eBay attributes now available

Our eBay listing tool is designed to help you push items to eBay easily without having to copy/paste any product images or descriptions.  In fact you simply need to pick items from our catalog of over 80+ integrated dropship suppliers to build your auction list.  Then you can push those items to eBay very easily.

In a effort to keep our eBay listing tool compliant with changes made by eBay, we constantly make revisions and improvements.  Recently eBay has made some changes that affects certain eBay categories when pushing products to eBay. This change now requires that we pass on products attributes such as size, color, etc.

We have applied an upgrade to our eBay listing tool to accommodate this new change. From now on, when you push products to eBay with the wholesale2b eBay listing tool, you will automatically be prompt to enter the required attributes that eBay needs depending on which eBay category you choose.

This new upgrade has already been applied and it’s available to all wholesale2b members using the eBay plan. There is no download needed; simply keep using the eBay listing tool as usual and you will see new attribute input boxes appear when they are required by eBay.

To read more details about our eBay listing tool, please click on the link below:

=> Ebay Listing Tool Designed To Sell Products From Dropshippers

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