Google constantly makes changes on how they rank websites and this year, according to some SEO experts, Google has made even more changes.

Making changes is a good thing.  As the internet grows bigger and bigger each day, its obviously important for engines like Google to adapt and make efforts to keep searches clean and relevant.  Unfortunately this also means that WE, the website owners, also need to adapt.

The foremost important golden rule that Google uses to rank sites is based on how many REAL links are pointing back to your website.  This is commonly referred to as “backlinks”.  The more backlinks you have, the better… HOWEVER the quality of those links is extremely important.  Spammy backlinks can actually cause your website to lose ranking.  You also need to get backlinks from websites that are already highly ranked by Google.  One backlink from a highly ranked site may serve you better than a 1000 backlinks from low ranked websites.

Finding sites with high rankings can be tedious work, let alone trying to get backlinks from them.  Fortunately there is a software that you can use to help you locate high ranked websites and automate the link exchange process.

To learn more about this software please click on the link below for a free video presentation.

==> Free Video Presentation On How Google Ranks Websites In 2012


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