Wholesale2b Complies with eBay New Image Sizing Policy

No buyer wants to shop in the dark. One of the greatest online bidding sites, eBay understands customers want to see what they are buying online. The new polices for listing products on eBay calls for good quality pictures, which help the seller optimize sells through the site’s Best Match default sort order for search results. Wholesale2b is working with their suppliers to seize this opportunity for speedier sales success through eBay image policy compliance.

Best Match is designed to increase sales and build eBay’s reputation through better experiences for buyers. In order to comply with the new image policy all listings must have a picture of the item for sale. The compliance rules call for a picture to have 500 pixels on the longest side, borders and added text are no longer allowed with the exception of watermarks for attribution,  and stock photos aren’t allowed. Catalog images are still usable as long as these are not as the primary photo for a non-new item for sale. The exceptions to these rules are movies, music, books, and video games. Video game consoles must still follow the new rules.

As you know not all suppliers provide images greater than 500px however wholesale2b is working towards having this addressed one supplier at a time.  You will now see a new column on our USA SUPPLIER page that will indicate if the images meet the new eBay image policy.  Over time you will see more and more of our dropship product images converted to meet this new minimum size requirement.

If the new eBay image policy rules aren’t followed by the seller then they will be unable to upload the picture. This is also true for those revising or re-listing dropship products or items posted earlier. This will mean the item won’t be  in Best Match, and buyers aren’t likely to see it. A new eBay Photo Center that sellers can visit offers tips on taking pictures buyers are attracted to, and how best to showcase your item for sale.

Other criteria helpful to working with the Best Match system includes remembering to list the item description and to list item specifics such as product codes, the item’s brand, part numbers, and other information which will identify products uniquely.

Currently over 85% of Wholesale2B items and dropship products comply with the new rules, but naturally the goal is to convert all images for compliance. Through a complete compliance with eBay image policy it’s possible to reduce frustration on the part of the buyer and increase sales on dropship products or other items. As more suppliers discover the ease of reaching customers and buyers using eBay’s Best Match system the higher the rankings and visits on these posts will be, and the better the sales for everyone connected with Wholesale2B.

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