US customers love their sports. No wonder the sports goods industry hits over $40billion in sales annually.

The wide variety of sports and sport-related accessories creates an almost endless list of niches you can carve out from this market. Such factors make dropshipping sports items a promising option for your store.

In this article, you will learn why and get a head start with the best sporting items you can start with today.

Top 10 sports items to dropship


Knee braces

Injury prevention is a top priority for any athlete. Items that help people in that regard have therefore grown in popularity. The knee brace is one of them.

The product has maintained a high and stable demand over the past months, and it continues into 2021. The knee brace gets over 110,000 monthly google searches. Such trends indicate high interest and possibly demand for the product.

Therefore, it is a must- add to your store if you are dropshipping sports items to athletes in any field.

Considering the high search volumes for knee braces, Google ads and social media would be the best way to market them.

Quality knee braces are available on Wholesale2B at great prices.

Sports shoesDropshipping sports items

Regardless of the category, sports shoes are always in demand. From soccer boots to basketball sneakers, running shoes, you can’t go wrong.

Running shoes, however, have the most demand because of their generic nature. Sports shoes come in many different brands: Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, etc., and most consumers have their preferences.

With a monthly search volume of over 12.2k, sports shoes can be a great niche to try this year. Customers generally seek quality and uniqueness. The essential task is to source from reliable suppliers who can offer you these.

Wholesale2B can help you source sports shoes from such suppliers and at competitive prices.

Fitness equipment

As most fitness enthusiasts have embraced home workouts, the demand for home equipment has skyrocketed. However, these products’ size and weight limit the number of suppliers you have to choose from.

Customers typically buy dumbbells, benches, etc., many of which you can find among Wholesale2B products. Fitness equipment costs more than most dropshipping items and involves fewer aggregate sales. However, they come with higher margins.

Arm sleeves

The arm sleeve is another athlete protection item you can add to your dropshipping store. They work for almost all kinds of outdoor activities, so you have a much broader market.

Am sleeves reportedly generate over 4.3k in monthly search, which has remained steady over the past year. They are portable, making them easy to ship. You should consider adding various patterns to entice more customers.

Wholesale2B has several arm sleeves options at different prices. It depends on what category of consumers you are targeting.


When dropshipping sports items to the US, you cannot miss out on these balls. Football is the most popular sport in the country. Many buyers look for the balls for casual play or just out of love for the game.

The term “footballs” generates over 7k monthly searches. However, note that the word has several meanings. So, you may want to filter your target audience to maximize your conversion rates and not just generate traffic.

Affordable foot balls are available here.

Baseball gloves

Baseball is also a popular game in the US. As a result, many fans stock up on baseball gear. Baseball gloves generate over 30k searches per month, making them an excellent product to target your store.

Customers lookout for quality and are willing to pay more for superior products. So, you have the chance to charge higher premiums. Branded gloves (for top teams) might generate more sales for you.

Check out the different gloves available on Wholesale2B.

Sports Apparel

Demand for fashionable sportswear is at an all-time high. More people are taking sports and fitness seriously and want to look good while at it.

The most popular items under this product range are sports bras, yoga pants, etc. Since they are a necessity for athletes in all fields, demand is relatively high. Also, customers tend to buy multiple items.

With the right prices, it is easy to drive impulse purchases for sports apparel.


Smartwatches are not exclusively sports items but are very useful for fitness enthusiasts. They come in handy for necessary health information like heart rate, sleep hours, etc.

There are already several top brands on the market, like Apple. However, you should opt for much cheaper alternatives to attract more traffic and sales. On wholesale2B, you can source high-quality smartwatches for as low as $20.

Demand for smartwatches reportedly spikes during the festive season. So, you can draft strategies to maximize sales during that time.

Water bottlesDropshipping sports items

Unsurprisingly, water bottles are one of the top sports items to have in your store. Every athlete needs to stay hydrated, so they need water bottles. Little wonder it generates over $30k monthly searches.

As consumers grow warier about plastic, more sustainable materials are now popular. Therefore, you must source sustainable and unique products to maximize your sales and enhance your brand image.

High-quality bottles are cheap to source, and you can find great options at Wholesale2B as well.

Sports Souvenirs

Sports souvenirs are a profitable niche to consider when dropshipping sports items. Fans of different sports like to stock up on their favorite teams’ merchandise like jerseys, branded balls, keychains, etc.

These products tend to be pricey on official stores, creating demand for cheaper alternatives in other stores. Therefore, dropshipping them at affordable rates guarantees you broad market and sales. However, your products must be of excellent quality to encourage repeat purchases and recommendations.


Why dropship sports items

Large market

There are millions of sports fans and enthusiasts around the country. They drive over $40 billion in annual sales. This indicates that there is a large potential market for your goods.

Product variety

In the sports goods niche, there are very many options for you to specialize in. You could focus on a particular sport, age group, gender, etc. It thus offers you the chance to carve out a suitable niche and maximize profits from it.

Ease of testing

The dropshipping model allows you to test different niches without much cost. Some sports items are moving trends and can be hard to predict. When dropshipping, you can add and remove products at ease if they are not profitable, unlike with physical stores.



Dropshipping sports items is a lucrative option for your store in 2021. The niche is relatively broad and consists of high margin products, which can guarantee your success.

However, it is essential to find and sell the right products like those mentioned above. That way, you can attract more traffic and earn higher revenues dropshipping sports items on your store.

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