Finding the right dropshipping supplier is a critical part of starting your online business. As more people adopt this business model, it is getting more competitive.

Many dropshippers have grown accustomed to dropshipping products from China. However, the long delivery times and low quality makes the practice unsustainable. Customers are growing more impatient and used to “same-day delivery.” In the wake of these trends, you may find it more beneficial to source from local suppliers if you are in the US.

This article breaks down the top dropshipping suppliers you can use in the US. They are more expensive than Chinese suppliers but make up for it in quality and faster delivery times.

The benefits of using US suppliers

  1. High-quality products: Items from US suppliers are generally higher quality in most categories and thus provide better customer satisfaction. Sourcing these products sets you apart from other competitors who sell similar Chinese products. The unique experience keeps your customers coming back.
  2. Shorter delivery times: Products sourced from the US usually arrive in less than a week. But, if you ship from abroad, it could take weeks or even months.
  3. Tracking systems are available. Consumers now like to track their purchases. Mainland couriers like FedEx, DHL, and UPS offer better tracking systems.

How to choose a supplier

Using a supplier in the US does not guarantee smooth dropshipping experience. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting suppliers.

  • Reliability. A good supplier must be able to deliver orders fast and in good condition. When vetting a supplier, check reviews of other customers. If there are many complaints about late deliveries, that could be a red flag.
  • Good communication. The right supplier should always be accessible. A supplier who takes days to respond to messages, is unreachable by phone, and slow to respond to complaints is not one you want to work with.
  • Fast and affordable shipping. Your supplier must be able to ship products in the shortest time possible. They should also offer reasonable shipping costs to keep your pricing competitive.
  • Little to no additional fees. If the supplier charges extra fees for dropshipping services, it may eat into your profits. So, you may want to avoid these where possible.
  • Clear return policies. Your supplier should have appropriate return policies and offer a warranty for high-value goods. These policies boost customer confidence in the products and encourage purchase.

Top dropshipping companies in the US

When using dropshipping companies, you contact wholesalers, who can supply your products. Then you build an eCommerce store and start selling. Several companies in the US offer dropshipping services and meet the requirements stated above. These are:

1.    Wholesale2b

Wholesale2B is a platform that integrates products from different suppliers into one platform. The system offers over 1 million products from about 100 suppliers in various product niches. On Wholesale2b, you do not have to directly connect with any supplier since you can manage everything from your account.

The platform runs different apps that integrate with various eCommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, etc. You can automatically import all orders to Wholesale2B and manage them directly.

The prices depend on the platform you choose to use. Signing up is free, and you can browse the products and wholesale prices. However, to process orders, you will need to purchase one of the dropshipping packages.

Wholesale2B famously offers automated services and order tracking features.

2.    Oberlo

Oberlo is the best dropshipping company for a Shopify store. You can search for products from profitable niches, add them to your store, then ship them directly to customers. The platform provides analytics reports to vet the products’ potential.

Oberlo also allows you to place orders quickly and have them shipped to the customer with just a single click. On Oberlo, you can automate your entire eCommerce process, including fulfilments.

If you are new to the dropshipping business, you can start with the free starter plan, which allows 50 orders per month and 500 products.

To access more advanced features like bulk orders, you will need to upgrade to the paid plans, ranging from $29.99 to $79.99/month.

However, it is exclusive to Shopify, so it will not work for other eCommerce platforms.

3.    SaleHoo

This site is a wholesale supplier directory where you can partner with suppliers for your business. Over 8000 certified suppliers serve several niches and offer 2.5 million + products.

Make use of the category tools and market research tabs to find the most profitable products. The platform also provides valuable training guides to assist with any issues.

SaleHoo costs $67/ year or $127 for a lifetime membership. With a membership, you can access the supplier directory, which has insider pricing deals to help you save money. There is a 60-day money-back guarantee so that you can test it first.

The one disadvantage is that you must deal with suppliers individually and separately from the platform.

4.    Doba

Doba is a comprehensive dropshipping service, providing a directory of wholesalers and suppliers. From the platform, you can get the products without having to deal with multiple suppliers separately. When you find a product you want, list it on your website, and then process the sale on Doba. After, the platform contacts the supplier and ships straight to the customer. You can also track your orders on Doba.

The platform has hundreds of suppliers offering over 2 million products.

Doba offers three plans:

  • The basic plan at $29/month
  • The Advanced plan at $69/month
  • The Pro plan at $249/month

There is a 30-day free trial for starters to try the platform.

5.    Sunrise Wholesale

The Sunrise Wholesale website offers over 15,000 products across several categories. They stock from top brands like Canon, D&G, Apple, etc. You can export product details to your store. When a customer buys from you, you log in to Sunrise Wholesale and place the order. It is then shipped directly to the customer.

Sunrise Wholesale offers integration with other platforms like eBay, Big Commerce, Shopify, etc. There are some automated features for inventory and price updates. The platform also gives you access to Amazon research tools to monitor your products’ performance on the market.

Sunrise Wholesale costs $49 /month or $199/year, plus a free 7-day trial.

6.    Megagoods

Megagoods is a dropshipping company and distributor that specializes in electronics. Their suppliers deal with reputable brands like Phillips and Supersonic.

They offer over 2000 electronics items that they own and store in their warehouse. Their specialty is reliable fulfillment services. As such, Megagoods can guarantee fast shipping times.

The platform also has features that enable you to identify popular products and market trends each week.

Megagoods charges $14.99 per month and has a 30-day free trial.

7.    Worldwide Brands

Worldwide Brands is a dropshipping directory with over 8000 certified suppliers offering over 16 million products. They continually update their list to ensure accuracy.

For a one-time fee of $224, you gain access to the directory. When you find a supplier you want to work with, they give you their contacts to reach out and create a relationship.

They now have a mobile app which is available to all members.

8.    Dropified

Dropified is a dropshipping solution that automates everyday tasks of your business. You can import products directly from suppliers into your store. It allows you to work with different eCommerce platforms like eBay and Aliexpress. From AliExpress, you can even import pre-existing product reviews.

Dropified integrates with other platforms like Woocommerce, Bigcommerce, Shopify, and CommerceHQ. When customers place orders, the system automatically sends the details to your suppliers for fulfillment.

Dropified provides a detailed 60-day marketing training program to learn the basics of driving traffic and building your brand.

They offer a free plan as well, although it is very limited. Paid plans start at $47/month and then $127/month for the premier plan. There is a 24-day free trial for you to test the platform.

9.    Wholesale central

Wholesale Central is a directory of wholesalers and dropshipping suppliers. It lists over 1000 suppliers offering over 600,000 products. The platform categorizes the products by niche, e.g., pet supplies, books, electronics, etc.

The product links send you to the manufacturer’s site where you can directly work with them. Wholesale Central’s user interface is not the best, and there is no customer support. However, it is free to use; there are no middlemen involved yet offer a pool of information.

10.                       Inventory Source

Inventory Source is a dropshipping automation software. It allows you to upload products, sync inventory, and route orders from suppliers to any eCommerce platform. You must integrate the software with your supplier’s inventory first. Then you can manage your orders and product feed.

Inventory Source provides access to 230+ dropship suppliers. It is compatible with over 25 eCommerce platforms. Plus, you may also add your private supplier.

You can get started for free by creating an account. For the paid plans, inventory automation begins at $99, and full automation costs $150.

11.                       SourceLow

SourceLow is one of the largest (freely accessible) global directories of dropshipping suppliers, manufacturers, and wholesalers. The platform links business-to-business buyers with reliable, low-cost suppliers

Standard listings on the platform are completely free. They include unlimited category placement and direct website links. Premium listings come with unlimited keywords, unlimited products, and enhanced supplier profiles with company logos, social media links, and product galleries.


A list of reputed dropshipping suppliers

If you want to work with individual suppliers directly, here are some of the top companies you can reach out to.

Clothing suppliers:

  • Nordstorm; They provide a wide range of apparel for both men and women. They also offer shoes, jewelry, and other accessories. There are no fees to sign up.
  • Printful; If you want to create custom or print-on-demand products within minutes, use Printful. When customers buy, the order is sent automatically to Printful on their platform. They print and ship directly to customers, even with your brand packaging.


  • iFuncity: Offers a blind dropshipping program and provides in-demand electronics products, both branded and unbranded. This means customers will not know who which supplier sent the product.
  • Teledynamics; They also offer a blind drop shipping service. You can get top brands like Sony, Motorola, etc. They do not have a minimum order requirement.


  • Fragrance Net: You must sign up for their dropshipping program to gain access to their inventory of fragrances, aromatherapy items, hair care, etc.,
  • Innovative Beauty: They offer quality beauty products at an affordable price. The products are all Made in the USA. Pricing is available on request.

Décor and furniture

  • Koehler Home Décor: the best choice for sourcing furniture in the US. They run a self-service model that requires you to place the order on behalf of your customers and use your billing address. They also offer occasional discounts.
  • Ashley furniture: For all things home décor, Ashley furniture is the place to go. They guarantee high-quality products. Furniture can also provide higher margins for dropshipping.


  • Brybelly; This company offers games, kid’s toys, party supplies, etc. They sell established brands alongside their products.

By choosing the right suppliers for your dropshipping business, you can guarantee customer satisfaction. This satisfaction is essential to keep customers coming back and to enhance your brand. Suitable suppliers must be reliable and deliver high-quality products fast.

This list should provide you adequate information to search and find the right suppliers for your store. However, if still unsure what to do, you may want to consult a drop shipping company. Firms like Wholesale2B and Oberlo are the easiest way to find certified suppliers. They have decades of technical experience and skill in finding the right drop shipping partners.


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