Why should I use Google Base for listing wholesale dropship product data?

If you have information you want to share with others but aren’t sure how to reach them, Google Base is for you. You can easily submit all types of online and offline content to Google Base and make it your first base for marketing your products. You can describe any item you post with attributes, which will help people find it when they do related searches. In fact, based on your items’ relevance, users may find them in their results for searches on Froogle, Google Maps and the main Google web search. The main benefits of Google Base include:

  • Free content hosting
    Google Base represents a new opportunity to put any kind of content online, but it is particularly helpful for dropship product marketing.
  • Distribution
    By bringing offline content online, Google Base is more accessible and useful. Even online content becomes more ‘discoverable’ when users are able to refine their search results based on attributes, like product brand or product categories. The best reason to use Google Base is you can link users to your own website, thus making your content far more accessible to the world.
  • Ease of Use
    Now you can go to one place to upload content to Google. You can post individual items by completing a simple web form or submit a bulk upload file with ten or more items in standard formats such as the Inventory Source Google Base custom file.

Best of all, Google Base is entirely free. And you’re always in control; you can edit or archive your items whenever you want. Wholesale2b will update your file every day with the latest products and inventory from your chosen suppliers.

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