5 Reasons Why You Should Advertise Your Products On Shopzilla

When we mention the words “Pay Per Click” we often relate this to companies like Google, Yahoo and MSN.  Bing is also take some space in our thoughts recently, however what about other PPC companies that focus more on products offered by retailers?  I am referring to sites such as Shopzilla, Pricegrabber and Bizrate.  These companies offer shopping comparison services directly aimed at shoppers looking to buy actual products from retailers.

The typical pay-per-click method offered by sites such as Google allows advertisers to bid on ads using keywords.  When surfers do a search on Google using your keywords, your ads are then displayed either on the first page, or second page depending on how high your bids are.  This is typically referred to as pay-per-click, because you are paying each time someone will click on your ad.

Advertising on shopping comparison websites such as Shopzilla is technically the same as Google pay-per-click (adwords), because you will also pay each time someone clicks on your product ad.  Google audience is very large as opposed to Shopzilla, where the audience is narrowed down to people looking buy products only.  This makes it much more profitable for merchants that are trying to sell products from their website.  It will increase traffic to your site and your will see a much higher return on investment (ROI) as long as you have good products on your site and an excellent response to your buyer’s questions.

Here are some good reasons why you should consider Shopzilla:

1. Easy to load products from your website. You can import a large number of products all at once with an import feed.  If you have a website hosted by wholesale2b.com, then you can easily achieve this by simply getting a custom Shopzilla export feed for your site.

2. Get TWO for the price of one.  With Shopzilla your ads will actually be displayed in 2 places: a) Shopzilla, 2) Bizrate.com, so you are getting double exposure for the price of one!

3. Beat the competition.  Shopzilla allows shoppers to compare the price of your products with other sites.  If you have a special promotion on your products such as free shipping, then your ads will stand out from the crowd and you will grab the attention from potential customers that are ready to buy.

4. Get your website rated: Buyers that click on your ads will be given an option to rate your website.  Customers tend to rely heavily on product reviews when making a decision about a purchase.  The ratings options offered by Shopzilla is free and can help you build a great reputation for your online business.  Once you start receiving ratings on your products, your store will be given an overall rating score such as “Positive”, “Neutral”, or “Negative”.  Your score rating will be shown whenever your products are displayed and will certainly help your buyers feel more confident about making a purchase on your website as opposed to going on a competitor site.

5. Get your account “Customer Certified”. Once you reach 20+ reviews and maintain a good positive rating, then your store will become “Customer Certified”.  This will furthermore increase confidence from potential buyers as this will indicate that your store has consistently performed very well over time.

I definitely recommend Shopzilla.com and Bizrate.com if you are looking for targeted traffic from real buyers to your website.

Furthermore: you can now easily configure your Shopzilla categories directly from your wholesale2b dropship website admin console.  Your custom Shopzilla feed will pick those categories automatically for you so you won’t need to manually edit your feed each time you import your products to Shopzilla.

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When you advertise on Shopzilla you will of course require a website of your own in order to send buyers to a product detail page and make the purchase of the item advertised.  If you don’t already have a website then don’s abandon the idea.  Wholesale2b can help you create a turnkey website in just one business day and it will be loaded with all the products from your chosen suppliers.  Furthermore you will also have access to a Shopzilla category mapping page from the admin section of your website so you can easily map the Shopzilla category ID numbers with the ones on your site.  This can all be done in just 1 business day.

==> Get your own e-commerce website in just 1 business day


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