Marketing a dropshipping store is an area many drop shippers struggle with. Currently, there are over 24 million online stores around the globe and over 2 billion buyers; this trend has increased competition tremendously.

Online marketing should therefore be a top priority if you want to break through the noise and drive traffic to your site. However, not all drop shippers have the marketing knowledge to conduct successful campaigns.

If this is your situation, you have come to the right place. In this article, you will find a detailed guide with tested marketing strategies that you can employ to ensure your dropshipping store succeeds.

1.   Define your target customers

Finding the right target market is the first step to effective online marketing. You cannot sell to everyone.

The benefits of online targeting

Identifying and understanding a target market enables you to refine your products and business strategies. If you have a specific audience in mind, you can provide targeted products more likely to be bought.

Targeting also makes marketing more effective. When you sell to a specific group of people, you can gear your content towards what appeals to them. That way, you spend less on marketing and generate higher conversion rates.

How to select a target market

  • Determine which problem you want to solve. In doing so, you can quickly figure out what group has that problem, which then defines who your target should be.
  • Refine your target group. You can do this along demographic and psychographic lines, interests, hobbies, etc. At this point, it helps to create a buyer persona.

The buyer persona is a fictional representation of your ideal customer. With this image, you can anticipate the customer needs and know which products to provide.

  • Do market research. Check if the potential target group is large enough to sustain the business. You should also check the severity of the competition and determine if you can feasibly join the market.

With this knowledge, you can now start marketing the products.

2.   Use social media

Social media is the fastest and easiest way to advertise your dropshipping business. It helps to set up your business pages and start building a following, even before opening the dropshipping store.

Why use social media?

  • Social media is an effective means of reaching millions of daily active users at low costs. Even with paid options, it costs significantly less than other methods.
  • Social media is also simple to set up and start creating content. It can easily be the first means of advertising you adopt to drive steady traffic to your store.

However, not many businesspeople know how to make the most of it. Some best practices you can employ in your social media marketing strategy include,

  • Use visuals; Attractive visuals are crucial to your social media marketing success. Simply posting pictures of your products daily may not yield the best results. The visuals need to be compelling and unique if they are to draw any traffic.
  • Post regularly; Do not be like the sellers who only show up once every other week to post pictures of their product pictures and more links. This practice can put off potential customers. Your followers are also less likely to remember you if you do not engage with them regularly.
  • Provide valuable content. Even on social media, you must give the audience a reason to pay attention to you. You can provide helpful information, answer questions, share entertaining videos and images, etc. Engaging regularly shows that you care about them and are not just trying to get their money.
  • Tracking metrics. It is vital to track and analyze your social media progress continually. Most social media platforms provide analytics tools. The information you obtain can facilitate better targeting and help you identify new opportunities.

Note; Not every platform is suited for every kind of business. Be sure to pick the right platform(s) for your niche to maximize your returns.


3.   Facebook ads

Studies indicate that organic reach is at an all-time low on Facebook. Therefore, it helps to use a few paid options to boost your product pages to your target market.

Using Facebook ads is an easy way to start advertising your dropshipping store. Facebook Ads Manager fully illustrates this process.

Step 1; Create an ad in the Facebook ads manager.

Step 2; Set your campaign objectives. These objectives refer to what you want your ads to achieve. It could be conversions, awareness, store traffic, etc.

Step 3; Select a target audience. As a rule, do not choose generic targets. Having a specific audience ensures that your advert reaches the right people. Otherwise, your ad spend goes to waste and generates no return on investment.


4.   Upselling and cross-selling

Up-selling is a technique of persuading customers to buy a more expensive option than their initial intent. The method requires action before the customer buys the product. You encourage them to purchase supplementary items to their purchase. For example, you can invite an iPhone X buyer to get additional storage or get the iPhone 11 instead.

Cross-selling is the method of suggesting complementary products to the customer’s initial purchase. With this method, you can encourage them to buy additional items with their purchase. For example, you can invite an iPhone buyer to get a phone case or an extra screen protector.

Tips for effective Upselling and cross-selling

  • Content marketing. Since you already know the customers, you can integrate cross-selling and upselling suggestions into your content. As they browse through your content, they can then discover new product options to buy.
  • Product page. You can suggest more upsells and cross-sells as consumers browse through the product pages. An excellent way is by using pop-ups. Also, incorporate chatbots to provide additional information on the products suggested.

Why cross-selling and Upselling works

  • It costs 5 times less to retain existing customers than to acquire new ones.
  • Old customers typically spend more than new customers. Since they are familiar with your store, they trust your offerings and are willing to buy more.
  • Even after the purchase, there is an opportunity to suggest additional items based on what the customers bought. In the case of unhappy customers, it also provides a chance to recommend better products.

However, be careful not to overdo it. Buyers may quickly get distracted and leave without making a purchase.

5.   Email marketing

Email marketing is an effective marketing strategy that you can use to promote your site content, suggest upsells and cross-sells, etc. Several email marketing tools exist on the market that you can employ for your dropshipping business.

Benefits of using Email marketing

  • Email marketing is an excellent way to keep customers informed about your brand. You can do this by sending updates, newsletters, promotion information, etc.
  • You can collect customer contact information that is useful for future marketing. However, you must seek permission to send any marketing materials and provide something of value in exchange.

You can build your email list by,

  • Offering free stuff such as product giveaways, offering free downloads, etc.
  • Through your blog, the audience can opt to sign up for a newsletter and updates.

When building your email list, be careful not to annoy your customers with too many promotional emails. Take the time to create compelling headlines, write helpful copy, etc. In this way, they can remain engaged and not immediately unsubscribe.

It is critical to continually measure the effectiveness of your campaigns using the analytics tools available. These insights help you to understand what areas of your strategy need changes.


6.   Content marketing

A solid content marketing strategy is a great way to attract potential customers and keep them engaged without being salesy. No one will be interested in your website if all you do is promote your products.

Online content takes many forms, the most common being blog articles, videos, and images. The content you adopt depends on the products you are selling and what your target audience wants to see.

Benefits of using content marketing

  • Using content reportedly works for over 75% of B2C businesses. Valuable content keeps the audience engaged and in touch with your brand even after they make a purchase.
  • Relevant content is also more shareable than regular ads. The benefit of this is higher reach and traffic to the site.
  • Higher conversions. When you create targeted content, you satisfy the needs of just a few people, who are most likely to convert.

Targeting is a pivotal aspect to focus on when creating content. The internet is already awash with so much information. So, a customer will quickly leave your page if the content does not address his/her specific problem.

Best practices for content creation

  • Do not use content to sell, but rather inform, entertain, or provide value.
  • Research is essential before creating content. That way, you produce exactly what customers want to see.
  • Mix up your content formats. Use text, along with some videos, eBooks, etc., to keep the audience engaged.
  • Create a calendar, plan your content, and distribute your posts evenly. That way, the audience remains expectant, and your brand stays on top of their minds.


7.   Video marketing

Videos are predicted to drive over 81% of web traffic by 2023. Video is increasingly the most popular way to consume content. Therefore, it makes sense to tap into video marketing for your dropshipping business.

You may share videos on social media platforms like Instagram. Or, you could set up a page on YouTube.

Benefits of video marketing

  • Videos inform buyers about the product. You could include how-to sections that show the users how the products work. These can also cover customer testimonials, which give your business more credibility.
  • Videos are a great way of showing customers how the product looks. Often, people are wary of buying products that do not look like the images advertised. Video is a great way to reduce this doubt.

Nowadays, cell phones also have high-resolution cameras. You may not need to buy sophisticated video equipment.


8.   Using Influencers

Influencer marketing campaigns are a great way to drive more traffic and conversions for your dropshipping store.

The common misconception is that influencer marketing only works for more prominent companies, but this is not true. It can work for any business, industry, or niche.

The secret is to find the right influencer. Ideally, this should be someone within your niche, who shares common values, and has similar interests to your business. The right influencer must also have high engagement on their pages and not just many followers.

Key considerations in influencer marketing

The objectives you are trying to reach. Do you want to drive more traffic to your site, get more sales, or improve your branding? Your set objective helps you to pick the right influencer and determine what tactics you will use.

The specific type of influencer campaign you want to run. You may choose to share a discount code, hold a giveaway, share links to the products, etc. However, the end goal should be to increase your sales and revenue.

Marketing is an essential part of any dropshipping business’s success. Using the strategies above, you can effectively position yourself to increase awareness for your store, increase sales, and maintain customer engagement.

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