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3 Reasons Drop Shippers Prefer Wholesale2B

In order to run a profitable and successful drop shipping website, you must partner with reliable drop ship partners. In the early days of dropshipping, this meant that sellers had to build (or pay handsomely for) connections and relationships with vendors, suppliers, and wholesalers. While this method worked, it limited sellers to a smaller range of products—and the time consuming process of securing and maintaining partnerships. This often led to at least a few bad partnerships with suppliers who didn’t keep their inventories and pricing up to date, were slow to ship, or simply didn’t prioritize their smaller sellers. Wholesale2B built our system for success around eradicating these roadblocks, which is why both tenured and new drop shippers continue to sing our praises.

Reason #1 We Identify Reputable Wholesalers For You

The amount of time it takes to identify quality and reliable vendors often comes as a surprise to most new ecommerce owners. Then comes the stress and worry if your small or single item shipments will really be of priority. It’s a hit and miss way of conducting business, that can lead to unhappy customers. However, at Wholesale2B, we source, test, and approve vendors before we add them to the mix—meaning that you can post your inventory with confidence.

Reason #2 Over 1.5 Million Products To Choose From

Going it alone, you may be able to successfully identify and build a working relationship with a handful of wholesalers—who may have a few hundred products you can sell. However, we have built partnerships with a long list of wholesalers allowing you direct access to no less than 1.5 million products—across hundreds of product niches. This includes seasonal products, trending products, and those hard to find products your shoppers are searching for.

Reason #3 Easy-Breezy Business Model For Drop Shippers

Wholesale2B does more than just partner with wholesalers, but provides drop shippers with an easy-breezy business model. Our platform and packages ensure that you have direct access to everything you need to launch your new business, or simplify your current ecommerce business. From building a new website, pushing products directly to feeds and sales platforms, one-click order processing—and same day business startup, with no lengthy payments or approval.
These are just a few of the reasons that drop shippers love Wholesale2B! Whether you are looking to sell on eBay, Amazon, dropship feeds, your own dropship website—or all of the above—we make dropshipping easy!

A good dropship affiliate program that pays good commissions

Affiliate programs are programs that will pay you a fee each time you refer someone to a business. This is a sort of a compensation program that will compensate you for sending new people to a company’s website and become a paying member.

There are 2 types of affiliate programs

One-time commission program
This type of affiliate program will pay you commissions only 1 time per new signups. For example, if a company offers a 30% commission and the buyer you referred to a site pays the company $100, then you will earn a $30 commission.

Recurring commission program
This type of affiliate program will pay you a commission each month for as long as the people you refer remain an active paying member with the company. Typically, those commissions are offered on membership based website, however please note that some companies still give a one-time commission even on membership bases sales.

Recurring commissions are always what you should be looking out for. Basically as an affiliate you should be trying to grow your monthly payouts as much as possible, but if you are getting only 1 payout for each member you refer then the workload required to increase your monthly payment will be great. On the other hand, if you work with recurring monthly commission payments, then by referring 100 people means that you will keep getting monthly commission payments on these 100 referrals for as long as they remain active.

For example, if you have 100 referrals that got a plan for $100, and your commission is set to 30%, then your commission every month will be $3,000. After one year your total earned commission payments will be $36,000. Again this is based on referring only 100 people.

Imagine how much money you can make if you refer 100 new signups every month!

At, we pay recurring monthly commissions for as long as the people you refer to remain active members.

Our commissions payout is a flat 30% commissions on the monthly fee. We have several monthly plans that a member can choose from their account so you have a high likelihood to get a high commission payout since there is potential for a member to add more plans to their account.

For example, if you refer someone to and that person activates our monthly website plan, then you will earn a 30% commission each month for as long as the member keeps the website plan active. Now if this same person later on decides to also start selling on eBay and Amazon, then those plans will also trigger another monthly commissions to you.

As you can see, by referring only a few people you can increase your monthly payout exceptionally over time.

All commissions are paid using Paypal so all you need is a normal Paypal account to receive your monthly payouts.

If you wish to lear more about affiliate program, please head over to

Quickly find dropship products with high profit margins

Today we added new browsing options to help members of Wholesale2b find products with high profit margins quickly.

This option will let you choose which types of margins you want, and apply a minimum profit amount to your search. For example you could decide to search for items that have margins between 70% and 80% with a minimum profit of $35 and click GO!

The search result will then give you pages and pages of products as well as categories with products that match your selection criteria. The margins and profits are estimated numbers only and they are based on the wholesale prices and suggested list prices given by each of integrated suppliers.

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that this will make the exact same profits as this will depend on your chosen selling prices.

To access this new browsing option, click on the link “Browse By Profit Margin” located on the dashboard page

Find dropship products with high profits

Getting traffic from Facebook to your dropship website

Facebook is absolutely a great way to advertise your website. If you already have a large number of friends then Facebook should definitely be on the top of your list when it comes to spreading the word about your website. A simple post announcing your new store or products you wish to sell can immediately generate results.

To place an item on your Facebook account simply go to the product detail page of that item from your website, and cut/paste the URL directly into the posting box on your Facebook account. FB will automatically grab the image of the item you wish to sell from your website and create a nice ad box as a posting.

Facebook also offers very affordable advertisement options that you can use to spread the word about your site or of single product postings. This is a great way to build up a good reputation for your site and build up your brand.

There are also many good offers that you can use to help you generate even more traffic using Facebook.

Click on the URL below to see an offer from FB influence.

==> Show me more details about FB Influence

Free video presentation on how Google will rank websites in 2012

Google constantly makes changes on how they rank websites and this year, according to some SEO experts, Google has made even more changes.

Making changes is a good thing.  As the internet grows bigger and bigger each day, its obviously important for engines like Google to adapt and make efforts to keep searches clean and relevant.  Unfortunately this also means that WE, the website owners, also need to adapt.

The foremost important golden rule that Google uses to rank sites is based on how many REAL links are pointing back to your website.  This is commonly referred to as “backlinks”.  The more backlinks you have, the better… HOWEVER the quality of those links is extremely important.  Spammy backlinks can actually cause your website to lose ranking.  You also need to get backlinks from websites that are already highly ranked by Google.  One backlink from a highly ranked site may serve you better than a 1000 backlinks from low ranked websites.

Finding sites with high rankings can be tedious work, let alone trying to get backlinks from them.  Fortunately there is a software that you can use to help you locate high ranked websites and automate the link exchange process.

To learn more about this software please click on the link below for a free video presentation.

==> Free Video Presentation On How Google Ranks Websites In 2012

6 good reasons why a recession may be a good time to start a small business

A well written article by Rosemary Peavler, ( Guide) that outlines 6 good reasons why a recession may be a good time to start a small business.

You’ll be surprised how many successful businesses today were started during previous recessions.

Read the article by clicking on the link below:


Wholesale2b can help you kickstart an online business with minimum cost. You don’t even need to stock any products. We will handle all the shipping for you with any of our integrated suppliers. Simply pick a plan and start a new business today.

2011 holiday shopping trend

The Holiday shopping idea is not a very popular topic these days with the typical consumer, but most retailers have been spending a fair amount of time planning ways to get the consumers to spend more in their store.

You can certainly look at the 2011 Holiday Trend Report which features key findings from the 2010 holiday shopping season.  Here are some of the key findings below:

  • Retail sales peaked in week 51 (the week before Christmas day) and then fell the next week
  • Online sales peaked the week of Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  • Cyber Monday was the biggest online shopping day of the season
  • Social media was a key driver of sales on Thanksgiving Day
  • Consumers used their mobile devices for website reviews, promotions and price checking
  • The week of Black Friday had the highest email open rates for the second year in a row, and
  • In 2009 and 2010, the words “Shipping”, “Free” and “Gift” were used often in subject lines, but didn’t seem to drive opens.

So as an online e-commerce retailer, what should you do?

The overall consensus is to start early and consider the following in preparation to this year Holiday shopping:

  • The role social media played in early holiday sales.  Make use of your Facebook account and Twitter account to spread news about special offers and perfect gifts for loved ones.
  • The significant role mobile devices played through the holiday season.  Send text messages to all your contacts with links back to your site along with ongoing notifications of special offers on your site.
  • The fact that consumers focus more on discount offers rather than free shipping which they have come to expect.  Lowering your prices rather than offering free shipping seems to be favorable these days.
  • Being prepared for Black Friday volume and open rates, and
  • Make sure your Black Friday and Cyber Monday emails stand out from the crowd.  This applies if you are sending emails to your members or potential new buyers through an auto-responder such as aweber.
  • Of course keep posting products from your site on as many shopping comparison websites as you can.  The more the better, especially knowing that there are many free ones out there.

I hope these recommendations will help you with a great 2011 Holiday for your business.

Free marketing tips for the small business owner

Watch this video taken from Mr. Andrew Lock’s video archive.  This is a nice episode that includes free marketing tips for the small business owners.  You can certainly apply these concepts to your own business.

Andrew’s humor makes it fun to watch his videos.  This episode features idiotic ideas related to marketing proposed by one of the UK contestant on the TV show The Apprentice.

Hope you enjoy this video

Is your website getting the traffic it deserves?

Ok, so you’ve got a fantastic set of products ready to sell and you have an excellently designed website and your sales pitch is spot on. You throw open your doors (figuratively. This is the internet.) and await the stampeding crowd…

You wait… and you wait… and you wait…

Meanwhile your competitor next door is doing a roaring trade, with people queueing up down the street. (Again, figuratively.) What are they doing that you’re not?

The trick is search engine optimization — showing the search engines that you have what people are looking for.

Traffic Travis is a free software that brings the tools of the successful online entrepreneur to your desktop. Why pay a marketing company thousands of dollars to optimize your website when you can learn the tricks yourself without spending a bean?

So go out there and grab those customers!

And they’ll be beating your door down in no time!

Learn how to drive easy traffic to your website with Videos


online video training kitOnline videos is a great way if driving traffic to your website.  Online web videos can explode your sales if you do it the right way.

Everyone knows that Google is the #1 search engine, however did you know that the #2 search engine behind Google is YouTube!  A proper set of videos can help convert your potential customers into paying customers at a MUCH higher rate.

Jim Kukral, a video blogger and veteran Internet marketer, has prepared a EASY-TO-FOLLOW VIDEO PROGRAM that will show you everything you need to do to make high-quality web videos…without having to spend a fortune to get it done.