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Having multiple images per item can be a huge benefit for sellers.  Buyers like to see the product they are buying from different angles.  It makes selling so much easier, however not every supplier has realised this yet.

Wholesale2b has over 100+ dropship suppliers integrated from which 23 suppliers offer multiple images.

Today we are download over 40,000 new product images from the supplier Greensupply.  This represents additional images to existing products so sellers will now have about 4 images per items from this supplier.

We are currently downloading the 40,000 new images which will take some time to complete.  You should start seeing new images already as they will be available as they get downloaded.  The full download will take a few days to complete so by next week you should see most items from this supplier with multiple images.

These new product images will automatically be added to your e-commerce store if you are using the wholesale2b website plan.  They will also be added to you new eBay auctions if you are selling on eBay.

We hope these new images will help you increase your sales.

If you wish to start selling products online but you don’t know how, or you don’t have any product to sell, then head over to http://www.wholesale2b.com and signup for a free account.  We have over 1 million products at wholesale prices that you can sell for profit on eBay, Amazon, Bonanza, Graiglist, or from your own website.  We can even build a website for you with our turnkey e-commerce dropship website plan.

Creating auctions with multiple product images

Everyone knows that a great product image is worth a thousands words.  How about having 2 or 3 or even 4 great product images!

We have enhanced our Dropship eBay plan to support multiple images per item.  Of course this option will only be available for suppliers that do provide multiple images, in which case all additional images for any given item will automatically be added to your eBay auction.  These days more and more suppliers are providing multiple images per items, especially in the apparel and lingerie and shoes industry, however it is important to note that not all suppliers provide multiple images.

This new feature will only be applicable to products that do have multiple images give by the supplier.

This is how your product image will look like on eBay

Notice the additional 3 images displayed as thumbs below the main image.

multiple images on eBay

display multiple images on eBay to increase your sales

We hope this enhancement will help you increase your sales on eBay.  Please let us know if you have any suggestions on how to import our eBay dropship plan.  As always, we always welcome your suggestions.



Using The FBA Tool Kit To Boost Your Dropship Sales On Amazon


Amazon sales analysis tool

One of the most common questions we are asked by our new Wholesale2B members, is “What products should I sell?” While we always suggest selling in a product niche that you would personally buy from, you must offer a large enough range of products to ensure you remain relevant and competitive. Many of our members who sell on Amazon turn to the FBA Tool Kit to do just that.

What Is The FBA Tool Kit?

The FBA Tool Kit gathers current and past data that highlights product trends on Amazon. This includes both general product trends, and seasonal product trends. While the FBA Tool Kit was designed specifically for Amazon sellers who use Fulfillment by Amazon—its up-to-date data can still be valuable to you as a drop shipper.

The 3 Product Trends You Most Need To Know

The FBA Tool Kit provides 3 individual sets of data, each of which can be drilled down by day, week, or month. You can even look back at sales and product trends over the past few years. For example, looking at the hottest Christmas products for the past few seasons can help you to determine which seasonal items to sell in your store—that is of course above and beyond new and currently trending holiday products. The 3 product trends this tool allows you to access are:

Industry Specific Graphs—One set of data includes general industry data, compiled in a quick and easy to read set of graphs. Simply determine which industries are relevant to your product niche, and keep an eye on their overall trends. For example, the “Sports and Outdoor” busy season is often the spring and summer months—so you may want to stock up in those categories for your store. In total, there are over 25 industries monitored, a few of which include:

• Home and Kitchen
• Health and Personal Care
• Electronics
• Clothing
• Baby
• Pet Supplies
• Automotive
• Arts, Crafts, & Sewing
• And Many More!

Increase our Dropship orders on Amazon

Find out which Amazon categories are selling the most

Price List Analysis—Next up, you have a detailed report including a price list analysis for the UPCs/EANs you currently sell, or are considering selling. This data can be used to help you accurately price the products you decide to sell in your Amazon store. This spreadsheet provides you with a wealth of information, including: current offers, estimated sales price, profitability, and markup.

Product Tracking—Last but certainly not least, is the Product Tracking feature. Just as its name implies, this tool allows you to track specific products that you currently sell, or are thinking about selling in your store.

How To Apply The FBA Tool Kit—A Strategic Method Of Stocking Your Dropship Store

Whether you are new to dropshipping or Wholesale2B, or are a tenured seller—the FBA Tool Kit can help you take a more strategic approach to stocking your Amazon store. There are several methods you can use to select products, with a combination of your individual store’s data—and the FBA Tool Kit’s data. A few methods to consider include:

Keeping Your Finger On The Pulse Of Hot New Products—when an emerging gadget or new product begins attracting major attention, the data gathered within the FBA Tool Kit will alert you to its growing trend. Don’t just keep an eye on the hot sellers, but also a few products that are slowly but surely increasing in demand.
Prepping Your Amazon Store For The Current Season—while you are sure to have some product categories or product staples that you offer year-round, it is imperative to capitalize on the current season’s sales trends. There is always a sales trend, and your niche will help to determine which are most relevant to you. Seasonal trends can include the time of year: winter, spring, summer, and fall. It could include upcoming holidays: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, 4th of July, etc. It could also include industry-specific seasons: such as back to school, or hunting and fishing season.

Stocking Your General Items—capitalizing on hot new or seasonal products is essential, but you must also keep several general products in stock. Your general products should include the product categories and products that your target audience would expect to see in your product niche. Since Wholesale2B has over 1.5 million dropship products, you sometimes have hundreds of fairly similar products to choose from. The FBA Tool Kit can help you to narrow down your selection with factual data, instead of guess work.

The Amazon FBA Tool Kit To Complement Your Current Inventory Management Process

You may already have a system in place for selecting which products you want to sell in your Amazon dropship store. If that system is working for you, use the FBA Tool Kit to complement and strengthen your current strategy.

Even if you continue to load the products you sell by instinct and personal preference, you can broaden your reach by adding more researched products to your store inventory.

If you wish to start selling on Amazon using products from a variety of dropship suppliers, then checkout our fully automated Dropship On Amazon Plan.


Making Money With Dropship Products, Is It Possible?

If you haven’t yet activated one of our dropship plans, it might be because you are still wondering if it’s really possible to make money selling dropship products online.The answer is YES.

Thousands of people have been doing this for many years and are making good money.  Although I cannot guarantee when you will start making sales, I can certainly confirm that we process orders 7 days a week with our suppliers on behalf of our members and orders are flowing in every day.

You can be part of this too!

When you activate any of our plans, you will also get access o our Top Selling Item report which is updated every day, with real sales made by other members.  This report will allow you to see what others are selling to help you make a better choice.

Here is a random selection of 1 item taken from our website, with a total dropship cost of $91.74 out the door to your customer

Dropship price versus eBay selling price

dropship product price

dropship product price

Your cost including shipping & handling is $91.74

The average selling price for this item on eBay is $123.50

This would give you an average profit of $31.79

dropship on eBay

Now let’s assume you are getting 1 order per day for this item

You would make a profit of $953.70 per month  (minus the eBay listing fee)

Now imagine how much money you could make if you had access to over 1 Million products!

Some suppliers offer better profit margins than others, and margins can also vary depending on the niche you are interested in. You can browse the products very easily from your wholesale2b account by category, by supplier, by profit margins and by MAP prices.

We also provide daily reports to help you choose which products to sell. You can sell these products on eBay, Amazon, Bonanza.com or from your own website.  

We can even build a turnkey dropship website for you loaded with products under a domain name of your choice, or you can import the products to your own shopping cart.

We have data feeds for all major shopping carts like Bigcommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, OpenCart and more.

Our dropship product selection includes products from over 100+ dropship suppliers. Our mission is to gather products from the best suppliers so you can browse their products, sell their products, and place orders for their products all from one single place.

Our website is designed to help you gain access to a large selection of products at wholesale prices, without having to deal with every supplier. We update our website automatically every day with inventory updates and new products.

Partner with wholesale2b and let the experts help you grow your business today.

To get started simply follow these 2 steps

1. click HERE to login to your Wholesale2b account

2. click on the orange button ACTIVATE A PLAN NOW located at the top

Once you have activated a dropship plan of your choice, you can start selling products immediately.

You can also contact my team anytime by clicking on the top CONTACT US link. We answer all questions within 24 hours (and much faster most of the time).


New App for Shopify automates inventory and orders to drop shippers


Dropshipping Now Available On Shopify—Introducing The Shopify Listing Tool

Wholesale2B.com is proud to announce our new Shopify app and listing tool! Shopify is one of the fastest and easiest ways to build an ecommerce website—with clean and modern layouts, and SEO built-in. Shopify has become a game changer in the world of online entrepreneurship. Our goals it to expand the options even more, by automating dropshipping with our new Shopify app.

You Asked And We Delivered!

As a part-time or full-time drop shipper, we know you are always searching for ways to grow and expand your business. While we aim to offer the most flexible automated solutions for pushing products to your website, Amazon, or eBay store—many of our members have been asking for a similar solution for Shopify. Creating this app makes it easy for you to grow and expand your online business by adding a Shopify website.

Load The Products You Want—Without The Hassle Of Data Feeds

The Wholesale2B listing tool is the fastest way to add dropship products to your Shopify store. Whether you plan to sell only dropship products, or you are looking to add complementary products to your existing store—the choice is up to you.

Over 1 Million Products To Choose From!

We have over 1 million products to choose from. Simply select what you want to sell, and your new products upload directly to your Shopify store! We limit all stores to 10,0000 products, which is more than enough to ensure that you have a diverse inventory—but low enough that you don’t have to worry about oversaturation. In most cases, your product niche calls for far less than our product maximum—and you can add or remove products any time.

Our product inventories update daily, meaning you never have to worry about a product being out of stock.

Process Shopify Orders In Just One Click!

Add the Wholesale2B app to your Shopify website, and process all orders in just one click—it really is that asy! No need to worry about working directly with wholesale suppliers, because our app is fully automated. With the click of one button, your daily sales are sent to the appropriate suppliers for processing. No phone calls or emails required. Once the order is shipped, you will receive tracking information that can be passed along directly to your online shopper.

Your Inventory-Free Shopify Website

Shopify was designed with the small business owner in mind, but our app is designed to support the unique needs of online-only entrepreneurs. Not only does inventory take up room, but it requires you to ship your order.

Load your Shopify store with our members-only selection of dropship products, and never worry about inventory again—that is of course unless you want to keep some inventory on hand. For example, you could complement your handmade candies by selling an assortment of other special occasion gifts—such as candles, stuffed animals, or luxury bath and body products.

You Set the Price On Trending Products

Our wholesaler’s supply the brand name, trending products your customers are searching for online. You have complete control over your selling prices and shipping prices—and you only pay for products as each order is processed. This allows you the ability to sell a variety of products, without having to invest in the inventory upfront.

You Have Complete Control

Our app makes expanding your product line easier than ever!

·      Setup markups on prices as you wish

·      Control the shipping costs as you wish

·      Change prices with a global markup or edit prices by single items

·      Change the product titles and descriptions to make them unique on your website

·      View your estimated profit/losses

·      Process orders with just 1 click (no other action required)

·      Tracking codes are automatically sent to your Shopify website

·      Daily updates are sent to your Shopify website every day

·      Out of stock items are automatically updated for you

·      Change your list anytime you wish (add/remove products)

·      Push your entire list of products to Shopify with just 1 click

·      Remove products in bulk based on price range

What Is Dropshipping?

If you are a new online entrepreneur, or you have only ever sold products and inventory that you keep on hand—then you might be wondering what dropshipping is, and how exactly it works? Dropshipping is essentially a partnership between you and a wholesale supplier, that allows you to sell their products without keeping any inventory on hand. Once a product sells, you process the order with your wholesales supplier—and they ship your order directly to your customer.

A Reputable Dropship Partner

Sometimes dropshipping gets a bad rap, because there are several irresponsible suppliers out there. For example, suppliers who fail to update inventory, have slow shipping times, or lag when processing refunds.

As a Wholesale2B member, you never need to worry about any of that! We build the wholesale relationships for you, and only work with prescreened, legitimate, and reputable wholesalers based in the United States.

This eliminates the time most drop shippers invest in building their own relationships with wholesalers—and provides you with a larger number of suppliers. So many suppliers, that you have over 1 million products to choose from!

We are excited about our new Shopify app, and look forward to hearing how it helps you to grow and expand your online business.

Click here for more details about the new Wholesale2b Shopify Dropship App

Click here to download the new Wholesale2b Shopify Dropship App



Dropshipping on Bonanza.com, is it possible?

Buying on Bonanza.com is becoming more and more popular making this website is a perfect place to advertise your niche of dropship products.

With wholesale2b.com, you can easily import thousands of products to your Bonanza.com account by adding custom feeds to your wholesale2b datafeed plan.

The first thing you should do is signup for a free account at wholesale2b.com and review over 1 million products from over 100 dropship suppliers.

If you like what you see, you can then activate the datafeed plan from your free account so you can start selling on Bonanza.com.

Once you have activated the datafeed plan, simply login to your wholesale2b.com account and click on the top green button Datafeed Plan.  From this page you will see the list of all our integrated drop ship suppliers.  You can also browse products by supplier from this page.

Remember that you don’t need to register with any of the suppliers since wholesale2b.com and also handle the order fulfillment for you.  This means that you could be selling products from tens of suppliers and still handle your orders from one single place.

Scroll down until you find the supplier of your choice, then click on the link “add a custom feed”.

On the next page you can choose the Bonanza feed template, and enter a markup to help you set the selling prices.

Your feed will require 24 hours to be created.  Once ready, you can click on the small download icon located next to your custom feed and follow the instructions.

Here is the list of instructions:

Step #1: MAP the supplier categories to the Bonanza category ID numbers

Bonanza requires that we use their category IS numbers in the data feed. To complete this step we have already prepared the list of unique categories from your chosen supplier, so you may simply enter the Bonanza Category IDs next to each unique category.

Click here to view the list of Bonanza category ID numbers and names


Once you have completed the mapping, the Bonanza category ID numbers will be used in your data feed. <b>This will be required only one time per feed

You must wait 24 hours for your feed to be refreshed using your new MAPPING once you have completed.

STEP #2: Download your Bonanza feed

Once your feed has been refreshed the following day, you can download it to your computer.
To make it easy, we have split your feed into multiple smaller files  (each file contains 25,000 products) and they are zipped into the file named <b>bonanza.zip</b>.

Use the URL located on the top of this page to download the ZIP file to your computer.

Double click on the file <b>bonanza.zip</b> to extract the actual files from the ZIP.

If your chosen supplier has less than 25,000 products, then you will get only one file from zip file named “split_bonanza.00.cv”.  Otherwise you will find several files.

STEP #3: Import the file to your Bonanza account

Login to http://www.bonanza.com with your bonanza login.


loading dropship products to Bonanza.com

loading dropship products to Bonanza.com









Build An Online Business From Home: 5 Easy Steps

You have heard that other people have successfully built an online business from home, so why can’t you? You can! You just have to know where to begin. There are an unlimited number of at home businesses opportunities to choose from, many of which are time consuming. For example, you could freelance in your profession of choice. While this is certainly one way to go, it requires a significant time commitment. For those who only have a few extra hours to spare each week, and who want an easy and secure way to earn—drop shipping is the way to go. A dropship business can be set up in just few hours, and maintained with as little as 1 hour each day. Here are the 5 easy steps you need to get started!

Step #1: Sign Up For A Free Account With Wholesale2B.com

Creating an account with Wholesale2B is fast, easy, and FREE! Once you create an account, you will be able to browse through our dropship suppliers, as well as our selection of over 1 million products.

While signing up is free, to get started selling you will have to select the monthly membership plan that meets your needs. Currently, membership plans are as low as $24.99 per month. This is a steal, especially considering the amount it would cost you in both time and money to build direct relationships with our dropship suppliers.

The membership plan allows you to automate your business. It has built-in business tools, and allows you to push your products directly to eBay, Amazon, dropship feeds, or even to your own dropship website.

Once you select your membership plan, you will be provided with step-by-step instructions to get your store up and running. This will vary depending on the plan you select, but is designed to be intuitive—even for the novice dropshipper. Your store or website can realistically go live the same day!

Step #2: Select Your Dropship Niche

Before you being loading products to your new home business, you need to select your dropship niche. In other words, you need to determine who you want to sell to. For example, will you sell to a large target audience—such as moms ages 20 to 40, or will you sell to a specific niche such to outdoor fanatics?

The choice is yours, and the sky’s the limit. I would suggest selecting a niche you are familiar with, because that will help when it is time to select what to sell.

Step #3: Load Your Products

Now that you know who you are selling to, it is time to load your products to your website. This process is also very easy.  Simply pick the suppliers from the list of 100+ suppliers listed on wholesale2b and click SAVE.  Then minutes later your website will be loaded with all the products from your chosen suppliers including all their categories, product descriptions, images, prices, etc.

Of course you will have the option to remove any unwanted categories if you wish to narrow down your selection to only a few categories—and thanks to your Wholesale2B membership plan, your website will be updated every day with inventory updates.

Step #4: Promote Your New Dropship Business

Once your website or store is live, you want to start spreading the word. Start with friends and family first. Then work in some online marketing. This includes promoting your website on social media, in blog posts, or in the multitude of paid-for online marketing. Marketing will be of greater importance if you have an independent dropship website. This is only because Amazon and eBay already have an established traffic base. But don’t let this discourage you though!

By selling on your own website, you don’t have to pay out a percentage of your sales to eBay or Amazon!

And don’t forget, you can sign up for more than one membership plan. This means you could have a website and sell and Amazon or eBay.

Step #5: Maintain Your New Business

Once your store is live, you will need to invest a bit of time each day in processing orders, and in responding to customer emails. When you first get started this may only take a few minutes each day, and may build up to an hour or more each day once your store gets busy. The great part is, that you can squeeze this time in, in-between your other daily commitments. For example, you could responds to customer emails 2 or 3 times during the day, and process orders at the end of each business day. At least once a month you should go in and add or remove products from your store, and continue to promote your store externally.

And don’t forget—you only pay the wholesale products when you make a sale, so your startup capital is minimal.   Plus processing orders is super easy.  You simply click one button per order and the order will be handled by the wholesale2b team.  They will handle orders and returns with the suppliers for you so you never have to deal with any suppliers directly.  Every aspect of your business can be handled directly from your wholesale2b account.

It really is that easy to launch your own dropship home business! Yes, you will need to develop some new skills, but this is a business model that is designed for the novice—and designed with your success in mind!

Good luck and remember to always have fun with your business.

Tips on how to choose a great domain name for your online store.

Nothing can make or break an online store more than an effective or ineffective domain name. The right domain name can go a long way in giving your customers confidence in your product. The wrong name can drive customers away for good. Choosing one can be a stressful experience, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a few tips on how to choose the best domain name for your business.

Think of something that truly defines your business.

What is the main idea behind your business? What image do you want to convey? When making a domain name, try to think of something memorable, something your customers are going to remember every time they want to shop for whatever it is you’re selling. Not only that, but a good domain name has to be easily pronounceable. It can’t be a name that people struggle to say out loud; a successful business becomes a part of the customer’s vocabulary. Don’t make it too long either; research shows the top websites have domain names with an average of nine characters.

Whatever your business is, make sure the domain name you choose isn’t too close to your competitors.

You might be marketing similar things, but you don’t want consumer traffic going to rivals because you couldn’t think of an original domain name. Established businesses are guaranteed more traffic simply because they’re established. A domain name that’s too close to the competition is never going to attract a consumer base naturally wary of businesses afraid to think outside the box. Being wary of trademarking is important as well. Make sure the domain name you decide upon is free from anything a competitor might use against you in the future.

Decide on whether you want to be brandable or discoverable.

Will your business rely on search engines to generate traffic? If so, consider using real words for your domain name. If you’re selling laptop stands for example, try something like www.toplaptopstands.com. For early start ups, sometimes it’s more effective to have a domain name easily found by search engines. Relying on banner ads and paid search listing? As said before, make your brand name catchy and easy to remember, something like www.LapStands.com (yes I know that’s terrible).

Do you want your brand to go global?

So you’ve got your winning name and you’re ready to get started. At this point you should think about registering your domain name with country specific extensions. For example, www.LapStands.com or www.LapStands.nl. It can say something of the confidence of a business willing to expand their online presence in different regions and it can give customers the confidence to use you over the competition.


We hope the tips here can help you on your way to creating an effective domain name. Naturally it’s down to you just what you call your website, but if you’re struggling to think of something creative, consider using a domain generator like this.

When you have found the perfect domain name, head over to wholesale2b.com and signup for the dropship website plan, and we’ll buy the domain name for you.  That’s right, you will get it for free!


Wholesale2b Dropship Knowledge Base

We strive to make our website as useful as possible for everyone interested in drop shipping.  This includes user friendly dropship plans as well as content information to help folks like you to learn and get answers to all  your dropship related questions, as quickly as possible.

If you ever had any questions about drop shipping or any questions about how to use our wholesale2b dropship services, by all means please head over to our Dropship Knowledge Page today by clicking on the URL below:

==> http://www.wholesale2b.com/knowledge-base/index.html

We add new help pages every month to assist our members in getting quick answers.  We gathered the most common questions that we get from a daily basis and posted detailed answers to each question on this page.

This page is also indexed by a Google bot so you can also enter keywords in the Google search box located on the top of this page, and it will scan all our dropship help pages for any match to your question or keywords.

Although we enjoy interacting with our members and we do so by answering all support tickets within 24 hours, I do recommend that you first consult our dropship knowledge page before creating a support ticket so you can find the answers to all your dropship questions immediately!

Of course we are also very happy to answer your questions directly.  Just create a support ticket if you cannot find answers to your questions.

Please let us know if you think our members could benefit from new dropship help pages.  Just send us your title recommendation and we will add it to our list.


A Record Year Of Dropshipping At Wholesale2B.com

It is official, the 2015 holiday sales numbers are in—and it has been a record breaking year here at Wholesale2B!

• The total numbers of sales have increased by drastically.
• And we have more new sellers now than ever before!

Our Holiday Shops Are Still Open

We had many sellers open holiday dropship businesses, with the intention of taking advantage of the increased online holiday sales. However, after experiencing firsthand how easy it is to make money online—most sellers have reached out to say that they intend on keeping their dropship website, or eBay and Amazon stores open all year!

It’s Never Too Late To Open Your Own Online Store

Yes, the holiday season is the busiest time of year for most of Wholesale2B’s members—but that is not to say that they are not busy all year-round. As long as you keep your finger on the pulse of what your online shoppers want and need, your store can be a success all 12 months of the year!

This means you must have a clearly defined target audience, and that you must stay on top of the trending seasonal and industry trends. Both of which are easy to learn!

For example, if your dropship niche is for children under the age of 10—then yes, toys will be a hot item for the Christmas season. However, kids of this age are growing like weeds, so they always need new shoes and clothing. They are active in sports and other extracurricular activities, so gear and supplies are required all year-round. And don’t forget Halloween, back to school, or the summer season—when kids are in need of related treats, toys and gifts!

But that is only one example!

Pick a trending niche, a lesser known niche, or a niche you are well versed in. You can even pick more than one niche—and open multiple ecommerce websites.
The Highest Hourly Wage You Have Ever Earned

Even if your store only starts off with a few orders in sales each week, once you learn the ropes, the average dropship business owner works about an hour a day. But the good news is, that even as your sales increase—your time spent working only increases minimally.

This is because we automate our systems, making it easy for you to load your website and store, and easy to submit your orders.

The time you work each week can easily be broken up, for example 30 minutes in the morning, and 30 minutes in the evening. This time will be spent marketing your dropship business, adding unique content to your store, researching and uploading new products, answering client questions, and submitting order information.

Since you aren’t responsible for any of the shipping, or even your occasional returns—you are able to work at whatever time of day or night works best for you.

Still Not Sure What Dropshipping Is?

There are quite a few misconceptions about dropshipping, so let’s walk through how it works.

Generally speaking, dropshipping means that you sell products that wholesale suppliers keep stocked at their warehouses. This means that you can place their products on your dropship website, or in your eBay or Amazon store—but don’t have to keep anything in stock.

Although you are buying from a wholesaler, you can sell as few as one item at a time!

Once an order is placed, you pay your cost for the order—and you keep the profit. Your wholesaler takes care of all shipping, and will even email you shipping information.

So What Makes Wholesale2B Different?

While you can certainly research wholesalers on your own, this is an exhaustive and time consuming process. Not only that, but there are, unfortunately, many wholesalers you want to avoid. Either they don’t keep their products in stock, they don’t communicate well, or they are not speedy with shipping.

This is why you need Wholesale2B!

• At Wholesale2B we source the wholesalers for you, and we only work with reputable wholesalers.
• We have over 1 million wholesale products available to sell in your store.
• You can sell these dropship products at any price you like, but you always have access to rock-bottom wholesale pricing.
• You can sell products on your own ecommerce website, or push products directly to online marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon or Bonanza and more.
• You can add or remove products any time you like, and can sell in as many product categories as you wish.
• You can build your own website, or purchase our dropship website membership plan.

At Wholesale2B we have 4 versatile membership plans to choose from—so pick the one that works best for you!

Start The New Year Off Right By Launching An Online Business!

Launching a dropship business is fast and easy, and requires minimal startup capital. In fact, you can get up and running by the end of day—with less than $100 to start!

If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to pay off your debt, regain financial freedom, or finally launch the online business you have been dreaming of—then Wholesale2B is exactly what you need!