Getting more traffic to your website with Article writting

Did you know that writing articles can generate traffic to your website?

It can also increase your website ranking score with Google dramatically since publishing sites are usually highly ranked already.

Let me explain:

Google uses a ranking system to determine the credibility of your website and website keywords. The higher your ranking score, the more chances you get of being listed on the first page of Google.

One of the best ways to get a high ranking score for your website is to get as much link backs to your website as possible. Getting back links to your site from a website with a high rankings will out perform having many back links to your website from low ranking websites so choosing proper sites for link exchanges is very important.

Once easy way of getting high ranked websites to link back to your website is by submitting articles to online publishers. Think about each quality, original article you produce as a sales agent leading targeted traffic to your website. Each article agent is selling for you 365 days a year, year after year.

1 submitted article = 1 sale agent

If just one article agent can create so much opportunity, think of the possibilities if you had ten (10), one hundred (100) or one-thousand (1,000) article agents selling for you nonstop! The more article agents you have selling for you, the more targeted traffic and leads you can generate for your business.

What type of article should I write?

Well, this depends on your website. If you are selling fragrance products you should write articles about perfume and fragrance or anything related to this subject. Simply make sure that you write articles that are relevant to your website.

If you are not a writer don’t panic.  I can help you write unique articles with any subject and keyword of your choices.  Please refer to the article writing service at the bottom of this page.

How do I link an article back to my website?

Good question. Most article reviews will not allow you to promote your website in the content body of your article however there is a footer section in which you can add a URL to your website. This will be the back link to your website.

To add the link to your website in the footer of your article, simply add a small text with the URL of your site in the section called “Author SIG – Resource Box” ** This is located in the article submission page on the ezinearticle website.

How do I get started?

The first thing you need to do is register a new account with an article publisher called  They are the leading article publisher on the internet and you can be sure that you will get back links from a very highly ranked website, which will convert to traffic back to your website.

Article Writing Resources:

This series is full of helpful tips and strategies for successful article writing and marketing. Below are the following editions of the :90 Strategies Audio Training Series:

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Can you help me write articles for my website?

YES.  I can help you write unique articles for your website with your chosen keywords.  The cost is only $19.99 for 3 articles up to 350 words per articles.  These articles are hand written and unique and they are already optimized for SEO.

To order your hand written articles, please click on the BUY button below:

Once you complete your payment, please email us the TITLES of your 3 articles at Your articles will be completed within 5 business days.

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