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Making Profits Selling Dropship Products

If you are looking for dropship products to sell on eBay then you need to find the proper suppliers to work with. There are many dropship directories available online however they come to a price. Furthermore, such dropship directories will only give you the names of dropship suppliers. You will still need to contact each supplier 1 by1 and go through the process of opening a reseller account.

** Please note: Most legitimate dropship suppliers will require that you have a business license and tax ID. This is because wholesale dropship suppliers do not sell to the public and require a reseller license from you in order to give you the wholesale prices.

Furthermore, once you open a reseller account you will still need to figure out a way to download their products into eBay or into your own website. Some suppliers provide datafeeds that you can use for this purpose however not all of them do. In cases where you can get a datafeed, most likely their feed will not be in the proper format for you to use.

For example if you need to import your products into Turbolister, or to your Amazon account, chances are you will need to edit the file and change the format.

To summarize here is the challenge you will face when working with dropshippers

  • You first need to find them and verify that they are reputable dropshippers
  • Open a business to make sure you can register with your chosen dropship suppliers
  • Register for a reseller account with each of your chosen dropship suppliers
  • Download their products to your computer and figure out a way to use their datafeed

With a wholesale2b account, you can avoid all this hassle.

This is what you will get with your wholesale2b account:

  • A list of pre-screened dropship suppliers
  • All their products will be loaded in one single place for you
  • Access to all the dropship suppliers products via a set of pre-formatted datafeed files ready to use with Google, Amazon, Nexttag, OSCommerce, Zencart, and many more
  • Daily updates are applied for you
  • Access to an eBay listing tool to easily help you push product to your eBay account or eBay store
  • We can even create a website for you loaded with all the products of your chosen suppliers. No need to worry about a datafeed with this option. We load the products for you and we apply daily updates to your website.
  • You will also have the option of ordering directly from the supplier OR order directly from wholesale2b and avoid the step of having to open a business and a reseller account.

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