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10 The Best Tech Writing Tools, As Recommended by Tech Writers

As a technical writer, the content you write is vital to help others understand technology better. Using the right tools can make your life easier.

Tools are available for all kinds of different purposes such as writing, screen capture and editing. Technical writers help to explain how to use technology to non-experts, so they must convey complex information in a simple manner.

1. Monosnap

If you are a technical writer or a blogger, it’s very common to add screenshots to help explain how to use a product or an app. There are hundreds of tools available to take screenshots, and Monosnap is one of these.

Capture a full screen, part of a screen or a selected window. Highlight important details with text, arrows, and shapes. Hide private information with a blur tool. Upload your snapshot to cloud storage with one click or save it to your local folder and copy it to clipboard.

 2. Essay Writing Lab

It can be difficult for someone familiar with a complex technical subject to present it in an easily understood format. This is where a custom writing service such as Essay Writing Lab may be able to help.

Writers with years of experience in writing about a variety of subjects learn the art of making complex ideas easy to understand. On the pricing page of this site, you can use a live calculator to work out a quote.

3. RoboHelp

RoboHelp by Adobe Systems is a Help Authoring Tool (HAT). It helps tech writers to develop projects and render them across various formats.

With RoboHelp, you can generate output in the form of an eBook, mobile app format, HTLM5 help format, XML, printed documents or WebHelp format. It has a user-friendly interface and offers a free 30-day trial.

4. Edugeeks Club

Sometimes writing everything yourself is impossible when you’re up against stringent deadlines. If you want to hire a professional writer with a Ph.D degree, it’s possible at

The focus is on superior quality, and there are separate pages for different types of services. It doesn’t matter what topic, level of difficulty or subject you require, you will get the help you need.

 5. Grammarly

Using the right grammar and spelling is important when writing technical content. Content that is full of errors is more difficult to read.

Grammarly is widely used by all writers, including technical writers. It is available as a free online text editor as well as a free extension for Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers. The tool will automatically highlight your errors and offer accurate, context-specific suggestions to improve your writing.

6. Essay Writing Land

Expert writers at Essay Writing Land will write for you at affordable rates. You will get support 24/7 and receive your content on time without any problems.

The work is guaranteed to be 100% original. You will have the opportunity to get free revisions until you’re happy with the content of an article writing critique.

7. Assignment Geek

If you need an expert Aussie writer to help you out, you will find many skilled writers at Assignment Geek. You will receive top-notch content that meets and beats your expectations.

Only native Australian writers will write your content, and they all have postgraduate degrees from top Australian universities. They combine their experience of writing with your guidelines and ideas, so the content still conveys your point of view.

8. Aussie Writings

At Aussie Writings, writers from all kinds of different disciplines, from engineering to IT, can help you to write and edit content.

The writing team consists of more than a thousand writers, each unique in a specific sphere. The editing stage of the process includes polishing style, cleaning up format and checking references. Rigorous quality control ensures originality.

9. Best Dissertation

On the  Best Dissertation website, writers have university degrees from the UK or the US.

You do not have the option of selecting a specific writer, but various samples are available on a wide range of subjects that you can download as a PDF. This offers insight into what type of writing is available and the standard of authorship. The company also offers proofreading and, editing services.

10. Pro Essay Writing

At Pro Essay Writing more than 750 native writers with Masters and Ph.D’s are available to write content for you. Receive regular bonuses and discounts for using the site.

When placing an order, you need to specify all the details, including the exact length of content you require. Vague instructions hamper the progress of the writer.


Technical writers work in many different industries and have to generate quality content. They must be able to take difficult concepts and make them clear to readers, using good grammar and language that flows. With tight deadlines and the importance of clarity, picking the right tools helps you to generate the type of quality content that keeps readers coming back for more.

Ultimate Guide on How to Write a Business Plan

Dropshipping is a growing trend for would-be entrepreneurs. A niche in the market, dropshipping requires careful planning and forethought. Financing the set-up of a business may mean a business loan.

Walking into the bank and asking for a loan won’t work. Banks demand a business plan. It is necessary for the bank to assess the planning going into the business. From the business plan, the bank can determine if the proposal is viable and worth financing.

What is a business plan?

A business plan is a formalized document with several components that present an overall picture of the business. A good plan indicates the steps to be taken to get the business off the ground, secure a place in the market, and make a profit.

Putting effort into writing a good business plan can be the difference between obtaining a loan or being rejected. Rory Williams from assignment writing service says good writing practices make a business plan more effective. “Don’t be afraid to ask for help to make sure your business plan is well-written,” he advises.

How to write a good business plan

There are plenty of templates to use when drawing up a business plan. When applying to a bank for finance, find out if the institution has a set template. Alternatively, consult the United States Small Business Administration website for templates.

Common elements in a business plan

Regardless of the format, there are some elements of a business plan that are common. Pay attention to the following elements to put together a coherent business plan.

1. A brief personal introduction

Start a business plan off with an introduction. The entrepreneur can discuss the skills and education they have which will strengthen the odds of success for the business. Keep this section brief. The reader doesn’t need an autobiography, just some basic details.

2. The overall summary

A summary should be no longer than one page. This page creates an impression by highlighting important information that is elaborated on in the business plan. The executive summary is vitally important. Failure to impress the reader at this stage might affect the chances of plan being taken seriously. Some business leaders suggest writing all the other components of the plan before summarizing them.

3. Describing the company

There are important details in this section. They include:

  • The proposed name of the business and what products or services it will offer

  • The location the business will operate from

  • The legal format the business will take (e.g. a partnership) and the number of employees

  • Necessary licenses and permits obtained from authorities

  • Vision and mission statements for the business incorporating its values and ethics

  • Short-term goals and the steps in the process to achieve the specified long-term goals

  • A brief description of the industry, where the business will fit into the market, and major competitors.

4. What the business offers

At this stage, go into more detail about the products or services the business will offer. Put a spin on the unique approach the business will bring to the market to stand out from competitors. Dropshippers should go into detail about categories of products and how many products fit into each category.

5. The market as it stands now

A business plan needs to show that market research has been done. A potential business owner needs to know the market well. Show there is a niche in the market the business will fill. Indicate the target group of customers the business aims to reach. Include an analysis of the competitors the business will face. Cite reliable websites or texts used to complete the market analysis.

6. Management

All parties to the management of the business should submit a brief resumé showing their knowledge, skills, and attributes. Summarize existing resumés to highlight only what is pertinent to the running of the business.

7. Finances

Here, a business needing funding must indicate how much is needed. The plan will show how the money will be spent and what the ROI (return on investment) is expected to be. Realistic indications around repayment of a loan should also be evident. Calculate a projected income trajectory to show the business is worth investing in.

8. Attached documents

Banks will ask for certain documents prior to entertaining a loan application. Credit reports, permits, and patents are some examples. Use this section to include as much relevant documentation as possible.

9. Objective analysis

Round off your business plan with a brutally honest SWOT analysis. Think long and hard about what to write in the analysis. Be objective and realistic. Subjective analysis won’t help in a finance application.

To Conclude

The first draft of a business plan determines if the business is viable before even contemplating finance. Let the plan highlight areas that need further consideration. After addressing such areas, refine the plan to tailor it toward getting a bank to see the business as a reliable investment. Get help to make the plan as professional-looking and organized as possible.

7 Simple Ways to Write a Compelling Product Description on Your Drop Shipping Website

Once a customer lands on your sales page in search of a product or service you have all the chances to convince the customer to make a purchase. But how do you capture the customer’s attention and generate sales? – Using a compelling product description.

The way you craft your product descriptions on your website will determine whether you will increase conversions or not. A product description is a vital aspect of an online store that can increase conversion tremendously, but it must be written perfectly. Although a product description is an important component of any online store, writing an epic product copy isn’t an easy task.

Let’s get back to you.

What is the reaction of readers when they land on your sales page? Are they compelled to click the “Add to cart” button, or do they just navigate away?

If your product descriptions are not compelling your customers to make a purchase, this article is for you. To win the eyes, mind, and heart of prospective customers, you need to write a persuasive product description.

To learn how to write a product description that generates sales, follow these proven approaches to convert readers into actual customers as shared by Andrew Peters, an expert copywriter at

What is a Product Description?

A product description is the marketing copy on a product listing that provides a detailed description of what the product is and why it’s worth your money.

Let’s get into the meat of the article.

Simple Ways to Write a Compelling Product Description That Generates Sales

  1. Understand Your Target Audience

You are targeting a specific audience and not selling to anybody and if you are selling to everyone who lands on your sales page then you will never sell anything. Not all readers who land on your page are your customers since different products appeal to different people.

So, you need to know who you are selling your products and address them as you could have done on a one-on-one basis.

Before you embark on writing the product description, ask yourself:

  • Who are the product’s ideal customers
  • What problems are they facing?
  • Will your product solve their problems?
  • What are the interests of the readers?
  • Why should they buy your products yet there are other products out there?
  • How do they describe your products?
  • What features of the product entice the customer?

If your product description will be based on these questions, then you are likely to write a product description that convinces customers to purchase from you and not your competitors.

  1. What Benefits Will the Product Have to Your Potential Buyers

As mentioned above, most professional copywriters focus on detailing product features and fail to convince a potential buyer why they should buy their products. You may be interested in detailing all the qualities and features of your products showing the readers how your products have the most unique specs, but that’s not what the customer wants.

The customer wants a product that will solve a problem they are facing. They are not interested in the features of the product. They are eager to know whether buying the product could mean the end to their problems- how it will benefit them, how it will solve their problems etc.

Your product description should detail how the product will improve the buyer’s life and not how beautiful and amazing it easy on the eyes.

  1. Show and Not Tell

While text can be used to describe your product, getting too wordy can be boring to the reader. So, you need to go simple, by using images.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so use images in your product description. Images are weighty and can leave a lasting impact on customers.

  1. Show, Tell, and Describe

Now that you have described your product using images and text, you need to use other means to show your customers how they can use the product or why it is worth their money. Here, you can use a combination of graphics, text, and videos to describe your product. Note that ensure to use good images and videos.

  1. Make Your Product Description Easy To Read

Life is busy and people are not ready to strain their eyes and brains to read your product description. You should capture the reader’s attention immediately they land on your sales page by writing super scannable product description.

Scannable product description

Ensure the reader can get what they want without having to sift through a bunch of information. Include bullet points, short sentences and short paragraphs, and lots of white spaces.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

To make your product description findable online and attract new readers to your sales pagewho can turn to be your actual customers, you need to optimize your product descriptions for search engines.

Search Engine Optimized Product Description

Use the search terms the buyers use to search for information online when shopping for their products. To know the search terms/keywords, you need to research to discover these terms. Ensure you don’t overuse the search terms.

Over to You

It’s that easy: When writing a product description, think about whom you are selling your products, what problems they are facing, how your products will solve their problems and what makes them buy your products.

The list is not comprehensive; there are many other important things that should go into your product description to make it generate sales.

You can research more to add to our list.


5 Marketing Rules for Dropshipping Business That Will Boost Your Sales

In today’s world, everything is going online. Shopping is no exception. The e-commerce industry has emerged as one of the fastest growing aspects of the world of internet. A good portion of this trillion-dollar industry is occupied by dropshipping retailers.

Dropshipping businesses are different than your traditional online stores in that a dropshipping business doesn’t need to keep and manage an inventory and related aspects of it. When a customer places an order, the dropshipping business simply has the supplier send the goods directly to the customer.

According to experts, in 2018, dropshipping is projected to cover 30 percent of all retail sales globally. This is roughly the same number as what e-commerce covered in 2017. This exponential growth also means that more and more number of retailers are coming aboard the dropshipping business “ship”. Now, if you own a dropshipping business or are interested in running one, you should have all the information required to maximize your reach and make sure that buyers prefer your dropshipping business over 30 million other online stores. Here are some marketing tips that will help you stand out and boost your sales as a dropshipping business.

Impress The Buyers With A Neat Website

You don’t get a second chance to make the first impression. Before a buyer even places an order, he or she will interact with your website. Hence, it’s important to have a website that is visually appealing and even more importantly, mobile first. Market surveys place online purchases done using a smartphone at around 40% of total ecommerce traffic in the US alone. This means that if your website is not conducive to a quick and easy shopping experience, you’ll lose buyers.

 Harness The Power of Social Media

Power of Social Media

Social media is a big part of everyone’s lives today. When it comes to marketing the products your dropshipping business deals in, there’s no place better than the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram among others. With recent advancements in mobile technology, it is expected that over two-thirds of all content on social media will be video-based which gives you an opportunity to boost the traffic to your online store by posting engaging video-based content on your online store.

A good example are the how-to videos – Make Beauty, a makeup cosmetics brand, shares on their social channels that engage their target audience and then send them to their online store.

 Increase Your Reach Using Ads

Using Ads

Advertising on social media is a relatively quick way to direct new traffic to your online store. Facebook, in particular, provides incredible levels of control and specificity when it comes to targeting Facebook users with relevant ads. With its massive active user base of around 2 million daily users, this means that if done right, Facebook ads can get your store a very high number of daily visitors which, in turn, means more sales and revenue for your dropshipping business.

Facebook Ads are versatile too as you can make an ad about an upcoming product or make your target audience aware of the different offers you are running like this Facebook ad by Macy’s.

Start A Blog

Old is gold and blogging is right there with one of the oldest yet most trustworthy ways in which you can create and expand your customer base. Blog marketing comes handy as a low-cost marketing strategy which allows you to consistently appear in the eyes of your target audience.

Try writing blogs that offer value to readers instead of blatantly selling your products on them. If your blog manages to become an authoritative page to your target buyers, you’ll have for yourself a chance to generate more interest and sales for your dropshipping business.

In case, the written word is not your ally, don’t sweat too much. Just write a short and simple blog. If you still think, you need some help, there are various blog and essay writing services that will come to your rescue and deliver high quality and engaging blog content to your target demographic giving them a chance to visit your online store again.

 Retarget Non-Buyers

Retarget Non-Buyers

Just because someone didn’t buy a product off your store the first time around, it doesn’t mean that they can no longer become buyers. Retargeting techniques allow you to target users who visited your store but didn’t purchase anything. This is done using relevant display ads such as this one by Blue Steel where they tell the users that they know the user have visited their store and added products in the cart.

Retargeting works because it creates a sense of urgency which can propel store visitors into buyers pretty quickly.

These were some tips to help you maximize the footfall you receive on your online store, which, in turn, should boost the sales and revenue of your dropshipping business. With ever-growing number of dropshipping businesses emerging, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and these tips will help you do just that.

Tell us about the marketing strategies you like the most in the comments below.

Tips on Writing an Amazing `About Us` Page for a Wholesale Dropship Company

An `About Us` page is one of the most common things you see on websites. Brands and companies use it to tell their story, state their mission and let people know how they can help them and what makes them different on the market. Since it`s so common, no one really thinks about it too much – some companies just paste the links to their social media profiles, some simply write the name of their company and what they do and some say what their mission is and move along.

But thinking that your `About Us` page doesn’t matter all that much is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. There are a lot of things that you can incorporate in this page to make your brand more likeable, human or transparent – all of which can improve your business immensely.

Because it is so important, here are some tips on how to write the best `About Us` page you can.

  • Use the conversational tone. People are often put off if you sound like you are preaching. Be friendly and try to explain what you do and why you are the best company for them like you would explain it to a new acquaintance. Keep it simple and effective.
  • If you want to write a history of your wholesale dropship company, don`t go on forever about it. People like to read about how you made it to where you are but too much information is overwhelming and they will skip it. Try to incorporate a funny anecdote or some interesting facts of how your company came to be.
  • Focus on your audience. Your tone and style should appeal to people who will buy product from you. Tell them about why you are selling, for example, toys or baby gear. What made you focus on that? Is there a story behind it? Share it with your customers.
  • Make sure that your `About Us` page is flawlessly written and without grammar mistakes. These can be off-putting – most people back off a bit when they see a grammar mistake. It can make you seem less serious about your business, uneducated or ignorant. This is an easy fix though – there are plenty of free tools out there that can help you write without mistakes. Grammarix, Via Writing, State Of Writing and My Writing Way are some of the tools that can be helpful.
  • An `About Us` page can be used as more than just an introduction to your company – with proper keyword use you can improve your websites SEO. Include some keywords that relate to what you are doing. This will help your potential customers find you and even though the effect might not be much to talk about, it will help improve your business.
  • Use your `About Us` page to humanize your company. Most people like to know who it is that they are doing business with. Put some pictures up – of yourself, of your employees, of your office space. Tell them about yourself, your likes, dislikes – but keep it short and interesting.
  • If you have a social media page and you keep it up-to-date, you should definitely share your links on your `About Us` page. This will bring people closer to you. Your contact information should also be displayed – phone number, email, anything that can help potential customers reach you if they have any concerns or questions.
  • In order to make your `About Us` page more readable and appealing, use short paragraphs, bullets and subheadings. “Humans are visual creatures – they will respond better to a good-looking page than to a large block of words. Use pictures, graphs or illustrations to break down the text and give your story credibility,” suggests Brian Kellys, an editor at Simple Grad.
  • In case you have any awards, testimonials or anything similar, this is a good place to display it. There`s nothing better than a good review to let your customers know that you are serious about what you are doing.
  • Be honest and use facts. Display numbers and your stats. People prefer honesty to `purple prose`.

At first the writing of an `About Us` page can seem like just another thing you have to do, but it`s much more than that. It is your chance to make a first impression and draw people in – make it count.

Grace Carter: Business Writer

Grace Carter is a business writer for BoomEssays and UKWritings, writing services. Also, she builds IT processes and improves business analysis at Essayroo, academic website.

Where You Can Find Good Dropshipping Business Ideas

Dropshipping is one of the best ways to start making money on the internet without taking on much risk, but as more people learn about it, and more dropshipping businesses are launched you might find your slice of the pie slimming down.

To be successful with dropshipping in 2018, you have to find your niche. But that’s easier said than done. How do you survey thousands of online stores and work out what isn’t there? Beats me. But there is a better way. If you know where to look you can spot trends the moment they begin, and uncover markets with massive unsatisfied demand. So keep reading and soon you will find yourself overwhelmed with ideas.

Recommended reading: How To Take Your Dropship Business To The Next Level

Google Trends

At the end of the day you’re looking for something on the internet so it shouldn’t be any surprise that the name Google pops up. The challenge with this option however, is that plenty of people will have had the same idea, and if you want to end up with unique dropshipping ideas you have to break away from the pack. To achieve this with Google Trends, you want to make use of niche filters and somewhat obscure search terms. You can write off the books, electronics, and clothing categories right away as they’re oversaturated with retailers already.


Perhaps more infamous than famous these days, Kickstarter is a website that allows you to browse interesting new ideas, and donate money to make them a reality. But you’re not here to spend $450 on a cooler, you’re here for ideas. Well then head over to the ‘Design & Tech’ or ‘Food & Craft’ sections and see what’s popular. Sure these are products that don’t exist yet, but if a product is doing well on Kickstarter it’s not uncommon to see versions of it popping up around the internet, often before the official item has launched. This is a great way to catch trends before they go mainstream, and even if you don’t end up using a specific item from Kickstarter, it’s still a great place to find inspiration.



Of all the social media sites, Pinterest has the largest gender split by far, estimated 17% male and 45% female. If you have a history of selling products aimed at women, or you think you would like to start, then it’s the perfect site for you to find new ideas. As with many of the sites on this list you will have to make an account to start browsing and then choose your ‘interests’. You might be tempted to select as many interests as possible, but I would recommend sticking to areas you feel you can market. Going in-depth on a few interests is likely to work better than scanning the surface of them all. And don’t forget to check out the trending tab.


Massdrop is site that facilitates group buys. They work with companies to get discounts for their users depending on how many people pre-order. Most of the items are premium in nature and you won’t be beating these prices as a dropshipper, not directly anyway. Even though you likely won’t start selling anything that’s directly posted on Massdrop, it’s a great place to find niche communities that spend more than you think. People passionate about their keyboards or handwriting materials for example. On top of that it’s a great tool to check what sort of items there is demand for. If you already sell items that fit in with a Massdrop community, you can start stocking items that are similar to the ones that are doing well on Massdrop.

Online Marketplaces

In October 2016 Facebook introduced a revamped Marketplace feature to their platform, allowing users to purchase anything from cars and watches, to websites (including dropshipping businesses). Online marketplaces are a great source of information for you to mine when looking for ideas for your own dropshipping businesses, particularly if you are looking to establish what niche area that you want to set up shop in, and Facebook isn’t the only place you can find them. Using online store markets like Exchange you can look at whether a niche is trending, how high its sales price is, and its level of revenue.

Take the example of The Dialogue Projects. This is a business that sells products such as t-shirts, mugs, and tote bags. These are all items that you are able to sell via dropshipping, however, the angle that sets them apart is that the sales from their products, “help fund mental health organizations.” At $42,000, it has one of the highest selling prices within the fashion and apparel category, meaning that fashion with a social conscience could be a valuable idea for your dropshipping business.


Amazon Best Sellers

If you want to know what is selling well online why look further than the best sellers list on the internet’s largest store. It might be mundane, but if it leads to you making money, who cares. Use the categories to go in depth on your preferred areas and keep an open mind, the less conventional items won’t bring as much competition as the obvious ones. If this kind of approach appeals to you then don’t stop with Amazon, check as many sites as you can think of, most of them will have a ‘popular’ section of some sort.


Fancy is approximately equal parts store, magazine, and wish-list. In other words, it’s the perfect place to find new, interesting, product ideas for your dropshipping business. They offer loads of ways to narrow down your search so you can get past the commonplace items fast. The ‘Popular’ and ‘Newest’ pages are a great place to start if you don’t have any specific categories in mind, and don’t forget to take a look at what’s trending. The gift-focused nature of the site makes it a gold mine if you’re trying to make the most of holiday sales.

If you add some of their trendy suggested gifts to your store then they’re practically doing all the marketing for you. The one thing that stops Fancy from being the ultimate resource for dropshipping ideas is its focus on clothing. If you’re dropshipping you want probably want to avoid clothing since the competition is already so fierce.

Some of the best ideas are right in front of you, you just don’t notice them. Take a look around your house or a walk down your local high street and think about what items are under-represented online. And while you’re at it, ask your friends, the great idea you’re looking for might have been under your nose this whole time. By now your head should be abuzz with possibilities, all that’s left is for you to decide which ones to pursue.


victoria profile


Victoria Greene is a branding consultant and freelance writer. On her blog, VictoriaEcommerce, she shares tips on how entrepreneurs can turn their great idea(s) into a successful business. She is passionate about using her experience to help fellow entrepreneurs succeed.


How To Take Your Dropship Business To The Next Level

The freedom and flexibility of running an inventory-free eCommerce website is exciting. Like any business, to achieve and maintain success you must continue to explore new business strategies. The tips below are designed to help new and existing dropshippers take their business to the next level.

What is a Dropship Business?

If you are unfamiliar with dropshipping, it is an inventory-free method of selling physical products.
You identify wholesale suppliers who keep inventory on hand, in stock, and up-to-date. They create an online catalog for you to browse, and the SKU and product information required for you to post their products on your website.
When you sell an item online, you submit the order and pay the wholesale price of the order—and the dropshipper ships your buyer’s order with a generic “Fulfillment Center” label. In most cases, you have full control over the retail markup.
In other words, this is an online-only business you can launch with minimal startup costs, and operate from anywhere in the world with internet connection!

Identifying Reliable Dropship Partners

To launch as successful dropship business, you need to identify reliable dropship partners. Wholesalers who keep their product inventory up-to-date, who promptly ship your orders, and who have a fair and fast return or exchange process. If your current wholesaler can’t do that it’s time to find an alternative.
Improving Your Product Mix

You have no control over each wholesaler’s inventory so you must also identify wholesalers who provide products that your buyers want. They must also introduce new products on a weekly or monthly basis, and have at least a few hundred products to choose from. Ideally, a few thousand.

The exception to this rule would be individual product-line dropship partners, such as a retailer who sells a small inventory of handmade soaps or artisanal products.

Expanding and improving your products mix is an excellent way to take your business to the next level. It requires you to identify complimentary products and upsells. For example, if you sell men and women’s jewelry and accessories—you could also sell jewelry boxes, accessory drawer organizers, and scarf and tie hangers.

Automating Your Communication

Customers don’t like to be left wondering if their order was received, or if is it on the way. If you don’t already use a tool that automates updates such as sending an email when an order is placed, and again when it is shipped—you are behind the curve.
However, sales-related or follow-up emails is not the only type of communication that should be automated. At the very least, set up an automated opt-in newsletter for each sale you make. Then send out monthly email updates to keep your customers up-to-date with what’s new.

Expanding Your Sales Channels

Whether your current sales channel is sound, or lacking—it never hurts to expand. As with anything, be strategic.
In fact, keep your website, but consider selling the same products on eBay and Amazon.
eBay and Amazon can be particularly advantageous because they already have millions of daily visitors. That being said, you will need to keep a closer eye on your markups to ensure a competitive price and attractive profit margin.

Investing in Dropship Software Service and Tool

A basic dropship software provides you with a streamlined back-of-house, workflow, and sales and reporting tools. However, some software systems do much more.

While the inventory-free business model of dropshipping keeps costs low, you may find yourself paying handsomely just to partner with a reputable dropship supplier. This cost is so high for some, that it may limit your product selection.
An alternative is to identify a combined dropship partner and tool who provides the back-of-house and business software, and the built-in wholesale partnerships. This can expand your product inventory mix to well over a million products, all from established US and Canada-based wholesalers.

Not to mention make running your business faster and easier!

The dropship business model is designed to be fast and easy to get up and running, and easy to maintain. Many choose it as a part-time secondary stream of income, while others jump in full-time. Whichever option you decide to explore, an ongoing commitment to remaining competitive is a must.

Wholesale2b is the creator of several turnkey dropship Apps that can be installed in your store with simple easy steps. Wholesale2b can help you import thousands of dropship products to your store and automate the daily inventory updates. Get started today by visiting our site at

7 Ways to Use Organic SEO for Your Drop-Shipping Business

As the owner of a drop-shipping business owner, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been operating for some time, you’ll already have heard the importance of SEO and your business. However, do you actually know how important it is?

Unlike most businesses, drop-shipping businesses are faced with a unique set of SEO-related challenges that need to be overcome as soon and as effectively as possible.
Today, we’ll explore several ways you can implement organic SEO, helping you to drive forward your drop-shipping business to new levels of success.

Creating a User-Friendly Experience
The first thing you’ll need to examine is how your website feels for your users to use. If there’s too much going, your users will get confused, and they’ll end up leaving your website in favour of another. There’s a couple of things you’ll need to consider.

You’ll need to reduce your website’s page size. The smaller the page, the faster it will load. You can do this by compressing your image quality and reducing the amount of characters you have on each page. This all comes together to create a more optimised user experience.

You can use some online tools, such as Moz’s Free SEO Tools and SEMRush to monitor and optimise your website pages.

Perfect Your Website’s Content
Regardless of what content you’re referring to, whether it’s your landing page content, your marketing content or your product descriptions, you need to ensure that it’s perfect for your potential customers.

For example, if you went onto the Adidas website to purchase some trainers and it was full of spelling mistakes and other writing errors, the chances are that you wouldn’t buy the trainers. You’d simply click off the website and probably never return.

You don’t want this to be the case with your customers. Instead, ensure that you proofread your work before uploading it. You can use professional proofreading and editing services, such as Australian Help and UK Writings, to ensure this is completed to the highest quality.

Check Your Keywords
Keywords are still a vital part of today’s SEO practices, perhaps even more so than ever before. However, it’s important that you don’t restrict yourself to just keywords but also use key phrases.
These are similar to the phrases that people will put into Google. For example, if you’re drop-shipping headphones, you may like to use a headline such as ‘Best Headphones for Running’ since this is what people will search in Google, boosting your SEO ranking.

Optimize Your Content
While on the subject of characters, you’ll need to take a look at your content and consider how SEO-friendly it is. This means placing the right number of keywords in your content and putting them in the right places.

You’ll need to do this to all your pending content and all your existing content. Alternatively, if you’re too busy running your business, you can also use SEO copywriting services, such as Essay Roo and Boom Essays, to create your content on your behalf.

Don’t Forget Backlinks
Backlinks are a vital part of a drop-shipping website’s SEO practice. To achieve these, you’ll need to guest post or get your website featured on another, preferable high authority website. This means you’ll need to get really creative with your content marketing campaign.
When looking for websites, look for blogs that are related to your industry and the products that you sell.

Pay Attention to the Details
Google has set over 200 unique guidelines that need to be followed in order to boost your organic SEO rating. This is a lot to deal with but it’s the little details that you can easily change that will make a big difference.

For example, the grammar in your content will make a huge difference to its readability and therefore your user experience which, as we know, directly affects your SEO ranking. You can brush up on your grammar skills at State of Writing.

Likewise, you’ll need to consider the length of your content as this also affects your SEO ranking. You can track your word count in real time using tools like Easy Word Count.

Create a Sitemap
Sitemaps are vital to obtaining a high SEO-ranking. For a drop-shipping website, you’ll need two types of sitemap; one for your users and one for the search engines.

This is so both parties can easily navigate your website. You can create one of these easily using Google Webmaster Tools.

Despite being such an important part of any drop-shipping business, as you can see, organic SEO is relatively easy to implement if you know what you’re doing. Although some of these methods may seem time-consuming, it will be worth it when you’re at the top of the search engine results page.

Gloria Kopp: Content Marketer & Ecommerce Entrepreneur

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Why Dropshipping Is Changing Ecommerce For The Better

The landscape of ecommerce has been transformed in recent years, with a constant stream of new businesses seeking to make their mark, and join the growing trend of online enterprise. Now, with the rise of dropshipping, setting up an online business has become even more accessible, paving the way for a new wave of e-commerce entrepreneurs.

On one hand, some retailers may be concerned that this surge in competition could be harmful to their business. However, while dropshipping is straightforward to get into, it is by no means easy money. Meanwhile, the increased demand for sophisticated ecommerce solutions has led to the development of a range of tools and practices which are steadily changing ecommerce as a whole for the better.

The Next Big Thing

In many ways, a dropshipping website operates like any other ecommerce site. There is the same need for a strong SEO strategy, coherent web design, and consumer engagement. The difference is that while one party handles matters such as marketing and content management, a completely separate person or group handles all aspects of production, shipping, and inventory management.

The value of this is that it significantly lowers the point of entry for anyone setting up their first online store. From the site owner’s point of view, they can put all their marketing knowhow and web design skills to good use, and this is where the majority of their costs will lie. As inventory is handled by their chosen suppliers, much lower capital is required to get started.

Meanwhile, suppliers can focus on the creation and improvement of their products, and on fulfilling orders efficiently, without needing to worry about outreach or marketing.

Risk vs. Reward

While no business venture is risk free, the pros of dropshipping largely outweigh the cons, and the comparatively low cost of setting up an ecommerce site of this type makes it an attractive prospect for budding entrepreneurs with limited budgets.

  • No inventory means no need for storage facilities, packaging processes, or the associated costs of maintaining a physical premises.
  • Dropshipping can be run as a solo venture, depending on the scale of your enterprise. This means no staffing costs, and no requirement to be tied down to a specific location. However, as your business grows, you may need to expand your team to handle matters such as customer enquiries.
  • Purchasing stock from the supplier occurs only once you have received payment from the customer, meaning your money is never tied up in stock.
  • The flexibility of running a business that is purely online means that it is far easier to revamp and try a new approach if any aspect is less successful than expected.
  • Scaling up or down is fairly straightforward. This includes reaching out to more suppliers, or simply increasing the range you stock from your existing suppliers. Here is what you need to know about wholesale suppliers.
  • Not having access to the inventory means placing trust in the supplier to maintain high standards of quality, and be diligent about shipping practices.
  • Returns and complaints can be trickier to handle as you will need to liaise between the customer and the supplier. This can make resolving complaints take longer, meaning you need to figure out how to keep customers happy while they wait.
  • As your supplier may be working with more than one seller, you are likely to find other websites doing something very similar to yours. It is important to be aware of your competition and make sure you stand out from the crowd.

A Broader Market

The benefits of dropshipping to ecommerce as a whole are immediately apparent. For suppliers, it is an increased opportunity to gain exposure for their brand, and increase sales without having to change the way they work.

Furthermore, in the absence of an agreement to the contrary, suppliers have the potential to reach out to a wide variety of dropshippers, and supply items to them all. Similarly, if a dropshipping partner requests exclusive branding, there is the opportunity to make a little more money on each sale by charging for the right to exclusivity.

As more people join the industry on both sides, this also broadens the market significantly, giving customers far more to choose from, and sellers far more scope to expand and adjust their business practices.

At the same time, competition is hotting up, and only stores with a proper content marketing and social media strategy are going to make the grade. From Facebook ads to influencers on Instagram — store owners need to use all the tools in their arsenal to add perceived value to their products, rather than always fighting to offer the lowest price.

Better Business Tools for Everyone

As with any industry, increased competition means greater incentive to improve the services offered, and to find new and better ways of doing things. As such, the rise of dropshipping has spurred a new wave of development within the world of ecommerce.

The increased demand for online store software has led to an ever-improving milieu of business tools. Many of these are beneficial to any ecommerce website, not just dropshipping sites, meaning there are more ways than ever to optimize your business practices and free up time to focus on other ventures.

Combining supplier directories like Wholesale B2B with immediately functionable online stores (Shopify’s store builder is good for first-timers), evens out the ecommerce playing field, and allows a range of people from different backgrounds to experiment as entrepreneurs. There are tons and tons of dropshipping stores popping up all over the place, with sellers sharing tips of their trade in a global ecommerce community. Platforms such as Shopify facilitate the process of matching sellers with suppliers, and offer a range of features to assist with the creation of  a cohesive, functional website, that can be tailored to the specific vision of the user — central to any digital strategy.

Meanwhile, the rising appreciation of big data has given rise to a range of applications which make it easier to view and interpret business analytics. Whether it’s data about shipping, web user experience, or purchase habits — all of these can be used to create a lean and ROI-focused ecommerce operation.

With so many online business tools and tailored platforms to make the process as straightforward and seamless as possible, it is hardly surprising that dropshipping sites are rapidly increasing in number.

Meanwhile, as ecommerce sales are rising year by year, there has never been a better time to try your hand at online business. Take some time to research your options, and figure out how much time and money you can afford to invest in your venture. Similarly, if you are a producer, but would rather not have to worry about sales and marketing, there may be a dropshipper out there ready to work with you to make your product a success.


Victoria Greene: Content Marketer & Ecommerce Entrepreneur

I love to work with brands and business owners, sharing my ecommerce top tips, and helping them solve their social media challenges. I’m a big advocate of storytelling (who isn’t these days) and I love to kick back with my dogs when I’m not working on my dropshipping stores.


Searching for Wholesale Suppliers? Here’s what You Need to Know

Searching for a wholesale supplier for your online e-commerce store could be easier if you know which kind of products have more demand in the market and which not.

That’s why, it’s important to learn how to find the best wholesale drop shipping service for your business that will help you to build strong brand relationships and a better brand build-up.

But first – Know the Difference between Drop ship and Wholesale

  • Wholesale supplier offers a lucrative way to buy and sell products. But it offers no live inventory for home based businesses.

A drop ship on the other hand, does not require the online business to keep any products at hand. You would however, need to communicate with your drop ship partners when ordering the products. They will make sure that your product is shipped carefully and right on time.

  • Wholesale offers a limited product inventory compared to drop ship services. In case of dropship, you can sell products from multiple dropship supplies.
  • In case of wholesale, store owners need to pay for the products that are up-front. This means that you pay out even before you have earned a profit.

In case of drop-ships however, you can pay for the products only when the order has been placed. That means, you start making profit right from your very first sale.

Now that you know, it’s time to search for a wholesale supplier next. Here are some important tips you need to look for the next best wholesale supplier for your business–

1)    Understanding the Different Distribution Channels

Not every wholesaler distributor is the same. To find a whole sale distributor requires you to understand where you fit in.

  • Exclusive Importer/Importer
  • They enjoy the sole privilege of importing and distributing their products throughout the country.
  • While some may directly sell their goods to retailers, other sells their goods to small scale local wholesalers.
  • Manufacturer

There are certain goods that one can directly buy from small manufacturers and then put to use for their purpose. 

  • Wagon Peddlers/Jobbers

Jobbers are individuals who make daily deliveries to brick-and-mortar stores and local grocers.

  • Regional/Wholesale Distributor

Regional distributors deliver little boxes of products to local wholesalers. 

2)    Google Your Wholesaler

Begin your drop shipping search with keywords like Distributor and Wholesale and names related to the niche that your niche belongs to. Then search for information by using the same method –

  • <product, model name, brand> distributor
  • <product, model name, brand> wholesale
  • < product, model name, brand> distributor

3)    Search in B2B Places

There is a hub of importers, manufacturers, and wholesale distributors to be found at B2B market places. for example, is a great place for Chinese manufactured products. Other popular B2B market places are namely – Buyer Zone (in the USA), EC Plaza (in Korea), Busy Trade (Hong Kong), EC21 (Korea), etc.


By now you must have compiled a general idea on how to search for a dropship wholesaler online. What’s left now is for you to get started!

Head over to and get started today.