Dropshipping, one of the most widely used business models in eCommerce. It currently represents 27% of online retailers and expected to grow by 29% by 2026. It requires little to no investment and no inventory.

In dropshipping, choosing your product niche one of the most critical decisions. It makes all the difference between your success or failure. Every year comes with new trends in consumption that, if utilized, can guarantee success for any dropshipping store. 2021 is no exception.

Below are some of the top products to dropship in 2021 for you to consider for maximum profits.

Top 17 products to dropship in 2021

1.    Wireless chargers

Wireless chargers were invented in 2016 but are still trendy now. They are an excellent option for fast and convenient charging for various devices. Users no longer need to sort cables for each of their devices.

The issue most potential buyers have with this product is quality. So, you must ensure the chargers you are dropshipping are of high-quality to encourage purchases and recommendations.

Wireless chargers are also relatively cheap, costing $10 to $15 on average. So, there is an opportunity to make massive profits.

2.    Shapewear

Shapewear is increasingly a must-have in women’s wardrobes. Even though they have been around for a while, they now come in all sizes and colors.

Shapewear helps people look better in their clothes. You can source them cheaply for as low as $7 apiece and yet make big profits.

3.    Smart Watches

Over 20% of Americans have smartwatches. There are several models on the market already, like Apple watches and Fitbits.

More people, especially fitness enthusiasts, are interested in keeping track of their activity. Smartwatches connect directly to smartphones, track basic metrics like steps, heart rates, etc.

Considering the Apple options are quite expensive, there is a vast market for the low budget options. This makes it a great product to dropship in 2021. They will cost you as low as $30.

The rate of smartwatch adoption increases every year, so it will keep trending even in 2021.

4.    Magnetic Charging Cables

Magnetic charging cables work for anyone with a mobile device. They are an affordable and handy adaptor that makes it easy to charge any device. Magnetic charging cables make perfect gifts for almost anyone, so their popularity peaks around the festive season.

People generally prefer to buy them online because they are cheaper. This creates an opportunity for you to dropship them. You can source them for as low as $13 and make big profits.

The demand for these cables has been constant and likely to remain that way through 2021.

5.    Mom jeans

Mom jeans are a 90’s phenomenon that seems to have made a comeback in the past few years.

Millennials and Generation Z have widely adopted the trend, making it one of the most searched fashion items, with high monthly search volume. It is therefore one of the most promising products to dropship in 2021 as well.

If you want to add mom jeans to your store (which you should), you can get them as low as $5 from Chinese suppliers.

6.    Overshirts

Overshirts are button-up loose-fitting shirts worn over t-shirts. They are an everyday go-to during the autumn and spring months when it can get a bit too warm for jackets.

Overshirts often provide the much-needed splash of color and a stylish layer of clothing. They are, therefore, still a trendy item even into 2021.

You can capitalize on this trend all year round. Switch up the shirt textures and colors to cater to different seasons.

7.    Slides(shoes)

The rubber backless open -toe slippers are still very much a thing in 2021. Especially now that major brands like Gucci and Prada are pushing them mainstream. This shoe style no longer belongs in the shower, and the young generation has quickly pounced on it.

Since not everybody has $390 to spend on Gucci slides, a cheaper alternative on your dropshipping store will do. To make it big, however, ensure that you are sourcing high-quality shoes with sleek designs.

People wear them all year round (indoors in winter). So, slides should be on your list of products to dropship in 2021.

8.    Boho pillows

Boho pillows are increasingly a household favorite. As people spend more time at home, they look for a great way to accentuate their living space.

Boho pillows come in various colors, textures, and styles. So, you must find out what types appeal to your target customers and focus on those.

Demand for boho pillows remained relatively steady all through 2020, so it is a promising product to dropship going into 2021.

9.    Podcast microphones

Podcasting has grown in popularity and gained massive attention. The main equipment needed is the podcast microphone. So, it could be an excellent addition to your store, mainly if you sell electronics.

Search volumes for the podcast microphone increased in 2021. This trend spills over into 2021 too. So, it is a must-have.products to dropship in 2021

To enhance sales for your microphones, consider having complementary equipment as well. For example, mic cables, shock mounts, etc., would work.

10. Automatic soap dispensers

The COVID-19 pandemic brought viral health and hygiene to the forefront. This has brought increased demand for masks, sanitizers, tissues, and of course, a fancy soap dispenser.

The item is so popular in homes and workplaces mainly because of the no contact required to do its work.

Search volumes peaked through 2020 and are likely to continue for a little while into 2021. So, it doesn’t hurt to add this into your store this year.

11. Colorful phone cover

More people, especially the younger generation, are interested in their belongings’ aesthetic appeal, especially phones. So, colorful phone skins have therefore become popular in recent years and still going.

These, in particular, are made of rubber and come in various designs, colors which make them very attractive.

Users can thus customize their phone’s look, even to match their outfits. It is, therefore, a product worth considering for your dropshipping store.

To maximize returns on this product, ensure to add unique styles.

12. Wireless technology

Wireless items, especially “hearables,” will continue to trend in 2021. So, wireless headphones and earphones might could be valuable products to dropship all year round.

There is an increasing demand for these, especially for workouts. And, also just to look cool without breaking the bank. Quality is essential to attracting and keeping customers. So, only deal with reliable suppliers who can give you that.

However, keep the price optimum, as many customers often use these devices for a short time, so they probably do not want to spend too much on them.

13. LED lights

LED lights are a way to add a cool vibe to any room. No wonder their popularity has increased over the past year and still growing.

Search volume for LED lights peaks around the festive season, which shows that it makes a good gift or great décor.

Smart options are more popular, which customers can connect to their phones and control. So, consider adding these items to your store. They could bring in huge profits since they cost little, about $7.

14. Sports bra

In 2020, the hype around sports bras only grew more prominent. They are no longer simply workout wear but are now a daily fashion piece, popularized by top models.

Since sports bras cost very little but have high demand, they are a great way to make money from impulse purchases. So, in 2020, consider adding sports bras to your collection, especially if you are dropshipping clothing.

15. Slime

Slime is currently one of the most popular items on the internet, taking center stage across different social media platforms.

Given the pandemic and lockdown situation, the product became even more popular as a stress relief. It is both fun and affordable. Slime has enjoyed a steady search volume of about 2,900 monthly over the past months.

Depending on which store you visit, you could get slime at about $1 an ounce. This promises massive profits for you if you choose to sell it in your store.

Additionally, since it is so cheap, you can much easily encourage impulse purchases. You will find the best deals with Chinese suppliers, but you can find a few in the US as well.

16. Seamless Underwear

Seamless underwear is one of those timeless fashion products to dropship in 2021 too. They are a great solution to keep away the unattractive panty lines under clothing. That way, ladies can look and feel great in their body-hugging outfits.

Market and search volumes for seamless underwear have remained relatively stable, making it an excellent product to consider in 2021. At an attractive price, you can attract impulse purchases, thus attracting more sales.

17. Loungewear

As people stay at home more because of the pandemic, loungewear has become more of a necessity. People want to be comfortable as they stay around the house. This presents an opportunity for you to exploit.

Loungewear ranges from t-shirts, comfy sweaters, sweatpants, shorts, etc. so, there is a broad range of items you can add.

The key is to offer competitive prices to not only attract customers but also drive impulse purchases.

To ensure you get the most out of these products, do adequate research on the market and what appeals to your targets. Also, draft workable marketing and pricing strategies to maximize profitability.

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