How Can I Dropship My Own Products On Amazon?

We have all heard of drop shipping, but can it be done on Amazon?

Amazon has a tremendous stake in drop shipping.  Did you know that you can use Amazon to warehouse your products and dropship them for you online.  This means you can also acquire other resellers seeking new products from online dropshippers since you will indeed be considered as a dropshipper yourself.

Amazon has several steps in which customers and clients are able to exchange merchandise without the consumer ever having known the item in question was drop shipped.

Here is how you can dropship on Amazon:

First the seller will send their product to Amazon. This can be done by following several steps provided by Amazon such as uploading the product listings to the Amazon portal.

Then the seller will need to give permission to Amazon to fulfill all orders using your inventory.

Amazon will provide the PDF labels for shipping however you will be required to use Amazon discounted shipping or select a carrier of your own using your own carrier account.

The next step is to allow Amazon to warehouse your product until it sells. Amazon will receive and scan your item(s), check the dimensions, and track and monitor the item you provided.

The third step is for Amazon to list your item(s) by price and get your item sold.

In steps four and five, Amazon will locate your product in their storage once it is sold and as per your agreement with them, they will package and ship your order to the consumer on your behalf, with the consumer not being aware that any drop shipping even occurred.

The consumer will be happy with their product and you are happy you sold your own product, and Amazon will be happy since they also made a couple of bucks dropshipping for you. The only down side with this model is that Amazon does not accept Paypal however they do accept all major credit cards.

What ever you decide, to drop ship or not, research carefully which ever company you do business with. There are scams and scamming websites out there who will take your money and not deliver any products for you. Go with a company that is accredited and have done a good, fair, business out there. is a accredited business and has been recognized as a reputable and reliable company.

If you decide to use Amazon to help you become a dropshipper, you can then submit a request to companies such as to inform their members of the existence of your products so they may sell them online for you.  Wholesale2b integrates products from several online dropshippers so you your products will gain immediate exposure to thousands of members instantly.  That’s like informing thousands of salesman of the existence of your new products, so if you provide good enough profit margins on your products, you can imagine how many people will start reselling your products without even costing you a penny.

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