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Dropship Lingerie and adult novelty products

Today we added 2 new dropship suppliers to our portal at increasing your product selection by a total of 11,147 new products.  These new products will make a great addition to your website or to your existing eBay auction list.

1) JERRY FASHION – 4,810 new dropship products

This supplier provides all types of fine sexy lingerie such as: adult costumes, corsets, chemises, baby dolls, bikini sets, sexy ladies’ panties, men’s panties, sexy garter sets, erotic dresses, sexy stockings and sexy leather collections.

2) OVNIWHOLESALE – 6,377 new dropship products

This supplier provides state of the art wholesale adult sex toys and lingerie. They are a leading distributor and offer one of the largest inventories of adult novelties in the industry.

To view these products please signup for a free account at Then activate a dropship plan and start selling these products from eBay, Amazon or from your own  website.  We can also provide data feeds for the most popular shopping carts such as Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, and many more.  We can even create a website for you with automated daily updates.  Simply pick your suppliers and let us do all the work for you.

September 6th 2015 – New dropship lingerie products

Today we added products from a new drop ship supplier.

This supplier provides all types of fine sexy lingerie such as: adult costumes, corsets, chemises, babydolls, bikini sets, sexy ladies’ panties, men’s panties, sexy garter sets, erotic dresses, sexy stockings and sexy leather collections.

Visit to review these new dropship products.

We gather products from various drop shippers across the internet and make them all available to our members from one single place. We also offer the order fulfillment service so this means that you won’t need any tax ID and you won’t have the hassle of signing up with tons of different suppliers. You get every thing you need from one single wholesale2b account, and you can also manage all your orders from the same account.

We add new suppliers to our portal regularly so you will always have access to a growing selection of products to dropship from eBay, Amazon or from your own website. Please visit our website for more details about our dropship plans.


Quickly find dropship products with high profit margins

Today we added new browsing options to help members of Wholesale2b find products with high profit margins quickly.

This option will let you choose which types of margins you want, and apply a minimum profit amount to your search. For example you could decide to search for items that have margins between 70% and 80% with a minimum profit of $35 and click GO!

The search result will then give you pages and pages of products as well as categories with products that match your selection criteria. The margins and profits are estimated numbers only and they are based on the wholesale prices and suggested list prices given by each of integrated suppliers.

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that this will make the exact same profits as this will depend on your chosen selling prices.

To access this new browsing option, click on the link “Browse By Profit Margin” located on the dashboard page

Find dropship products with high profits

Are you getting the lowest possible wholesale prices for your dropship products?

The markets are getting more and more competitive and understanding how pricing works is crucial for your success in selling dropship products. Wholesale2b is a source of Dropship products that guarantees lowest wholesale prices for drop shipping.

How many of you have decided to sell products online using drop shippers, but later found out that other sellers were beating your prices? In this article I will address this concern to help you better understand pricing when it comes to Dropship products.

These days more and more people are seeking Dropship services to start an online business. For those not familiar with drop shipping, this method allows you to sell products online without having to purchase products up front, thus relieving you of significant start up costs. You simply sell any Dropship products of your choice on eBay, Amazon or from your own website, and once you have collected a payment for the item you sold, you then pay the wholesale prices + shipping and keep the difference as your profit. You can decide on the selling prices and shipping so you directly control your profit margins.

Drop shipping is a great business model for those wanting to start an online business quickly with a very low start up cost.

Many newcomers to drop shipping give up too quickly as they expect to make sales immediately and are finding items selling for less than their Dropship wholesale prices on sites such as eBay and Amazon.

Wholesale2b guarantees the absolute lowest wholesale prices for drop shipping. This guarantee is supported by the fact that we provide all our members with the real names of all our integrated Dropship suppliers. This allows anyone to cross check Wholesale2b prices with the supplier wholesale prices for an exact match.

With, you are sure to get the lowest possible wholesale prices for drop shipping as well as the names of the best suppliers in the drop ship industry.

Having confirmed this, it is still possible that you may find lower prices on eBay or Amazon simply due to the fact that not everyone uses drop shippers when selling products online. While you may not be able to always compete with some of the lowest prices for goods, wholesale drop shipping still works and will allow you to earn steady profits by selling products at the average prices found online.

I will list a few reasons below as to why you may sometimes find lower prices online when comparing your wholesale prices with the average selling prices.

Reason #1
Some sellers get refurbished items and sell them “like new”. Of course, refurbished items are much cheaper than the real thing, but they usually don’t come with a one year warranty from the manufacturer.

Reason #2
Some sellers might be buying items in bulk and at a discounted price from large liquidators or wholesale distributors. In this case, the profits might be higher; however, the overhead cost is much more when compared to drop shipping. Buying in bulk is a totally different business and involves high costs up front as well as warehousing costs, and more. If you have opted for drop shipping, then I am assuming that you are doing so to avoid these high start up costs, so the reason speaks for itself.

Reason #3
Some sellers might just want to get rid of an item they recently bought rather than returning it to the seller for a refund. Many return policies have a 20% restocking fee on non-damaged items so reselling it on eBay might be a better choice for some.

Reason #4
Some sellers might be getting products from China for much cheaper, but those are usually replicas and not original. Those products can sometimes be hard to differ from the real ones, but as a rule of thumb, I usually stay away from these types of products. Many buyers prefer to pay a little more and receive an authentic item.

My advice
My advice is to always compare prices with the average selling prices you find on eBay or Amazon rather than comparing your prices with the absolute lowest prices. Many people make the mistake of deciding to avoid drop shipping for this reason, but the bottom line is that drop shipping has been around for many years and it is still very strong today. From our end, we can easily confirm this as we process orders for members each and every day, 7 days a week.

Don’t jump to conclusions too quickly. The notion of thinking that items won’t sell unless you sell them at the absolute lowest prices is a misconception. If this were true, you wouldn’t still find a range of prices for the same items selling on eBay and Amazon.

Drop shipping is certainly not for everyone. I often see people give up too quickly; however, those that persist can do very well. If drop shipping is something you have been thinking about, then simply give it a try and come up with your own conclusions. Most people that do well don’t brag about it and remain quiet, so you won’t read too many comments from those folks. They are usually too busy running their online business.

One of our top sellers recently said to me, and I quote, “If you know how to sell effectively, you don’t need to always beat the lowest prices.”

My final piece of advice is to be patient. Remember that selling online is just like any other business. It takes time and patience; however, the rewards can be great over time. Take your time and think like a buyer.

This will help you become a better seller.

To get started, head over to and sign up for a free account to review all our wholesale and Dropship products.

Dropship Suppliers

These days many folks are looking for supplement income and many people have turned to dropshipping to make more money. The dropship model is perfect as it allows practically anyone to get started selling tons of merchandise online without having to pre-purchase any inventory up front.

The concept of having the ability to sell products without every seeing the products themselves has always attracted me and since 2004 I have been focusing all my time an energy in helping people achieve success with a dropship business model.

Although there are some negative reviews about the dropship business model, the success of your efforts will only come to realize itself if you are making the right choices and working with the right partners and suppliers. Keep in mind that most people that are super successful with drop shipping will never write an article about it, because that is their bread and butter. Successful business owners are simply too busy running their online sales to write articles about their success.

The bottom line is, just like any other business, a dropship business does require that you spend time analyzing the market, seeing what type of products are selling the most, keeping an eye on the competition, setting yourself apart from everyone else and keep finding your edge with new dropship products all the time. A static business will never grow.

Since I first started in 2004, my team has not skipped a day processing orders with suppliers on behalf of members. Granted some are more successful than others but the fact that dopshippping still exists today is a clear indication that it is a great tool for any online entrepreneur with the right motivation. I have seen people make 0 sales to others generating over 30 to 40 sales every day fairly quickly.


You are among many people looking for dependable dropship suppliers to earn a living. In fact more an more people are making a decent annual salary selling dropship products on Amazon and eBay. We at offer tons of great products to sell online at unbeatable wholesale prices, but we also help our members process orders with suppliers so we have an x-ray vision on the sales volume and I can say with no doubt that sales are on the rise. This means that over time, more an more people are cranking up sales using products from dropship suppliers.

Our edge lies on the wholesale prices. Contrary to the typical middlemen, we do not raise the prices. In fact we even give our members the names of all our dropship suppliers so they can confirm that our wholesale prices are 100% exactly the same as given by the suppliers themselves. This is how we can guarantee that our prices are the lowest possible prices when it comes to dealing with dropship suppliers.

Now you may wonder why in the world would we give away the names of our suppliers? The answer is simple. Our main business goal is to help our members (YOU) make profits online. Since we have no incentive in making profits on the merchandise, we pass on the exact same wholesale prices given by the real suppliers to all our members. Our goal is to help you succeed.

Checkout our dropship plans by clicking on the URL below:

Do You Need More Dropship Products For Your Online Business?

Whether you are starting up an online store or you already have an online store, the one thing that you would need is more dropship products. Irrespective of the turnover you enjoy and the traffic you get to your online store or website, a dropship business can never flourish without enough dropship products.

A dropship business offers you a unique arrangement where you can sell dropship products from your online store and without being involved in any way in the manufacturing, packaging, logistics or delivery of the products, you can make money.

There are numerous wholesalers and dealers who can offer you dropship products but if you wish to excel in a dropship business then you need to work with the best dropshippers. A dropshipper that offers you endless choices of dropship products would be ideal for your dropship business however you will find that most suppliers usually focus a niche market only. This means that if you want to offer a wide variety of products you will need to work with several dropship suppliers to supply you with the inventory.

To know if you need more dropship products for your store, you can ask yourself these simple questions. What is it that intrigues a prospective customer to check out an online store? Once a customer is at an online store, what are the factors that keep them hooked on or prevent them from leaving the store without buying?

These two aspects are integral to getting more traffic to your online store and to generate more sales. You would note that at the crux of both the aspects, the answer is more dropship products. If you have an inventory large enough and affordable enough to offer the whole world to a customer, there is barely a reason why he or she would not buy from you and leave the store, or not come to your store at the first place.

Having many products on your site also means dealing with many suppliers in the backend which can become cumbersome since each suppliers are essentially different companies with their own staff. If you wish to make this process less cumbersome you may consider working with a middle service that can interact with the supplier on your behalf while handling the process of processing orders for you and handling return requests as well.

This service can also handle the data flow of products images and descriptions to your website so you won’t have to worry about keeping your website up to date with each supplier’s inventory. As you know items can come in/out of stock and can also be discontinued and replaced with new products from the same supplier which can become an overwhelming daunting task which you will have to do repetitively several times a week. Having this task fully automated is a huge benefit for any business that wishes to use dropshippers. is one of the best company that offers this exact service.

If you are serious about running an online business using dropship products, you must consider using a service such as in order to excel.

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