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Dropshipping for Newbies: A Comprehensive Guide

Dropshipping is an eCommerce business approach in which store owners process orders through third-party vendors or suppliers; the third-party dropshipping supplier takes responsibility for fulfilling the order to the customer.

It is unique in the sense that the retailer does not store inventory but instead delivers customer details to the supplier who ships the orders on the retailer’s behalf. Thousands of people make a comfortable living through dropshipping, and there is no reason you can’t do the same.

How dropshipping works

Dropshipping is based on a simple concept. It includes 3 simple steps

Step #1

The seller (drop shipper) publishes items he/she wishes to sell through his online store. The customer sees the items and places an order through the drop shipper’s website.

Step #2

The retailer gets the order details and forwards customer information to a dropship supplier (this process may be manual or automated).

Step #3

The supplier then packs and delivers the required products directly to the customer with the store owner’s branding.

Advantages of dropshipping

Easy setup

Establishing a dropshipping business is relatively straightforward. All you have to do is find a supplier, set up a website, and sell goods. Done the right way, it is easy to manage with minimal investment.

Minimal setup cost

Although traditional business ventures require massive amounts of startup investment (warehousing, purchasing inventory), dropshipping removes all these hurdles and costs. All you need to pay for is the cost of running and maintaining your website.

Reduced overhead

With dropshipping, you needn’t worry about renting or buying an office.

Limited risk

Since there is no need to hold inventory, your business has little to lose. Furthermore, there will be less pressure to make sales.

Location independence

You don’t need to have an office or warehouse to run a dropshipping business.

Product variety

Dropshipping lets you sell anything you want. You can enter any niche, and you don’t have to commit to any one supplier


In the conventional business model, you must work harder to earn more. Since the supplier ships the products to the customer, you can offer thousands of products without holding inventory. The shipping process is more straightforward, reducing the risk that items will be damaged in transit.

The drawbacks of dropshipping

Like everything else, dropshipping has disadvantages. Here are some of the most significant:

Relatively low margins:

Since you’ll be purchasing single items, you may have to pay a higher price. Most wholesalers and manufacturers do not dropship, which means you’ll have to buy from (more expensive) retail vendors. It is a costly arrangement that hurts your product margins

Full liability for losses.

You will be held responsible for anything that goes wrong when the supplier ships products to your customers, and it will affect the perceived value of your brand.

Limited control

In the dropshipping model, sellers have no say over the way their brands are portrayed to the customer. This happens because the supplier handles the order fulfillment process.

Shipping problems

If you have several suppliers for a single order from your customer, you may experience transportation problems.  Different suppliers charge different shipping rates based on product type, location, and other details.


With eCommerce rapidly gaining popularity, dropshipping has become a fiercely competitive industry.

Is dropshipping ideal for you?

Dropshipping does not fit all business types. However, there are several entrepreneurial models for which it is an ideal strategy.

Validating entrepreneurs: with dropshipping, you get the freedom to try out new products before investing in inventory and stocking. Stocking products involves taking on the risk that they will not sell. The strategy allows you (the entrepreneur) to lower risks and validate the demand for products before acquiring inventory.

Budget entrepreneurs: with dropshipping, you can sell online at a minimal cost. Consequently, it is the ideal model for entrepreneurs with limited budgets or startup companies interested in cutting their expenses.

New entrepreneurs: if you’re selling online for the first time, then dropshipping is the best model to implement.  E-commerce can be tricky. If you have no prior knowledge of digital marketing, then it’s best to start with dropshipping until you can handle the challenges that come with full-fledged eCommerce fulfillment.

Furthermore, because dropshipping requires little investment, you may use it to build brand value. It also gives you room to learn about online selling, conversion optimization, driving traffic, and other eCommerce fundamentals.

Large-scale entrepreneur: if you want to sell a wide variety of products, this business model might be the right one for you. Dropshipping lets you offer thousands of products that would require large amounts of funding to maintain if you were holding inventory.

How to find drop shipping niches and products

Choose the right niche.

Find ideas. Take a survey of everyone around you (yourself included) study what people like to buy online, what they like to take on vacation, and so on. This will give you a rough idea of the kind of products and niches that are good for dropshipping.

Study your competitors: study other dropshipping brands to find niches that might be too competitive, then ignore them. You may use google search, AliExpress, and Facebook search for this endeavor. For more on that, you may want to read “how to find the best product niches for dropshipping in 2020.”

study customer loyalty: Avoid products and niches that are dominated by national brands-

Target expensive niches: the higher your product cost, the higher your profit margins will be.

Avoid highly returnable products: don’t drop ship products with style and preferences as they have extraordinarily high return rates, and you don’t want that.

Avoid seasonal niches: selling products with stable demand helps you maintain constant sales volume – it’s a good thing because it allows you to predict consumer behavior trends.

How to find dropshipping wholesalers (suppliers)

After you’ve found the right niches and products, it’s time to look for dropshipping suppliers. You can use several strategies, remember though, that this may be the most challenging part of starting your business.

Before you reach out to potential suppliers, you should prepare. Have all the legal paperwork, plus your business vision and mission ready. Most reliable suppliers will ask for verifiable proof that you represent a legal business before partnering with you.

Talk to manufacturers

Product manufacturers know reliable wholesale partners because they often work together. Ask (politely) for a list of wholesale distributors and call them to schedule meetings so you can see if they dropship. Some manufacturers will have drop shipping programs for resellers.

Check directories

Whether it’s in an actual book or digital database, your work will be a lot easier if you have a database of suppliers sorted by their products or niches


Use google to find reliable, high-quality suppliers. You should know how to do search engine research for the best chances of success. There are several eCommerce blogs and forums that will provide useful information on how to find reputable suppliers.

Visit trade shows

Trade shows are the ideal way to connect with manufacturers and dropshipping suppliers. Look for tradeshows within your niche and attend them whenever possible.

Pro Tip: It may be hard to know whether you and your drop shipper will be a good fit. Consequently, you should ask all the necessary questions and verify that they can deliver as promised.

Qualities of reputable suppliers

The following tips will help you find reliable, high-quality dropshipping suppliers:


They should possess sufficient infrastructure: at the very least, a good supplier should provide a comprehensive digital catalog, real-time inventory updates, customizable d searchable order history, and customizable data feeds so you can manage your operations. If your supplier lacks technological capacity, they may fail to deliver when you need to scale up your operations.


Your supplier should have helpful sales representatives. It is wise to look for dedicated representatives who can help you quickly sort out technical problems.


The ideal supplier should be orderly, punctual, and efficient. Customers value fast shipping and will buy from retailers with the shortest delivery times, even when it’s more expensive. For this reason, you should find drop shippers who can deliver between 24-48 hours, without fail. You should also partner with suppliers who have the lowest failure rates. You can evaluate their punctuality by placing a test order.

High product quality

Reliable suppliers Provide quality products. The best products will satisfy your customers and get you positive testimonials and product reviews.

Start dropshipping

If you’ve reached this point, you know what dropshipping is, how it works, its benefits and drawbacks, and you’re sure you want to start a dropshipping business. You’ve also identified a profitable niche and found the best suppliers. Now it’s time to really get to business

Launch your online store/website

Create an online store. There are multiple ways to do this; if you may create a WordPress website and add an eCommerce plugin like WooCommerce, or you could let wholesale2b build a site for you.

Manage your inventory

There are several inventory management platforms available online. They will handle the most strenuous tasks for you, but you’ll still have to manage stock – even if it’s not on hand.

Develop a customer acquisition plan and evaluate your metrics.

You need customers, and one of the best ways to get them is through targeted ads. Launch Facebook and google ads campaigns to target your audience. This will help you generate quick sales.  For longer-term results, consider search engine optimization and email marketing. They will help you cut back on your advertising spend.

Pro tip: Remember to track your conversion metrics. Knowing where your customers come from and how they buy will help you optimize your marketing strategy. You

Optimize the order fulfillment process

Order fulfillment optimization will help you keep your customers satisfied and avoid disputes. For optimal fulfillment, follow these rules

  • Give customers tracking numbers, so they know when their products are processed and shipped,
  • develop a strategy for returns processing or exchange policy to handle damaged goods.
  • Once an item runs out of stock or is discontinued, do your best to find it for your customers, your customers will appreciate your effort and come back.
  • Have a clear returns policy, provide clear shipping communication, and reliable customer service.

Next Steps

Choose a dropshipping platform.

While it is possible to run your dropshipping business manually, it can be highly stressful and leave you prone to error. The ideal approach is to choose a dropshipping tool to help you manage things.

Whether you’re just starting a dropshipping business or looking to simplify your current setup, Wholesale2b offers a comprehensive dropshipping solution that grants you access to the best dropshipping suppliers through a single dashboard. With no credit card required, its risk-free solution will streamline your dropshipping operations and help you get the best products for your customers.


This month we added 4 new drop ship suppliers with exciting new products.

Please make sure to login to your account and click on the links in the blue announcement box to review these new drop ship products.

A new dropship supplier of tools. Although they have few items to offer, they are very unique and should sell very well.


A new dropship supplier for seasonal and holiday Home Decor products

A new dropship supplier of shoes. Every piece is created to stand out in the crowd with a touch of humor or pure style.


A new dropship supplier of marine electronics with the cheapest prices for consumer marine electronics offering a wide variety of brand name marine electronics from companies such as Garmin, Lowrance, Raymarine and many more!

Wholesale2b adds new dropship shoes with original designs

Today we added a new dropship supplier of shoes, with also apparel and bags.  This supplier name is DOGO and we are proud to have have them offer original and unique shoe designs which you can sell on eBay, Amazon or from your own website.

Their designs are fun, stylish and very unique.  You will be sure to satisfy your customers these their original designs.

To view their products please login to your account and click on the link in the announcement box.

dropship shoes          dropship products        dropship

dropship bags      drop ship bags        drop shipper of bags

dropship shirts     drop shipper of original hoodie    drop ship shirts

New supplier of Marine products added today

Today we added over 2,500 new wholesale marine products from a drop ship supplier name Seawide.


Seawide specialises in marine products and supplies dealers and sellers with the cheapest possible prices.  They offer a variety of branded marine products such as Garmin, Raymarine and more great brands.

With over 100 marine categories, you are sure to find great products to sell.

To review their products please login to your Wholesale2b account and click on the top menu Dropship Suppliers.

You can use any of our dropship plans to help you resell these products on eBay, Amazon or from your own website.


April 12, 2017

dropship iPhone cases

dropship iPhone cases

Today we added a new supplier of iPhone cases to wholesale2b. The DPOWER CASE supplier is specialized in producing mobile accessories.

The iPhone plastic cases are made only from high quality, tough and flexible plastic.

The cases are engineered to offer protection for your device from the tests of time and nature, while Cutouts in the liner and soft touch button covers allow access to all of your phone’s ports and functions. The cases will not interfere with your phone’s reception.

Start selling these cool and unique looking iPhone covers on eBay and Amazon or to your friends using your social network.

To view these new products, please login o your wholesale2b account and click on the link in the blue announcement box or click on the top menu Dropship Suppliers from your account.




Today we added 4,013 items from the supplier DiecastDropshipper. They are a wholesale distributor of die cast model cars and trucks. We are dedicated to providing our customers with an opportunity to expand their business by utilizing an incredible selection of high demand items we stock in our warehouse.


Today we also added 14,495 products from the supplier Honestgreen. They are a leading online distributor of natural and organic health, wellness, and green living products. 


Today we also added 16,327 products from the supplier Honeys Place. Honey’s Place is your wholesale sex toy distributor for sex toys, adult novelties, lubricant, lingerie, home party supplies, and bachelorette party supplies.


Today we also added 3,402 items from the supplier olympiasports. They have been manufacturing and distributing athletic, recreation, exercise and physical education equipment since 1954. We have 4,000 dealers coast to coast. Don’t miss out on your chance to start your own business.

Example of a product that you can dropship on eBay and make profit each time


Example: Oster Baldwyn 22 pc Cutlery Block Set

SKU: 70562.22
Average selling price: $75.58
Your total cost: $55.74    FREE SHIPPING!
Your profit: $19.84    shipped to your customer


Sell them on eBay, Amazon, Bonanza, or load them to your own website




How much profit can i really make drop shipping?

This is a common question that I get almost every day. Drop shipping has been around for years and thousands of people are still making good profit from drop shipping even to this day.

The market is like a living organism. It changes and adapts all the time. There is no such thing as making money with a “set and forget” approach. If you want to be successful you must constantly review the trends and look for new products in demand.

I listed one example below, which is an item that i picked randomly from our inventory using some of the profit margin search tools that we offer to our private members.


Example: Back to The 50’s Executive Antique Trumpet Horn Turntable/Phonograph with encode function

SKU: 12129-RB
Average seling price: $178.81
Your total cost: $120.74    FREE SHIPPING!
Your profit: $58.07    shipped to your customer


Sell them on eBay, Amazon, Bonanza, or load them to your own website




Having multiple images per item can be a huge benefit for sellers.  Buyers like to see the product they are buying from different angles.  It makes selling so much easier, however not every supplier has realised this yet.

Wholesale2b has over 100+ dropship suppliers integrated from which 23 suppliers offer multiple images.

Today we are download over 40,000 new product images from the supplier Greensupply.  This represents additional images to existing products so sellers will now have about 4 images per items from this supplier.

We are currently downloading the 40,000 new images which will take some time to complete.  You should start seeing new images already as they will be available as they get downloaded.  The full download will take a few days to complete so by next week you should see most items from this supplier with multiple images.

These new product images will automatically be added to your e-commerce store if you are using the wholesale2b website plan.  They will also be added to you new eBay auctions if you are selling on eBay.

We hope these new images will help you increase your sales.

If you wish to start selling products online but you don’t know how, or you don’t have any product to sell, then head over to and signup for a free account.  We have over 1 million products at wholesale prices that you can sell for profit on eBay, Amazon, Bonanza, Graiglist, or from your own website.  We can even build a website for you with our turnkey e-commerce dropship website plan.



Today we added a new option to our Amazon plan to help members push even more products to Amazon.

These new dropship products are Unverified products which means that you might find slight differences between the Amazon image or item name when compared to ours, however in many cases they are still the same.

The process for adding these new items is the same except you first need to tick a checkbox to confirm that you wish to add Unverified items to your list by indicating that you confirm they are the same as ours.

If you already have the Amazon plan, just click on the top green AMAZON PLAN button and you will now see 2 sets of links per supplier. One link for Verified product counts, and one link for Unverified product counts. This will allow you to browse and add these new types of products to your Amazon list.

Enjoy this new feature.