How to spread the word about your new website

As you may know marketing a website can be expensive, however there are other options.

There are several things you can do to spread the word about your new website without spending a dime. I will quickly list a few simple things that you can do:

Email signature:

Emails are used each and every day by tons of people so why not use this to your advantage. Simply edit all your personal email accounts and add a signature text. In this text you can include the name of your website with a URL so your readers can quickly access your website.

For example:

Weekly discounts on popular brands

This task will take you only 5 minutes and it will have the potential of bringing people to your site each time you send emails and replies to anyone.


Facebook is now even more popular than Google! If you don’t already have a FB account then get one. This is a great place to inform your family and friends about your new website.

Running an online e-commerce website should be everything but static. What I mean is that many folks make the mistake of getting a website and then they wait for orders to come in. Unfortunately this never works. You have to be very dynamic in reaching out to people and give them a reason to come to your website.

People like discounts, people like free shipping, etc. Create weekly or monthly specials for your friends and family and they will help you spread to word as well. Giving discounts or offering free shipping is a great way to give people a reason to come back to your website and Facebook is a great way to spread the word.

If you are using the website plan offered by you will notice the Facebook “thumbs up” icon in the product detail page of each item. Don’t be afraid to click on it! Each time you click on this small icon, it will create a post in your FB account and all your friends will see it. You can do this as many times as you want by don’t over dot it.


Twitter is also a very popular social network site and I am sure you have already heard about people sending each other twits.  If you are going to run an e-commerce website, then a twitter account and facebook account are both mandatory.  This is essential for you to have as an online business.  If you don’t already have a twitter account, get one now!

If you have the wholesale2b website plan, please take the time to link your twitter account to your website.  This can easily be done by simply going to the admin console of your website and go to the menu Upgrades / Twitter Integration.  All you need to do is enter your twitter ID in the box and save the page.  That’s it!  Then all your twits will be displayed on your website automatically.

Now you need to get people to follow you.  You can send out a few twits to create content in your twitter account but don’t forget to follow other twitters so they can also follow you.  The more people you follow, the more chances you have of getting followers.  First you can of course follow your friends and family.  They will then follow you as well.

To find even more followers, what you can do is search for other twitter accounts that have similar interest as in the products you are trying to sell from your website.  For example, if you are selling Pet Supplies then you can enter “Pet supplies” in the twitter search box to find other people that have this interest.  Then you start following all of them.  In exchange, most of them will also follow you if they like your profile.

Then you should twits about your site and about special discounts that you might want to do regularly.

Back Links:

Google and other search engine like Yahoo will change your website ranking based on many factors but the most important one is the number of back links to your website.  For example, if you have a website that sells Pianos, and you have 100 websites that also have content about Pianos with a link back to your site, then Google will consider your website as important and thus your page ranking will go up.

This effect will be even more drastic if you have back links from websites that already have high rankings.

Here are a few examples of websites on which you can create back links to your site. – put a video that talks about your website.  You can make it yourself or we can make one for you! – you can create a free squidoo page with a description of your site, and do this once a month with an image of the special discount for this month, etc.

Public forums – Enroll in forums that have common subjects that the products you are selling.  For example if you are selling Pet supplies, then join a Pet forum where people go to ask questions about pets.  You can add a signature to your profile and participate in threads by giving your opinion on discussions about pets.  People will see the link to your website in your signature and this will generate a back link to your website.

Exchange links – reach out to other website owners that also have a website that have similar content as yours.  Of course you want to make sure that you are not exchanging links with a direct competitor in this case.

Submit a press release – you can write up a 1 page text announcing your new website and submit it to a press release.  You can bing or google the word “Press release” and you will find many options.  Of course you will include the name of your website and a link back to your site in the text of your press release.  This will create a back link to your site.

Free classified ads – place ads a few times a month in free classified ad websites.  Just a simple text with an item name and discount price with a link back to the detail page of that product will do the trick.  This will also create a back link to your site.

Google Registration:

Google has many tools that you can use, one of which is called Google Webtools.  You can do a search in Google for the word “Google Webtool” and you will find the signup link.

All you need to do is create a Google account to access Google Webtools.  Once you login, Google will prompt you to register a new website.  There will be a few steps that you will need to follow to get your website verified.  Typically Google will give you a file that you need to copy to the root folder of your website to verify it.  Once its verified then you can be sure that Google spiders will go to your website and index it properly.

You can also submit your website sitemap to your Google Webtool account.  This will also help Google better index your website.

If you are using Wholesale2b website plan, then we can do all this work for you.  There is an upgrade link in the admin console of your website for this purpose.


The easiest way to leverage your eBay traffic is to add an eBay “About Me” page. It’s one of the most fun and one of the least used features on eBay, and it has the potential to help you boost your sales and increase your name recognition amongst bidders.

Also, it is the one place on eBay where you are allowed to link to nearly any kind of website, including your own wholesale2b web store. Add a paragraph about your business and your your ebay auctions to build trust with your potential new buyers.

I hope this will help you kick start your new website business.

If you don’t have a website yet, please consider using wholesale2b as your provider.  We make it easy for anyone to get started.  Rather than dealing with several service providers (hosting, supplier accounts, webmaster, shopping cart software), you can get everything you need to start your online business from one single place with ONE monthly fee.


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