Selling Dropship Products on eBay Just Got A Lot Easier

As you know when you create auctions on eBay you are required to enter the configuration parameters of your auction each and every time you create a new auction.  This is very acceptable when you are selling a small number of products and different products each time, however it can become a tremendous amount of repetitive work if you are selling the same products over time.

To help our members, today we added a new feature to our eBay listing tool to allow members to save their auction settings per item.  This will make it much easier for members to re-auction the same item without having to re-enter the same auction configuration each time.

Saving the auction configuration per item is very simple.  Once you have completed the steps and completed the push to eBay using our tool, you will be presented with an option to save the auction settings for that particular item.  To save your auction configuration simply click on the new green button “SAVE AUCTION SETTINGS” on the very last page of the push to eBay steps and your auction settings will be saved for next time you push the same item to eBay.

Once you have save the auction configuration for any given item, those will be displayed on your auction list with a new SAVED ICON.  This new icon will help you determine which products on your list has saved settings so you can easily push that item once more to eBay in no time.

Of course you will also have the ability to update the save settings anytime you wish.  Simply re-click on the SAVE AUCTION SETTINGS on the very last page of the auction push if you wish to replace the saved settings with the ones you just used for the new auction.

I hope you will enjoy this new feature.

To read more about our eBay listing tool, please click on the link below:

=> Wholesale2b eBay Dropship Plan

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