping does not limit you to one product category—consider setting up several different categories in your eBay and Amazon store, and testing products in each. For example, the same online store could have a category for electronics, bath and beauty, and home décor. Identify what your overall best sellers are, as well as your best sellers in each category

Always Be On The Lookout For Something New

As mentioned above, your online store can have several product categories that would appeal to one target audience—such as teenagers. Or you could specialize in a more specific product niche, such as clothing and accessories. Even if you have a successful niche, your goal is always to make more money—so you must be open to finding a new niche or audience to sell to. For this reason, consider testing 5 to 10 new products in your online store each month. This could be products your drop ship suppliers have available at special pricing, random picks, or new products you test after doing a bit of Google and/or target audience research. Also consider what other products will complement your current best sellers

Also keep in mind that your drop ship suppliers may not always have your best sellers in stock. Even if they do, they may not always be in the most in-demand make, model, or colors. This means you must always have a plan of action in place to ensure that you have a steady stream of new products to offer both your new and preexisting customers.

Increase Traffic To Your Blog—By Becoming An Authority In Your Niche

Now that a free blog is included as part of our new Wholesale2b Dropship Website Plan, you may be wondering the best way to utilize your blog to drive more traffic to your dropship website. Since your website is likely built around a niche market, such as electronics, home accessories, or bath and beauty products—you want to become an authority in your niche. This will keep readers coming back time and time again. Even if you are new to blogging and content marketing, start with the tips below.

Identify Your Keywords

You first want to begin by doing some long tail keyword research to identify which keywords your target audience searches for with frequency. The research keyword research needs to be done on a quarterly basis, and for true success consider keywords that are not too obvious—aka. competitive. For example, if your niche is related to health and beauty an expected long tail keyword would be “how to lose weight.” Instead think a bit more outside of the box, and to words your target audience is searching for—but that is not to competitive. Google Trends and Google AdWords Keyword Planner can help you to select your long tail keywords.

Create Posts That Add Value

Now that you have some keywords to work with, you can begin creating specific topics to blog about. Aim to place your long tail keyword about once every 100 words, but no more than that. Also make sure that your keywords flow well within your blog post. Avoid the temptation to blog only about the specific products you have for sale on your website, and instead create posts that add value. For example, if your blog is related to home décor—you could blog about topics such as decorating a dorm room, decorating an apartment, re-accessorizing a room in your home, or even how to mix and match different styles to create an eclectic room. When brainstorming topics to blog about, don’t forget:

• Find ways to work trending topics into posts about your niche. EX—Oscar party decorations, trending celebs, the latest makeup trends, ect.
• Create blogs related to upcoming holidays. EX—Mother’s Day, Christmas, Hanukah, Independence Day, etc.
• Create blogs related to upcoming seasons. EX—fall, winter, summer, and fall
• Mix in some indirect topics too. EX—Community involvement, why you prefer online shopping, share an inspirational story, ect.

Make Your Posts Easy To Read

Formatting is extremely important when it comes to blog posts. Turn to the tips below to make sure that your blog is engaging, easy to read, and appropriate for the online and mobile world.

• Create a compelling headline.
• Write in a conversational tone—you can even write with humor and personality.
• Add at least one picture to every post—and not just images of your products. Pixabay is an excellent place for free photos.
• Add relevant videos.
• Separate the content with subtitles.
• Keep the paragraphs between 3 to 5 sentences long
• Use bullet points and lists.
• Add 1 to 2 links to “official” sources to each post to create backlinks. Official sources include newspapers, magazines, gov websites, and edu websites.
• Post at least 3 time each week.

Turn To Free Yet Effective Online Marketing

Last but not least, you want to market both your blog and your dropship website with free yet effective online marketing. While you can of course invest in online marketing, there are many free options for you to turn to. Below are just a handful of effective free online marketing options.

• Social Media—Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, ect. You can use Hootsuite to preschedule your posts.
• Content Marketing That Links Back to Your Blog and/or Store—Guest blog, add posts to Ezine Articles, add posts to your LinkedIn Business Page.
• Forums—Post in forums that allow links. Select forums related to your niche, as well as forums your target audience frequents.
• YouTube—Create videos that can be added to your blog, and that will also direct more traffic back to your dropship website.

Aim to post your first 20 to 25 blogs as soon as possible, then you can scale back to a minimum of 3 posts per week. Add links to your blog posts to everything from your social media posts, forum posts, YouTube videos, and any off-site content marketing. Within the first few weeks you will begin to see the traffic to both your blog and your dropship website continue to increase!

If you wish to make extra income each month, then head over to wholesale2b.com and signup for a free account. Then review our dropship products and wholesale prices. If you like what you see, then signup for the dropship website plan and we’ll have your site ready in just 1 business day, loaded with products from 3 drop shippers of your choice. We have over 90+ suppliers to choose from with tons of different niches.

What has Wholesale2b.com been up to lately?

We made several improvements recently. As always we listen that what members are saying, and we take action. Please read below the list of recent changes and enhancements we made. We hope these changes will help you with your drop shipping business.

Increase your profit by selling products with MAP prices

MAP prices refer to Minimum Advertise Price, which are sometimes imposed by some suppliers. This means that sellers are suppose to advertise the products with a minimum selling price equal to the MAP Price. If a seller advertises an item below the MAP price they are at risk of losing their eBay account or get banned by the supplier. Selling items with MAP prices is a very good thing because it guarantees a minimum profit, since sellers are not suppose to sell below the given MAP price.

Now you can easily find products in wholesale2b with MAP prices with our new Browser By MAP prices option. Currently we have over 89,000 products with MAP prices so to help wholesale2b members located these items, we added a new link to Browse Products By Supplier With MAP Prices.

New cancellation ratio report

In the world of drop shipping there are many suppliers involved. Some are better than others in many ways. This report will show you the percentage of orders that got canceled per supplier. Canceled orders may be triggered to returns, items that ran out of stock, or problem with a shipping. This report will help you determine which suppliers are best to work with. The lower the ratio, the better!

Total in stock / out of stock count added

Suppliers usually do a good job in restocking products do run out of stock, however this also depends on the levels of supply and demand, so each supplier will have their own ways of determining when to restock an item or to discontinue and item.

To help members get a general idea of how many items are currently in stock, we have added the total of “in stock” items, and the total of “out of stock” items. These totals are displayed on the top of the wholesale2b dashboard page, below the total product count.

These product counts will be updated every day.

Over 3,000 new products added under the Tools category

Today we added tons of new tools products with great prices. You can review these new dropship products using the URL below (please login first before clicking on the link below).

=> http://www.wholesale2b.com/members.php/catalog/supplierCategories/supplier_id/T398/suppliers/usa

Shipping prices lowered on most Pet supplies and Jewelry items

While reviewing the shipping cost for some suppliers, we were able to lower the costs on both the pet supply supplier as well as our jewelry supplier. We removed the $4 handling fee on the Jewelry supplier and lowered their shipping cost. For the pet supplies, we also lowered their shipping cost on all items.

Login to your wholesale2b account to view our new changes

New report added – Price Change Report

Today we added a new report to help members of wholesale2b.com keep track of changes in the wholesale prices.

This new report can be accessed from the menu REPORTS => PRICE CHANGE REPORT located in your member’s account.

Price changes don’t occur frequently however on occasions suppliers may change their wholesale prices for various reasons, which is important for members to have some visibility on those price changes. A price change could occur if a supplier is offering a special discount for some time, or a price might even increase over time.

We hope this new report will help you with your drop ship business and again, please let us know your comments and suggestions by clicking on the “Contact Us” link located at the top of your account dashboard page.

Wholesale2b.com deploys the new version 3.0 of the Dropship Website Plan

Today we have deployed our latest version of our Dropship Website Plan. Our new version has better graphics, more professional look and added functionality to help store owner better customize their website while keeping a professional look and feel.

Wholesale2b.com Dropship Website Plan Version 3.0
The main improvement of this new version is focused on the template design tool which now includes more options such as a boxed version or a stretched version, more controls over the colors and fonts, and a better interface to help store owners do changes in a more user friendly manner.

The wholesale2b.com Dropship Website Plan is a shopping cart that is specifically designed to integrate products from various drop shippers with various controls such as shipping and markups which can be configured per supplier, giving the store owner the ability to fine tune pricing on their store very easily and very precisely.

New Feature Added – Combine shipping to the selling price
We also added a new feature to allow the combining of the shipping cost to the selling price. This option will allow store owners to quickly offer free shipping on their entire store without having to worry about increasing the selling price sufficiently to cover the shipping. This will be done automatically.

If you are currently have our dropship website plan, and wish to upgrade it to the new version 3.0, simply create a support ticket and request the free upgrade which will take 1 business day.

Please note that if you have activated the dropship website plan after Feb 20th, then you already have the new version.

New system messages added to the wholesale2b account page

In an effort to improve our communication with our members, we have added a new System Messages menu to the wholesale2b membership portal.

By now you might have noticed a new green box in your wholesale2b account with system messages. Those were added because emails aren’t always dependable. You can now view any emails that were sent to you by our system by clicking on the top menu System Messages.

You can delete these messages as you wish or keep them as future references.