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Did you know that wholesale2b can create Youtuve Videos for your site?

When you signup for our dropship website plan, you can get a Youtube video made with pictures of items from your website, as well as screen shot of your site along with marketing text that you can choose throughout your video.

Video marketing is as easy as loading it to your Youtube account and to your own website which we can do for you. You can also decide on the keywords and video description and include a link back to your website from Youtube which will help you with better rankings on Google.

Here is a sample of a recent commercial video we created for one of our customers.

Every video we make are unique and will include the URL to your website.

To get started, login to your website admin dashboard and order the upgrade “Get a custom video for your website and advertise it on Youtube.com” located in the UPGRADE box. We will need just a few days to complete your new commercial video so you can enjoy new traffic from Youtube.

If you don’t have a website yet, then signup for a free account at wholesale2b.com and activate the website plan today. We’ll have your new site up and running in just 1 business day, loaded with products from your favorite drop shipper. Please use the URL below for more details about our website plan:

Dropship Website Loaded With Products

Buy Direct To Access Wholesale Pricing For Holiday Savings

Coupons And In-Store Sales Aren’t The Only Way To Save Money When Holiday Shopping—Buy Direct To Access Wholesale Pricing

As a savvy shopper, you are likely to stay on top of all of the ways in which you can save money on your holiday shopping—and still give those on your list the gifts they desire. While you likely turn to in-store and online coupons, frequent shopper discounts, an retailer sales—there is another way that you may not have yet considered—shopping wholesale.

Wholesale For The Masses

Many shoppers believe that the only way to access wholesale prices, is as a business owner with wholesale buying power—but there is another way, through the dropship suppliers at Wholesale2B. Wholesale2B is a website that allows everyday shoppers direct access to wholesale suppliers of over 1.5 million products!

These wholesale products are available in every category you can imagine—this includes electronics, jewelry, toys, health and beauty products, shoes, clothing, accessories—and much more!

Create A Free Account Today

You can sign up right now for a free account at Wholesale2B.com, so that you can begin browsing the options you have for your holiday shopping. This wholesale site is designed for dropshipping, meaning that you are able to buy quantities as low a one item—which is unheard of with most wholesale shopping opportunities.

If you decide that you want to move forward with your holiday shopping, simply select the monthly account that allows you the ability to shop directly from the wholesale suppliers available at Wholesale2B. Monthly plans start as low as $24.99 per month—meaning that it is worth keeping your account active all year-round—so that you can continue to save when shopping.

In fact, $24.99 per month is so low—that you are likely to save that much with just one wholesale purchase!

Everyone Will Be Impressed With Their Gifts

While some turn to wholesale pricing to save money when shopping for the holidays, also consider keeping your budget the same—but elevate your gifts! No one has to know that you have access to wholesale pricing, that is unless you want to divulge your newfound wholesale shopping secret.

Looking For A Secondary Income?

While you can simply continue to access wholesale pricing all year-round—both for gifts, as well as for your personal shopping needs—consider turning your Wholesale2B membership into a secondary source of income.

Wholesale2B allows you to quickly and easily launch a low-cost startup. Odds are, if you are in need of a product—so are many other families around the nation. The website allows you to shop for your personal needs, but you can also push products directly to eBay or Amazon to launch your own online business. The site even has a tool that will create a custom website that you can manage from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Since the site is set up for dropshipping—you simply:

1. Use the tools provided by wholesale2b to help you sell the products.
2. Pay for the products you want to order, or the products you have sold.
3. Wholesale2b will process your order, and shipped directly to your customer!

This means you can launch an online business without keeping any inventory on had!

It’s not too late to begin your holiday shopping, or to cross of the straggling stocking stuffers and gifts off your list—and all from the comfort of your home. Please visit Wholesale2B.com to sign up for a free account, and get your shopping done in time for Christmas!

How to find trending items on eBay

Hi Folks,

Many of you have been asking how to find items that are hot on eBay.  Well the answer to this question might have been right in front of you this whole time.  If you go to the eBay.com website, and scroll down until you see the link “Get inspired! Explore all of our Trending Collections.”  Just click on the Trending Collections on the eBay home page (bottom) and you’ll be shown all the items currently considered as HOT on eBay.

eBay categorizes these HOT items by niche so you can narrow down your search to the niche of your choice.  Of course this does not mean that you need to sell the exact same items, however it will give you an idea of what type of products buyers are seeking the most on eBay.  You can use this information to help you choose which items to push to eBay from your wholesale2b dropship catalog.

Here is a screenshot of the eBay.com website, bottom of the page, where you can find this Trending Collection link to help you find dropship products to sell on eBay.

I hope this helps, and happy drop shipping.


Your your new online store ready for his coming Holiday shopping

Right Now Is The Perfect Time To Launch The Drop Ship Business You Have Been Dreaming Of—By Capitalizing On Holiday Shopping!

If your entrepreneurial aspirations have you contemplating launching a drop ship website—right now is the perfect time! The end of year holidays are still a few months away, but shopping for gifts, party planning supplies, and event supplies will begin soon.

Online Shopping Increases Dramatically This Time Of Year

Holidays are the biggest shopping season of the year for products in almost every category. Even individuals who do not celebrate the holidays are likely to take advantage of the sales and promotions that are offered during the holiday season. It is estimated that around 40% of all Americans begin their holiday shopping prior to Halloween—making this the perfect time to launch your drop ship website, and make extra money this holiday season.

You Will Have Access To Fun Holiday Inventory, And Wholesale Pricing

While selecting your drop ship inventory is fun all year-round, it is particularly exciting during the holiday season, because you will have access to festive holiday inventory. And don’t forget that you can do your holiday shopping through your store—and find access to unique and festive holiday gifts, at wholesale prices!

You Can Refer Friends And Family To Shop At Your Drop Ship Site

While you will of course refer your friends to your drop ship website all year-round, the holidays are the perfect time to attract more attention to your store from those closest to you. When your friends and family give a gift from your store that is well received, the recipient will of course ask where they found it—which will get the word of mouth going for your new business endeavor. This will allow you to make extra money this holiday, and throughout the year.

You Can Be Up And Running Today

At Wholesale2B we take the hassle out of sourcing dropshippers, setting up your website, managing your inventory—and even managing your returns. We provide you direct access to over 1.5 Million drop ship products. This saves you the time required to source connections, and allows you the ability to order from multiple drop shippers from one single portal—and all without having to keep any inventory on hand.
We have multiple product sourcing tools, that allow you to source products by category—and with the profit margins you desire, in just a matter of minutes. Our plans even provide you the ability to let your customers pay with Bitcoin!

If you are ready to launch your drop ship business, and make extra money this holiday season—and all year-round, pick a Wholesale2B plan today—and receive 10% off your monthly membership using the GYDH10D code.

What are you waiting for? Your drop ship website will allow you to launch your new online business, and make extra money this holiday season!

To view more details about our website plan, click on the link below:


To active your website plan, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your free wholesale2b.com account or signup for a new free account
  2. Click on the yellow button ACTIVATE A PLAN on the top of the page
  3. On the next page, you will see all our plans.  Simply signup for the website plan from this page

Happy drop shipping…

New dropship enhancements and a new supplier added today

Sept 30th 2014

Today we added over 854 new dropship products from a supplier that specializes in the niche of car spoilers.

You will find all their products under the new category named “Automotive Spoilers”.

Click on the top menu “Dropship Products” to access this new category.

They have spoilers for every type of cars imaginable with truly low prices.

We also added 2 new links on the product detail pages of each item called “Compare eBay”, and “Compare AMZ”. These 2 links are located on the right side, and below the price. Clicking on these 2 links will help you find the same item on ebay or Amazon so you can compare your total cost with the average selling prices.

We also implemented an enhancement today to our Amazon dropship plan to make the browse of negative more user friendly, by removing all blank pages, thus voiding the need to having to check each page individually.

We also added an option in the DELETE button to let you remove items with a negative profit.

We also added a link to let you SORT your list by estimate profits.

Quickly find dropship products with high profit margins

Today we added new browsing options to help members of Wholesale2b find products with high profit margins quickly.

This option will let you choose which types of margins you want, and apply a minimum profit amount to your search. For example you could decide to search for items that have margins between 70% and 80% with a minimum profit of $35 and click GO!

The search result will then give you pages and pages of products as well as categories with products that match your selection criteria. The margins and profits are estimated numbers only and they are based on the wholesale prices and suggested list prices given by each of integrated suppliers.

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that this will make the exact same profits as this will depend on your chosen selling prices.

To access this new browsing option, click on the link “Browse By Profit Margin” located on the dashboard page

Find dropship products with high profits

Accept Bitcoins from your e-commerce store with Wholesale2b

Wholesale2b has added a few feature today to the Dropship Website Plan to support payments from Bitcoins. Bitcoin.com is a growing online service that lets people buy and sell anywhere in the world. We have integrated this new payment option using the the processor Bitpay. You will need to signup for a merchant account with Bitpay.com. This will enable you to easily accept bitcoins for payments of orders on your website, just like you would for credit cards.

You will be able to link your Bitpay account to your bank account and convert your bitcoins to any currency of your choice and transfer funds to your bank at your convenience.

Since more an more people are using Bitcoins as new online currency, adding this new method of payment to your online store will certainly help you cater to even more people shopping online with bitcoins.

A Website Builder Designed To Integrate With Dropship Suppliers

Did you know that Wholesale2b offers a website builder option?

This option is integrated with our Website Dropship Plan, and it’s called the Template Design tool. With this tool you can customize your website in many different ways to achieve a very unique look and feel. For example you can upload any background images or use the ones that we provide, you can change colors in every section of your website, you can change headers and banners, add various section to the left side, top side, and bottom section of your site. These sections can be loaded with affiliate ads, or special announcements that you want to pass on to your visitors.

The website also comes with many integrated apps such as left product scrolls for featured products, browse by brand option, and you can even add your own products.

As far as loading products to your website, this is extremely easy with Wholesale2b website plan. Typically with shopping carts like Shopify, Bigcommerce, Volusion, etc, you need to use datafeeds to import products to your shopping cart. While this is fairly simply, it does involve manual steps and repetitive loading to keep your products up to date, especially if you are using drop ship suppliers.

With the Wholesale2b Dropship Website Plan, there is no need to use files to import products. Our shopping cart is already integrated with our system so adding products from various suppliers is as easy as one simple click. Simply click the button ADD/REMOVE SUPPLIERS from your admin dashboard and you will be presented with over 90+ suppliers to choose from. Simply pick the ones you like and click SAVE.

That’s it. It’s really that simple.

Then simply wait about 20 minutes and refreshed your website to see new products and categories from your new chosen suppliers. This means you can change niche anytime you want without having to contact anyone. No webmaster, no developer, none of that. Just pick and choose your suppliers and click SAVE.

Your website will then be updated automatically every day with inventory updates, which means you don’t have to worry about out of stock items, new products, or discontinued items. Your daily updates will cover all this for you which will save you tons of time.

Having access to a growing selection of suppliers also gives you endless opportunities. Let’s say you have been selling fragrance and beauty products from some time, and eventually you wish to convert your website to computers and electronics. Typically this would involve quite a lot of work if you are hosting your own website, but with Wholeslae2b Dropship Website Plan, making this change is as simple as clicking on one button only!

Our Dropship Website Plan was designed with a very user friendly approach based on a self-servicing model. All our back end admin features are designed to be compatible with the simple fact that you will most likely be adding products from various drophip suppliers, and even your own products, which may require different shipping rules and different markup options for each source. the flaw in most typical shopping cart is that they offer only global options which forces you to use same shipping and markup rules for all your suppliers. With Wholesale2b, we include the flexibility needed to allow you to fine tune your website to work perfectly in a multiple supplier environment.

If you need a website builder that is compatible with many suppliers, then checkout our Dropship Website Plan offered by Wholesale2b and get started in just 1 business day.

Get all our dropship plans bundle into one single payment

It seems that every day we get requests from new potential members for a combined service plan. Well since so many people asked for this, we decided to take action and make it happen.

Due to very popular demand, today Wholesale2b added a new dropship plan called the ALL INCLUSIVE DROPSHIP PLAN.

This plan will include all our other dropship plans combined into one single plan for a low price. Instead of paying for each plan separately, get this new all inclusive dropshp plan for one discounted price.

This plan is by far the best option to achieve success with your dropship business. The more ways you have to reach out to your buyers, the more sales you will make in the long term.

To get the new All Inclusive Dropship Plan, simply login to your Wholesale2b account and click on the orange button ACTIVATE A PLAN. This will bring you to the pricing page where you will see all our plans. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see this new plan and click on the signup button located in this new yellow box.


Does Drop Shipping On Amazon Work?

The quick answer to that question is definitely YES. In fact, now you can sell thousands of products on Amazon on autopilot without any data feeds!

Just build your list and push with just 1 click! Then wait for orders to come in…

It’s really that easy!

Need Proof? Read Below…

During the months of May and June we tested our latest Amazon Dropship Tool to see if it would yield any results. We simply picked random categories and submitted a few thousand items.

To be clear, our Amazon account was brand new with no sales history

Well, in only 2 months we generated $5,175.47 in gross sales.

click here to zoom

As you can see from the screenshot above, the total gross sales came up to $5,175.47 in just 2 months. You can also see that we ran another two weeks test in December of last year and made over $833.65. You can also see that the products came from a wide variety of categories. This test was not focused on any specific product niche. In fact products were randomly chosen.

Amazon is a wonderful place to sell and I encourage everyone to give it a honest try.

As a BONUS, and when you activate the Amazon Dropship Plan, I will include a link to my Tips & Recommendations for selling on Amazon. This will include step by step instructions on how to use our new Amazon Dropship Plan as well as clear instructions on how we configured it to achieve the sales results shown in the screenshot above.

Happy selling everyone…