In times past, office furniture had become synonymous with commercial and office workspaces. However, in 2020, worldwide lockdowns have left millions of people working from home.

The switch rapidly increased demand for office furniture to make home spaces more work friendly. The office furniture niche is now expected to grow by over $22b by 2024.

If you choose to adopt this niche for your dropshipping store, the data suggests that you are bound to make a killing.

This guide will show you everything you must know to start and run a successful store dropshipping office furniture in 2020.

Why dropship office furniture

  • Low initial costs

When dropshipping office furniture, you do not need to buy the furniture upfront. Therefore, there are low chances that your business capital will be tied up in unsold goods at a warehouse.

  • Adopting new products is easy.

When dropshipping office furniture, if you want to change items or include new ones, you do not have to make orders each time. You simply add the products to your dropshipping store.

  • Higher profits

Office furniture tends to sell at a higher price than many other dropshipping options. The high prices provide the chance to charge higher mark ups and thus gain more profits.

How to dropship office furniture

Dropshipping office furniture is relatively simple when you have the right tools. Here’s how to do it step by step.


Step 1

Set up your store

If you are beginning, you must first set up your dropshipping store on any platform, like Wholesale2B, Spotify, Amazon, etc.

Alternatively, if you already have an online store, consider adding a dropshipping tool to help you manage it moving forward.


Step 2

Choose a niche

Identify which market you want to target with your furniture. It could be products for college students, working from home parents, small business owners, etc. the target market determined which items you list on your store and what content you can use for marketing.


Step 3

Identify the products you want to sell.

Previously, office furniture products were not on-demand online, as companies chose to deal with offline retailers. However, increased remote working has expanded this market to private individuals. This year, office furniture for home use was the most sought after. Popular office furniture items for dropshipping in 2020 include:

  • Foldable and Portable Laptop Deskdropship office furniture

The portable laptop desk allows users to set up their workspace anywhere around the house. The item has become popular among young professionals who want to maximize comfort as they work from home. It comes in different colors and designs.

  • Lounge office chairs

Lounge chairs have been quite popular this year. They provide the needed comfort and back support for remote workers who use Pcs most of the time. They come in different styles, for both indoor and outdoor. Prices can go well over $500.

  • Office desk racks

Since people have had to move their workspace home, the need for organization suppliers has increased. The racks help to store files, books, and other work-related material. You can price them from as low as $13 to over a few hundred dollars, depending on the size and quality.

  • Home office desk

These minimalistic desks are popular for remote workers and college students. They are small and can fit in limited space. Home office desks are light enough and can be moved around the house and also shipped easily.

When you decide on which products to dropship, you can start adding them to your store. Dropshipping tools like Wholesale2B help you to import products to your store fast.


Step 4

Find dropshipping suppliers.

Before you can start selling the items, you will need to find reliable suppliers to fulfill the orders. Key factors to focus on when choosing suppliers are:

Product quality: The supplier should have high-quality products. Otherwise, you risk dealing with massive customer dissatisfaction.

Delivery times: Customers expect products to be delivered in the shortest time possible. So do your research on the suppliers’ delivery times.

Clear return policies. Sometimes, what the customers receive is not what they expected. Your supplier should have appropriate return policies that boost customer confidence in the products and encourage them to purchase.

Below are 10 of the best dropshipping suppliers of office furniture in the US.


Wholesale2B is a dropshipping platform that incorporates products from different certified suppliers onto its platform. You can, therefore, use it to source office furniture items for your dropshipping store. Use their products catalog to search for your desired items.

Registration is free, which allows you to view all the products available. You do not even need to directly relate with the supplier since you can manage all your dropshipping interactions on the platform.

Wholesale2b costs between $19.99-$ 39.99 per month.

Safe racks

SafeRacks is a US-based dropshipping supplier who offers a range of office equipment. From desks to chairs, shelves, garage storage supplies, etc., all at reasonable prices.


Oberlo is a reliable dropshipping service that integrates dropshippers and wholesale suppliers. The platform offers a one-stop procurement platform for dropshipping, offering a wide range of products at a monthly fee of $29.99.


Nordstorm is based in the US. The company suppliers dropshipping items in a range of niches, including office furniture. From Nordstorm, you can find minimalistic desks, chairs, desk lamps, etc.

Fast furnishings

As the name suggests, Fast Furnishings offers a wide range of home and office furnishing products. They are based in the US and provide furniture for bedrooms, offices, living rooms, etc., and also furniture accessories.


Modloft is located in the US and offers a range of modern office furniture and general furnishings. You can source tables, lounge chairs, office chairs, etc. from Modloft.

VIG furniture

VIG Furniture is a dropshipping supplier that specializes in furniture and home décor. You can source home office products to dropship.

Wholesale Interiors

Wholesale Interiors is a US-based supplier of minimalist home furniture. So, they are an excellent option to find high-quality office furniture to dropship. Their product range includes furniture for kitchens, gardens, bedrooms, kids, garden décor, etc.


AliExpress is an online retailer in China that provides a wide range of products to customers worldwide. On the platform, you can find different office furniture items to add to your dropshipping store. AliExpress delivers some of the cheapest dropshipping items you will find.

DH Gate

DHgate is also a China-based dropshipping supplier. They supply a broad range of products, including furniture, home décor, garden décor, etc. You can source your office furniture from this supplier and relatively low prices. However, keep the delivery times in mind.

Urban Country Decor

Urban Country Decor is a supplier based in Canada who supplies urban furniture and home décor. You can find a range of urban style office furniture from this supplier.


Step 5

Market your store

For your dropshipping store to succeed, you must heavily promote it. A few proven effective techniques for marketing your store include:

Search engine optimization

You must fully optimize your dropshipping store so users can easily find it when they search. Do ample research on relevant keywords.

Include these keywords, along with well-written product descriptions and images. All product page content must be compelling enough to keep potential customers around longer.

Email marketing

Emails are an essential tool for marketing a furniture dropshipping store. You should create a system to collect customer emails, e.g., using lead magnets.

Email marketing mainly helps to retain existing customers and also convert potential leads.

However, ensure to create high-quality email content that encourages click-throughs.

Customer reviews

When dropshipping office furniture suppliers, customer reviews are essential. Gather as much feedback as you can from existing customers. These reviews enhance your credibility online.

Since furniture is a high involvement product, consumers value quality, and a good purchase experience. Therefore, new customers are more likely to trust you when others can testify of a great experience with your store.


This year, office furniture has proven to be a promising niche for dropshipping. Not only is it increasingly popular for home use, but it also yields higher profits. Office furniture is useful across various customer groups, thus providing a broader customer base.

Customers typically appreciate quality products and fast delivery times. In that regard, take care when using overseas-based suppliers.

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