Pet supplies have one of the largest product markets in the US, estimated to grow to $65billion by 2025. The most prominent sections are pet food and pet care products.

Its tremendous growth is largely because of a dramatic increase in pet owners over the years, the majority being millennials.  Considering that online shopping has taken center stage, the online pet market will grow even faster.

Do you want to tap into this lucrative niche? This article will show you how to get started and be successful in dropshipping pet supplies.


Why you should dropship pet supplies

Favorable size: Pet supplies are often small and portable, which is ideal for dropshipping. They do not get destroyed easily and attract low shipping costs.

The popularity of pets: Statistics show a rapid increase in pet ownership to over 54% of American households. Now pet owners nurture them like children, giving treats every so often, and even dressing them in fancy clothes. Since they are willing to spend heavily on their pets, it makes this a lucrative niche to venture in.

Wide product range: Pet supplies come in a wide range of products. From toy balls to treats to chews, there are endless opportunities for you to specialize in.

Choosing a pet supplies niche

For a dropshipper to succeed in the pet supplies category, it is best to choose a product niche. Given the broad nature of this industry, you have many options to choose from.

The best niche would ideally have high demand and search volume. Other products may attract high price points but much lower volumes.

Below are some of the most popular pet supplies products.dropshipping pet supplies

USB Rechargeable LED Flashing Collar

Since owners often take their pets out, this item comes in handy to keep them safe on the road at night. The led flashing colors keep the pets highly visible. It doesn’t need batteries, so it saves a user the hassle of replacing them.

Indestructible Chew Toys.

For more aggressive dogs that often destroy regular chew toys, you can sell this indestructible alternative. The best strategy is to keep the toys affordable and in a variety of colors.

Jogging hands-free leash

Many dog owners like to exercise with their dogs. So, this item helps a user to jog without having to hold the leash the whole time. It comes in different styles and colors. Since it is for jogging, you can also market it to fitness enthusiasts.

Winter Coats.

You can sell warm winter coats for pets to keep them from freezing in the winter. These are commonly used for dogs of short-haired breeds. Including a variety of designs helps you differentiate your store.

Rope Leashes

Many pet owners may not feel comfortable putting their beloved pets in chains. So, you can sell them these ropes, which are a combination of comfort and functionality. They have a softer texture, are less aggressive, and keep the dogs from running off.

Rubber Fetch Flying Disc

Though this is a new item, it is slowly growing in popularity. Dogs can catch this rubber frisbee much easily. It is also more convenient to carry around, unlike other toys like balls and sticks.


Top pet suppliers

It is crucial to select the right suppliers for your dropshipping store. Suitable suppliers are reliable, quick to offer support, have fast delivery times, and high-quality products. Below are some of the best suppliers of pet products worldwide.


Wholesale2B lists a wide variety of over 45,000 pet supplies products. They range from dogs and cats to reptile products, fish products, and animal grooming products, all of the highest quality.

Registration to use the platform is free, after which you can view all the products available. You can also handle all your transactions on the site and need not relate directly to the supplier.

Wholesale2B charges $19.99-$ 39.99 per month.


AliExpress is a prominent online retail store headquartered in China. It provides a broad range of pet supplies at the most competitive rates. However, you may be limited by the shipping costs and delivery times if your customer is in the US.


Brybelly is a dropshipping supplier headquartered in the United States. They can supply pet toys, leashes, and other items for your store. It also regularly updates its supplier database, so you can always find new suppliers if needed.

The cost of Brybelly ranges from $29 to $249 per month.

Pet Stores USA

Pet stores USA deals with all things pet related. Whatever items you want to dropship, whether it is collars, baths, clothing, etc., they have it. The platform is free to use, but you must register to enjoy the dropshipping rates.


Doba offers products in various categories, including pet supplies. The service connects dropshippers with wholesale suppliers. All suppliers on Doba are certified and meet minimum requirements. Doba allows a free 14-day trial, after which it costs between $29 to $249.

Wholesale Central

Wholesale Central is a UK-based dropshipping supplier directory. It can help you find a reliable pet supplier from thousands of certified wholesalers and manufacturers.

Sunrise Wholesale

Sunrise wholesale offers a broad selection of products, including pet supplies, in over 20 categories. Through Sunrise Wholesale, you can import product details directly to your store and process orders when customers buy.

The platform integrates with others like eBay, Big Commerce, Shopify, etc., for your store. It costs $49 /month or $199/year, plus a free 7-day trial.

The Paws

The Paws is a UK based supplier that deals with mainly dogs and cat items. They facilitate dropshipping. All you must do is create a free trade account with them. Afterward, you receive access to their catalog, which is integrated with their online store. The Paws supplies top brands like Lishinu, Alpha Paw, etc.

Marketing strategy for dropshipping pet supplies

Your marketing strategy is key to your pet supplies store’s success. Since these are animal products, the marketing strategy would be slightly different. Here are some top dropshipping marketing strategies guaranteed to bring you results.

Video marketing

For some pet products, the owners need to know how the product works. So, it makes sense to use videos to illustrate.

Adorable animal videos get many views, too, from which potential customers may be tempted to check out the products used. Videos can work for YouTube marketing and even on social media.

Influencer marketing

Using pet-owning influencers can be an excellent way to drive traffic to your site. If you sell cute items like dog clothing, the influencers can post their pets wearing them, thus creating interest and eventually sales for you.

For pet supplies products, influencers may not be from one specific niche. Any influencer that owns a pet can work.

Social media marketing

Social media is still the top option for marketing your pet supplies dropshipping store. Users love to see cute animal pictures and videos. So, displaying these on platforms like Instagram, Pinterest can help drive traffic to your site and increase sales.

You can make use of social media ads like Facebook ads, Instagram ads, etc. These help to cut through the noise, increase visibility and drive traffic to your dropshipping store.


Cross-selling is the method of enticing customers to buy complementary products to their initial purchase.

This method works with dropshipping pet supplies because buyers are always seeking to have the best for their pets. So, as they buy a product, you can encourage them to purchase an additional item that complements the first.

For example, if a customer buys a coat for their cat, why not suggest some paw socks as well?

Cross-selling advertises the other offerings on your store, therefore increasing sales.

Reviews and testimonials

You must collect as many customer reviews and testimonials as you can because they are critical to increasing store credibility. Pet owners want to know that your product indeed is of high quality. They also want to be sure that it will not hurt their pet.

When previous customers give that vote of confidence, it encourages new customers to also try your products, thus increasing sales.


Dropshipping pet supplies is a lucrative business venture, especially now that people are growing fonder of pets. You have almost limitless options as to which products to add to your website.

However, competition is intense in this niche; therefore, differentiation and high-quality products are essential for success. You must also select the right suppliers to reduce customer satisfaction.

To maximize traffic to your store, visual marketing tactics like YouTube marketing and social media marketing work best.

If you are considering entering the pet supplies niche, use a dropshipping supplier like Wholesale2B to find reliable suppliers and high-quality products.

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