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eBay Buyer Protection Plan

eBay recently added their new eBay Buyer Protection Policy.

This policy requires that you now have a reimbursement payment method in your eBay account in order to be able to create auctions.   If you do not have a reimbursement payment method currently configured in your eBay account you will NOT be able to create auctions with the wholesale2b eBay dropship plan.

Click here to see full details about this new buyer protection policy.

Please follow these instructions if you are having problems creating your auctions:

1- Login to your eBay account

2- Make sure that your eBay account is not in any violation of eBay policy

3- Make sure that you have added a reimbursement payment method on file

4- Go back to your account and re-create your Token in the first step of the wholesale2b eBay listing tool

If you still have problems listing items on eBay, then please follow these steps:

1- Login to your eBay account

2- Choose the option “Sell an item” from the “Sell” menu in the top right corder

3- Follow the steps to create an auction manually

4- If you eBay account is under any sort of violation, you will see a warning message.

5- Please address any warnings given by eBay before trying to create an auction from your wholesale2b account.

6- Go back to account and re-create your Token in step 1

You should now be ready to list items.

Sell on with no listing fees, an eBay company

sell on and pay no listing fees

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