Five Great Tips for Selling Dropship Products on eBay

Growing entrepreneurs have been using eBay as a backbone to getting their businesses off the ground for quite some time although it is only recently become incredibly popular. The eBay site allows you to get a quick turnaround on your products, without having to set up your own website or do a lot of marketing and branding. In this article we will give you 5 simple tips which have proven to help tremendously in achieving great success on eBay.

Please read the simple tips described below. They are very simple and straight forward and will certainly help you gain a good status on eBay fairly quickly.

1) End Your Auction on Sunday Evening

The end of the weekend is the time for people to be at home relaxing before their busy work week starts. By ending your auction on Sunday night, you allow the people lounging at home to see your products and have a fair chance at buying them. Keep time zones in mind and set your close time to accommodate the whole country.

2) Use Up-Close Pictures that You Have Taken Yourself

When it comes to selling things online, a picture is definitely worth a thousand words (or dollars hopefully). Using stock photos or sample pictures from other websites can seem too retail. If you take a nice, clean picture of the actual product you are selling, buyers are more likely to bid on it. Providing more than just 1 product image will also make your auction stand out and show buyers that you have good intentions in selling your products.

Please make sure that you upload images that are very clear and of a minimum size of 500px either on the width or on the height. This will ensure that your images comply to the new eBay image policy. Non compliance of this policy may result in having your auction removed.

3) Keep it Friendly and Upbeat

Be approachable in your selling style. If you love what you do and have faith in your product, it shows! Your customers will keep coming back for more products if you treat them like genuine people instead of customers. Positive feedback from customers will attract new buyers as well so make it an absolute goal to achieve the highest positive feedback as possible.

4) Accept Returns

It might be a little bit of a pain to deal with returns and unsatisfied customers. But if you do it without argue, odds are the customer will try to buy from you again. If you make it hassle free and easy for the buyer, it should just be a small hiccup and future buying should not be an issue.

5) Have Fun

The whole concept of eBay selling is unique and it should not be taken too seriously. Yes, you are trying to run a business and sell your products but if customers think you are too professional and businesslike, it may turn them off from buying. Be social and make it known that you are there to establish relationships with buyers and introduce new products to them as often as you can.

When it comes to dropshipping, selling on eBay is certainly one of the best places to get started.

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