Tips on Writing an Amazing `About Us` Page for a Wholesale Dropship Company

An `About Us` page is one of the most common things you see on websites. Brands and companies use it to tell their story, state their mission and let people know how they can help them and what makes them different on the market. Since it`s so common, no one really thinks about it too much – some companies just paste the links to their social media profiles, some simply write the name of their company and what they do and some say what their mission is and move along.

But thinking that your `About Us` page doesn’t matter all that much is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. There are a lot of things that you can incorporate in this page to make your brand more likeable, human or transparent – all of which can improve your business immensely.

Because it is so important, here are some tips on how to write the best `About Us` page you can.

  • Use the conversational tone. People are often put off if you sound like you are preaching. Be friendly and try to explain what you do and why you are the best company for them like you would explain it to a new acquaintance. Keep it simple and effective.
  • If you want to write a history of your wholesale dropship company, don`t go on forever about it. People like to read about how you made it to where you are but too much information is overwhelming and they will skip it. Try to incorporate a funny anecdote or some interesting facts of how your company came to be.
  • Focus on your audience. Your tone and style should appeal to people who will buy product from you. Tell them about why you are selling, for example, toys or baby gear. What made you focus on that? Is there a story behind it? Share it with your customers.
  • Make sure that your `About Us` page is flawlessly written and without grammar mistakes. These can be off-putting – most people back off a bit when they see a grammar mistake. It can make you seem less serious about your business, uneducated or ignorant. This is an easy fix though – there are plenty of free tools out there that can help you write without mistakes. Grammarix, Via Writing, State Of Writing and My Writing Way are some of the tools that can be helpful.
  • An `About Us` page can be used as more than just an introduction to your company – with proper keyword use you can improve your websites SEO. Include some keywords that relate to what you are doing. This will help your potential customers find you and even though the effect might not be much to talk about, it will help improve your business.
  • Use your `About Us` page to humanize your company. Most people like to know who it is that they are doing business with. Put some pictures up – of yourself, of your employees, of your office space. Tell them about yourself, your likes, dislikes – but keep it short and interesting.
  • If you have a social media page and you keep it up-to-date, you should definitely share your links on your `About Us` page. This will bring people closer to you. Your contact information should also be displayed – phone number, email, anything that can help potential customers reach you if they have any concerns or questions.
  • In order to make your `About Us` page more readable and appealing, use short paragraphs, bullets and subheadings. “Humans are visual creatures – they will respond better to a good-looking page than to a large block of words. Use pictures, graphs or illustrations to break down the text and give your story credibility,” suggests Brian Kellys, an editor at Simple Grad.
  • In case you have any awards, testimonials or anything similar, this is a good place to display it. There`s nothing better than a good review to let your customers know that you are serious about what you are doing.
  • Be honest and use facts. Display numbers and your stats. People prefer honesty to `purple prose`.

At first the writing of an `About Us` page can seem like just another thing you have to do, but it`s much more than that. It is your chance to make a first impression and draw people in – make it count.

Grace Carter: Business Writer

Grace Carter is a business writer for BoomEssays and UKWritings, writing services. Also, she builds IT processes and improves business analysis at Essayroo, academic website.

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