Ecommerce fashion is expected to bring in over $713 billion in revenue by 2022. It is one of the best-selling products online, which makes dropshipping clothing a profitable venture to consider

The fashion industry runs on trends, which change every season. Although it seems like a disadvantage, it is this constant change that fuels the industry growth.

By the end of this article, you will learn the basics of dropshipping clothing and effective strategies for you to be successful.

Why dropship clothing

  • Sell on-trend clothing.

Dropshipping clothing allows you to sell trendy clothing quickly. Brick and mortar stores have to go through procurement processes. However, you simply have to add items to your store and start selling, which puts you ahead of your offline competition.

  • Eliminate low trending products

Since clothing trends change often, you can get stuck with unsold off-style clothes. Dropshipping eliminates such risks and enables you to remove such clothing and add new ones without losses.

  • Variety

The clothing niche comes with a wide variety of product categories to choose from. You can sell fitness clothing, party clothing, casual wear, nightwear, etc. All of these are easy to add and switch with a few clicks.

  • High demand

Clothing is always in demand. Since there are customers ready to buy, clothing is a profitable niche all year round. The only variable becomes the changing trends.


How to choose a clothing niche to dropship

dropshipping clothing

It is critical to find the right products to dropship. Your choices depend on a few factors:


You must decide whether to sell clothes to men or women. The two groups would require different items, designs, and even suppliers.

Note: Widespread opinions on gender differences are not always accurate. Therefore, be sure to include unisex items in your product selection.


You must determine at which price point you want to establish for your brand. You choose to sell high-end luxury clothes or even every day fast fashion pieces. All these determine which product category you venture into.


Your clothing category of choice will also depend on the customer demographic you want to target. Millennial or Generation Z customers (18-35) will have different clothing needs from baby boomers, for example. The two groups would also call for different approaches to branding, content, and marketing.

Clothing suppliers

A successful clothing dropshipping store starts with choosing the right suppliers. Suitable suppliers for clothing must be;

  • Reliable
  • Up to date on trends
  • Offer fast deliver

Here are the best dropshipping suppliers for clothing.

1.    AliExpress

AliExpress is a China-based retail service offering a range of clothing at low prices. It is an excellent place to source products for your dropshipping store. In the US, it often has slower delivery times, so consider this factor as you use AliExpress.

2.    Wholesale2B

Wholesale2B integrates products from different certified suppliers that you can source from. You can find various types of high-quality apparel in the catalog.

Wholesale2B registration is free and allows you to view all the products available. You can also manage all the interactions with the supplier directly on the platform.

3.    Collective Fab

Collective Fab is a dropshipping company that offers over 6000+ different fashion products. It is an excellent place to source clothing for your store. With Collective Fab, you have access to an inventory update feature that refreshes every 4 hours.

The platform costs $29 for dropshipping services, plus a 14-day free trial.

4.    MOY Fashion

MOY Fashion is based in the US and offers premium quality women’s clothing. Their products include dresses, cardigans, tops, etc., and also provide automation services at $6 a month.

5.    Ah Goo Baby

Ah Goo Baby is an excellent option to source from if you want to focus on baby clothing. They offer high-quality baby products for both boys and girls, so your customers will certainly be back for more.

6.    FashionTIY

Fashion TIY is a wholesale market platform supplying clothing that you can add to your store. The platform doesn’t charge registration fees and has the option of removing all Fashion TIY branding.

7.    Printful

Printful is one of the best dropshipping suppliers of custom products. If you want to sell Print-on-demand clothing, this is the supplier to check out. For most purchases, shipping is free.

8.    A4 Apparel

A4 Apparel is a US-based dropshipping supplier that provides embroidery services and garment printing. You can get customized clothing like branded t-shirts and hoodies, corporate clothing, individualized sportswear, etc.

9.    Sunben

Sunben is a US dropshipper supplier specializing in clothing accessories like hats, socks, gloves, etc. They come in handy if you want to sell warm apparel for the colder months.

10. Allure Lingerie

As the name suggests, Allure Lingerie is a reliable dropshipping supplier that offers lingerie at reasonable prices. If you want to specialize in women’s nightwear, you could try this supplier.

Marketing strategies for dropshipping clothing

Strategic marketing is essential to the success of your dropshipping store. Here are some of the best marketing strategies in dropshipping clothing.

Social media marketing

Social media is an effective avenue to market your dropshipping store, build awareness, and generate sales. Success with social media marketing requires you to create captivating content to encourage buyers to click.

Captivating content involves high-quality imagery and videos. You may often not be the only retailer selling a particular product. Therefore, you must find creative ways of portraying your items so that customers are compelled to buy from you and not the competitor.

Promotions and discounts

Customers like a good deal. Therefore, it helps to run promotions and discounts often. These strategies drive traffic, sales, and induce impulse purchases.

Promotions and discounts are popular and expected during festive seasons.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews are a valuable marketing tool for your dropshipping store. You must gather as many as you can when you start making sales. They increase your store’s credibility and encourage potential customers to buy.

Clothing is a very competitive niche, and many online retailers sell sub-standard items. Therefore, reviews are a great way to stand out and provide assurance to potential customers that yours are genuine.

Influencer marketing

Influencers are effective at driving more traffic to your site and inducing conversions.

When using influencers for clothing, you have several options across different niches. Since it is for clothes, an influencer from almost any niche will work.

Micro-influencers are often the best option for a small dropshipping store. These are inexpensive and have a highly engaged audience who are more likely to click through when asked.

Top eCommerce brands like Fashion Nova have thrived by using influencers to publicize their clothes.

Remember to keep measuring the results of your influencer campaigns based on your set goals. Doing this would help you know if they are working or need adjustment.

Pricing strategy

Your pricing strategy can be an extra competitive advantage when dropshipping clothing.

Trends drive the clothing niche. As a result, your pricing might have to change from time to time.

Factors that influence your pricing strategies include:


You must consider your costs as you set prices and ensure your revenue can cover all of them. Dropshipping store costs include marketing and branding costs, costs of the goods, shipping costs, if any.


Analyze your competitors’ prices before setting yours. When shopping online, customers typically check multiple stores before deciding what and where to buy.

So your prices must be competitive to increase the chances of customers buying from you.

Target audience

You must consider your buyers’ characteristics as you set prices. Are they price conscious? What is their perceived value of your product? etc. That way, you won’t set prices that are too high or too low for them.

Pricing strategies in dropshipping clothing.

Keystone pricing

In this pricing strategy, you simply double your purchase cost to determine your selling prices.

Whereas this is a simple and often appropriate way to price your clothes, sometimes it might be too high or too low.

Penetration pricing

The strategy is helpful for new brands to get their foot in the door. You temporarily set a low price to attract many customers and gain market share.

You may have to forego profit initially in exchange for brand awareness.

Psychological pricing

Traditionally, prices with odd numbers like 5, 7, and 9 attract more purchases. So, it may be a good idea to adopt these tactics when dropshipping clothing. For example, instead of just $5, you can say $4.99, which usually attracts more sales.

These pricing tactics create the impression of a good deal, thus driving impulse purchases.

Competitive pricing

Competitive pricing involves using the competitors’ pricing as a benchmark for your own. Often, you then set your prices below theirs. Competitive pricing may drive customers to buy from you instead of the competitor.

However, it is not always a sustainable strategy and may bring you losses in the long run, especially if you are still a small store. It is best to find additional avenues for differentiation.

Premium pricing

Premium pricing works in the opposite of competitive pricing. You benchmark the competition but then price your products above theirs to create an exclusive or luxurious perception.

Non-price conscious customers prefer such stores, as it portrays high quality.

Anchor pricing

This pricing strategy is where you list both the original price and the discounted price. Anchor pricing paints a picture of what the customer saves by buying your product. It could drive impulse purchases to your dropshipping store.


Everybody needs clothing, and more people are choosing to buy them online. Dropshipping clothing is therefore a lucrative venture to consider. There are endless products to focus on, and the market is always available.

However, the clothing niche has very high competition, so you need to offer high-quality products, competitive prices, and effective marketing strategies.

It is essential to source from reliable suppliers like Wholesale2B, who can offer you high-quality products.

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