Did you know that Wholesale2b offers a website builder option?

This option is integrated with our Website Dropship Plan, and it’s called the Template Design tool. With this tool you can customize your website in many different ways to achieve a very unique look and feel. For example you can upload any background images or use the ones that we provide, you can change colors in every section of your website, you can change headers and banners, add various section to the left side, top side, and bottom section of your site. These sections can be loaded with affiliate ads, or special announcements that you want to pass on to your visitors.

The website also comes with many integrated apps such as left product scrolls for featured products, browse by brand option, and you can even add your own products.

As far as loading products to your website, this is extremely easy with Wholesale2b website plan. Typically with shopping carts like Shopify, Bigcommerce, Volusion, etc, you need to use datafeeds to import products to your shopping cart. While this is fairly simply, it does involve manual steps and repetitive loading to keep your products up to date, especially if you are using drop ship suppliers.

With the Wholesale2b Dropship Website Plan, there is no need to use files to import products. Our shopping cart is already integrated with our system so adding products from various suppliers is as easy as one simple click. Simply click the button ADD/REMOVE SUPPLIERS from your admin dashboard and you will be presented with over 90+ suppliers to choose from. Simply pick the ones you like and click SAVE.

That’s it. It’s really that simple.

Then simply wait about 20 minutes and refreshed your website to see new products and categories from your new chosen suppliers. This means you can change niche anytime you want without having to contact anyone. No webmaster, no developer, none of that. Just pick and choose your suppliers and click SAVE.

Your website will then be updated automatically every day with inventory updates, which means you don’t have to worry about out of stock items, new products, or discontinued items. Your daily updates will cover all this for you which will save you tons of time.

Having access to a growing selection of suppliers also gives you endless opportunities. Let’s say you have been selling fragrance and beauty products from some time, and eventually you wish to convert your website to computers and electronics. Typically this would involve quite a lot of work if you are hosting your own website, but with Wholeslae2b Dropship Website Plan, making this change is as simple as clicking on one button only!

Our Dropship Website Plan was designed with a very user friendly approach based on a self-servicing model. All our back end admin features are designed to be compatible with the simple fact that you will most likely be adding products from various drophip suppliers, and even your own products, which may require different shipping rules and different markup options for each source. the flaw in most typical shopping cart is that they offer only global options which forces you to use same shipping and markup rules for all your suppliers. With Wholesale2b, we include the flexibility needed to allow you to fine tune your website to work perfectly in a multiple supplier environment.

If you need a website builder that is compatible with many suppliers, then checkout our Dropship Website Plan offered by Wholesale2b and get started in just 1 business day.


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