Your business name is your most crucial branding asset when starting a dropshipping store. It is how consumers can quickly identify you. Your business name also represents your core values and distinguishing characteristics.

However, choosing a brand name is not always a walk in the pack. Often, your ideas are already in use. As a small store, you probably do not have the money to hire professionals for this either. So, a business name generator comes in handy

This article shows some of the best name generators to make this task easier for you.

Finding the right business name for your dropshipping store

When choosing a name for your store, here are best practices that you should consider:

Keep it short: The shorter your business name, the better your Google ranking will probably be, according to studies. So, try to keep your options to 2 to 3 words at most.

Be keyword-oriented: It helps keep some of your store’s keywords in your business name for SEO purposes. That way, people can easily find you when they search for what you sell.

Be Suggestive: Ensure that your name evokes the right perceptions and feelings. Whether your brand is playful, corporate or luxurious, find ideas that portray that. These form a good first impression.

Be creative and unique: Whichever industry you are in, there are many common and distinctive brand names. So, to stand out, ensure that your chosen name is unique and distinguishable from the rest.

Memorable: Try to keep your name sweet and catchy. That way, it captures the audience’s attention, and they can easily remember it. That said, avoid complicated words that no one can pronounce without practice.

13 of the best business name generators in 2021

1.    Oberlo

Oberlo is traditionally a dropshipping app you can use to sell your products online without inventory.

The platform now also has a name business name generator that can help you find the right name. All you must do is input a keyword, and the tool will spit up a series of variations for you to choose from, usually about 100.

Their suggestions follow SEO best practices to you’ll be good to go.

2.    Shopify

This business name generator is excellent specifically for those finding names for eCommerce stores.

As with Oberlo, you supply it with a keyword, and it will generate several potential domain names. Many users like this tool because it supposedly has unique and catchy ideas. You judge for yourself.

However, the Shopify name generator is meant to be specifically for Shopify eCommerce store owners.

But, that doesn’t mean you cannot use it nonetheless. It could be your starting point for ideas since you don’t need to sign up for anything before use.

It also shows if the name you have chosen is available on Shopify.

3.    NameMesh

Name Mesh is the perfect name generator if you are looking for a domain name with specific keywords in it. When you put in a keyword, it generates several relevant domain names.

As expected, some are already taken, and these are marked in red. The available ones are in green. You can filter these by checking “hide registered”.

Additionally, Name Mesh splits the suggestions into categories like fun, mixed, similar, short, common, generator

4.    Namelix

Namelix is an excellent option to find the right domain name. The platform generates a list of domain name ideas from a word or phrase that you put.

Some of the domain names are for sale, and the system will show you. You also have the options to set filters like name length, naming style and branding style.

Furthermore, Namelix gives you logo ideas for each name. You don’t have to use the logo it provides, but it is a good starting point.

5.    Brandroot

If you are looking for an effective and unique business name for your store, try Brandroot. It provides name options for over 50 industry categories.

The platform assesses all the options for recognition and appeal. So, you will likely get a practical name. You can also filter to search by length and popularity.

Like Namelix, the business names come with professional logos already made. Also, they can help you with website set up free of charge if you need it.

However, if you want more name options, you must be willing to spend.

name generator

6.    The Ultimate Business Name Generator

This business name generator helps you find an appropriate name using a series of questions that you answer. It asks you for:

  • The products or services you sell
  • What localities you are targeting
  • Your last name

That way, the program can give you more personalized options.

Additionally, The Ultimate Business Name Generator offers useful advice on picking the right name for your business.

It encourages the use of familiar terms, as you can see below. That way, customers can easily remember your business.

The platform is also affiliated with Bluehost. So, they earn a commission if you join Bluehost from their site.

7.    NameSmith

NameSmith helps you find a suitable domain name for your dropshipping store. It finds possible names in different ways like modifying your keyword or using random names.

For each of the ideas they suggest, they search the domain market for availability. So, it only shows you those that aren’t registered yet.

If you aren’t satisfied with what you see, you can always try other extensions for more options.

It is best to choose names based on your keywords for SEO purposes.

The downside with this generator is you do not get many customizable options.

name generator

8.    NameStation

NameStation is a handy business name generator for domain names for your store. You enter your desired keyword and click “generate”. It will show a list of available and suggested names.

NameStation provides a few more options than other name generators. Below your chosen keyword. It will show a few alternate keywords to give you more ideas.

Additionally, you have more language options, length, even domain extensions. So, if you are not sure where to start with a business name, this is a great resource.

business name generator

9.    Cool Name Ideas

Cool name ideas generator helps you generate business name ideas with a few customizable options.

You get to choose the style you want your name to take based on your keywords.

To check the availability of a name you like, click on it. You can then follow the links to buy it if interested.

The platform has helpful navigation instructions should you need them.


With words, letters or just syllables, you can get numerous business names in no time on It provides multiple options for customization, like the number of elements. As such, you get more precise and personalized options.

You can even add extra elements like Latin or Greek prefixes. If you intend to use it as a domain name, there is the option to add an extension.

Furthermore, the site has some useful naming tips that you can read.

11. DomainWheel

As the name suggests, Domain Wheel is more of a domain name generator. This one is more AI advanced to help you find domain names from your inputted keyword.

In addition to variations of your chosen word, Domain wheel also gives you names from related terms. That way, you have many more name options that still maintain the original intent.

It is, therefore, a great option, especially for your dropshipping store. You can get many unique and catchy business name options for your store.

Furthermore, their website has plenty of useful information regarding WordPress, domain hosting, etc.

12. Anadea

Anadea also offers a helpful free name generator you can use for your business.

To use the tool, input your keyword and hit “generate” to get a whole list of options. Anadea will give you some unique names you can use. They are based mainly on the industry category you put. So, you will get some useful options.

Additionally, if you find something you like and want it, the system offers you a quote for buying the domain name and website building. These features make it quite resourceful for a new online store.

13. Business Name Generator (BNG)

BNG can give you a ton of ideas for your online store based even on multiple keywords. You have options to filter for industry, letter count, word count, etc.

When you find something you like, you can save it as an idea as well. Then, you can search for it on other name checkers to make sure.

And, if you intend to use it as a domain name, you can instantly check its availability on GoDaddy.


Pro tip: For most online stores, social media marketing will probably be a big part of your strategy. So, check your chosen business name on social media as well to ensure you can use it with little trouble.



Are you having trouble finding the perfect name for your new store? Check the business name generators on this list, and you’re good to go.

Remember that your business name is the core of your brand. So, take the time to get it right.

Also, the shorter the name, the better. Your name must be catchy, include relevant keywords and not infringe on any copyrights.

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