The gifts retailing market is en route to growing by $6.45b between 2020-2024. There is always a need to buy gifts for different reasons, though it peaks around festive seasons like Valentines’ day. Since it is often more expensive to buy gifts at physical stores, dropshipping gifts becomes a viable alternative to tap into this market.

The nature of gifts varies with seasons. For instance, Christmas gifts and Valentines’ gift seasons may have different inventory needs. So, it helps to be in a position to adjust accordingly.

Below, you will learn all there is to know about dropshipping gifts to help you venture into this niche with less trouble.

Why dropship gifts


When it comes to gifts, the possibilities are endless. Gifts come in different forms, sizes, etc. So, you have many options on what to specialize in and are not limited. For instance, you can choose to focus on women’s gifts, men’s gifts, or corporate gifts.

Can charge premium

Customers usually pay for gifts based on the perceived value. That’s why someone can buy a bunch of designed flowers at $200 when they can get an ordinary bunch of the same type down the street at $40.

This presents an opportunity for you to make huge profits by setting higher mark-ups. The secret is to identify on-demand gift products that people would be willing to pay more for.

Easy to adjust

Especially with seasonal gifts, it can be costly to deal with a physical store. You could often run out of stock or have plenty of unsold inventory at the end of the season.

Dropshipping becomes a viable alternative since you don’t require any inventory. So, you can add and remove items easily as needed.

The top suppliers of gifts in the US

Depending on the type of gift your customers want, there are several suppliers you can source from in the US.

Below are some of the best suppliers of gifts to the US.

1.    Wholesale2B

Wholesale2B incorporates over 1million products from various certified suppliers. There are also over 3,300 gift items available to add to your store on the platform’s catalog.

You can also avoid the hassle of coordinating with different suppliers since you can do it all on the platform.

To view the products, you only need to register. Then, opt to run your store with wholesale2b, which would cost you between $19.99- $299 per month.

2.    Danforth Pewter

Danforth Pewter specializes in unique high-end jewelry from bracelets, to necklaces, to rings. They are headquartered in the US. Many of Danforth Pewter’s products are exquisite pieces that can be specially packaged as gifts.

Since many of the items are high-end, you can charge high mark-ups and therefore bigger profits.

3.    Anavia

Anavia is a US supplier offering several types of gifts like anniversary Gifts, birthday gifts, wedding gifts, etc. You can source jewelry, oils and diffusers, charms, and more.

Anavia does not charge you extra fees to add their products to your store. And, you can earn high profits from their gifts.

4.    Eastwind

Eastwind is a dropshipping supplier of a broad range of gifts. You can find seasonal gifts, home décor gifts, pet gifts, beauty gifts, etc. So, it can be your one-stop-shop for gifts at any time of the year.

Not only do they offer you products at competitive prices, but also fast shipping to ensure customer satisfaction.

5.    Benjamin International

Benjamin international provides unique and innovative items made in the US. With over 6000 products available to dropship, the possibilities are endless. Their product selection consists of jewelry, assorted artisan work, toys, Asian crafts, among others.

You only need to create an account to start.

6.    CWI Gifts

CWI is a US-based supplier offering mainly home décor and country style gifts. They have an attractive dropshipping policy that would help you make the most out of dropshipping gifts.

As a dropshipper, you do not have to adhere to the $100 minimum order requirement, but you must have a Tax ID number. They ship through affordable carriers like USPS to minimize shopping costs for your customers. Additionally, they send the goods without any marketing materials or packing slips.dropshipping gifts

7.    Dynasty Gift

Dynasty Gift is a wholesale gift supplier based in the United States. The supplier offers products like figurines, lighting products, home décor items, among others.

They supply at affordable prices so you can earn higher profits and ship most orders within 24 hours. They also create provisions for international shipping so you can expand your customer base.

8.    Mega Goods

Mega Goods is a consumer electronics and general merchandise dropshipping supplier that offers a great selection of gifts. Products like car accessories, dining items, gaming sets, electronics, etc., are available and affordable.

They carry both branded and non branded items to cater to different customer categories at various price points.

9.    Max Aroma

Max Aroma is a US-based supplier of beauty products and fragrances. Since beauty items are popular gifts, this could be a great site to source gifts for your store. From Max Aroma, you will find a wide range of authentic perfumes, mainly branded ones, and gift sets of body products.

You only have to register as a wholesaler or dropshipper and await approval. Max Aroma guarantees shipping between 1-2 days depending on the items and at fair rates.

10. Printfuldropshipping gifts

Printful is a leading dropshipping supplier of custom printed items in the US. They work with the print-on-demand model and are the best option for customers that want to buy gifts with special messages.

With Printful, you can opt for branded packaging. There is no minimum order requirement or dropshipping fees.


Marketing strategy for dropshipping gifts

Like any other dropshipping niche, gifts require heavy advertising, especially in specific seasons. Their purchase is not based on needs, but out of perceived value and sometimes, desire.

As such, your dropshipping store should employ the right strategies to drive more traffic and sales. Some of these include:

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is arguably the most effective strategy when dropshipping gifts. With captivating imagery, videos, and captions, you can appeal to larger audiences to visit your site and potentially buy.

High-quality media is essential to stand out amongst your competitors. Furthermore, potential customers will probably have several concerns as they consider buying gifts for their loved ones.

So, you must pay attention to social customer support and also interact with them on the timeline. Such engagement creates trust and provides assurance, which encourages customers to buy.

Promotions and discounts

Since gifts are popular in festive seasons, promotions and discounts are critical to attracting customers. It gives them the impression that they are getting a great deal at such a necessary time.

Additionally, running discounts and promotions help induce impulse purchases, especially for demand purchases.

Customer reviews

When online customers search for gifts, they often consult their peers as well. So, as you make sales on gifts in your store, collect as many reviews as possible, along with pictures.

Such reviews assure new customers that they will not be disappointed with the gifts they get for their loved ones. Nothing is as heartbreaking as ordering your child’s toy only for the wrong product to arrive on Christmas eve.

Furthermore, when customers love your gifts, they are more likely to recommend you to their peers looking for similar items.

Cross-sells and bundling

The cross-selling tactic works well when dropshipping gifts. As customers buy from your store, you may suggest gifts they could get in addition to their purchases.

Also, putting assorted items together at a discounted price can encourage more purchases.

Both these tactics drive impulse purchases since they quickly perceive such offers as irresistible offers.

Paid Ads

Festive and gift-giving seasons only come for a short period. This means there is often limited time for you to use organic marketing strategies like SEO, content marketing, etc. So, paid ads come in handy.

Paid ads could be on search engines, like through Google Adwords. That way, when customers search for a gift which you have, they can see your offering and possibly visit.

Likewise, it applies to social media. Social ads on Facebook, Instagram, etc., help get your gift offers in front of the right audience. In so doing, you increase traffic and conversions on your dropshipping store.



Dropshipping gifts, especially in seasons like Valentines, Christmas, etc., can be very profitable. The options for what to sell are endless, and you have greater flexibility with the inventory at lower costs.

Competition can be intense in peak seasons. So, well-executed marketing strategies are essential to maximizing traffic and sales.

Therefore, whether you already have an established store in another niche or are new to dropshipping, gifts can be a great addition.

Dropshipping companies like Wholesale2B are also useful in connecting you with the best suppliers.

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