The hijab was for long considered an enigma in fashion. Now, there is a growing trend towards hijab. “Modest fashion” has taken center stage in recent years and is expected to hit over $402billion by 2024.

Major brands like H&M and Mango have adopted these styles, and more luxury designers feature them on runways.

Similarly, more people have embraced it in the fashion sense. There’s a growing market for different materials and designs at affordable rates. These trends make hijab dropshipping, especially to the West a profitable option to look into.

Hijab dropshipping at Wholesale2B

If you are considering dropshipping hijabs, Wholesale2b has a few products you could consider

1.    Women Muslim Shiny Lace Head Coverings Headscarf Hat Islamic Headwear Cap Scarf Hijab Under capsundercap

This lace head covering is a must-have for hijab-wearing ladies. It prevents the hair from slipping out of the hijab and keeps it in place. Since everyone needs it, there is a relatively large market for them.

They come in different colors so the wearer can expand their wardrobe and color accents to their looks.

On wholesale2b, this hijab under cap goes for about $5.32.

2.    Women Hijab Hat Full Cover Inner Islamic Turban

Full cover turban

This light turban works for every season and covers the head, neck, and ears. It is soft and comfortable, easy on the skin and requires no pins.

The turban is a daily wear item fit for any event. It is definitely a must-have for your hijab clients.

On the wholesale2B site, you can find this product in over 10 colors and for as low as $7.41.

3.    Print Hijab Scarf ShawlPrint scarf

What’s not to love about this gorgeous print? Your client will love how versatile this scarf is.

They can wear it loosely and let it flow. Alternatively, since it is quite big, one can twist it up, braid it, or even turn it into a turban. It comes with neutral prints too so they can pair it with anything.

On the Wholesale2B platform, you can now find it in 3 different color prints and for as low as $8.59.

4.    Solid Color Silk Muslim Ethnic Turban Hijabhijab dropshipping

Made of smooth polyester fabric, this is a must-have if you are venturing into hijab dropshipping. It is soft, lightweight, and quite comfortable to wear.

For your stylish clients, this hijab is an excellent head accessory. Plus, it can also be a scarf. It comes in 3 colors: black, red and white.

On the wholesale2B platform, you can source this product from the supplier for $12.49.

5.    Women’s Hijab HeadscarfHijab

This see-through shimmery hijab scarf works for anyone that wears a hijab, so, it is an excellent option for you to dropship. The scarf is light but also warm and easy to carry.

It is also big enough to use for many things like a scarf, wrapped as a hijab, shawl, etc. The high-quality material makes it comfortable and easy on the skin. It has vibrant colors, so it complements almost any outfit.

You can make a significant profit from this fabulous scarf from Wholesale2B, where the cost is only $11.48.

6.    Women Muslim Chiffon Head Coverings Hijab Face-lift Solid Colors Headscarf Hat Islamic Scarfhead scarf

A lightweight chiffon covering is a wardrobe essential, and therefore a must-have in your store if you are dropshipping hijab. The material is super light and comfortable for any season.

It also comes in numerous bold colors so it can complement most outfits. This item is now at a reduced price of $2.33 on Wholesale2B. So, you can make some good profit on it.

7.    Women Mercerized Cotton Solid Scarf Breathable Muslim Hijab Islamic Scarf Muslim Headscarfhijab covering

This mercerized cotton headscarf is a wardrobe essential for your female clients. It is made of high-quality cotton, is smooth and sweat absorbent. This makes it comfortable to wear. It is also easy to wear and take off.

This piece isn’t restricted to those wearing hijabs. Even ladies that just want to cover their hair from dust, ultraviolet rays, etc., can use it. Also, they stretch to fit any head size too. These factors mean there is a higher market for these products.

At a reduced price of $5.44, you can get this product on Wholesale2B.

8.    Wrinkle Hijab Scarf Muslim Muffler Shawlswrinkle hijab scarf

Made of linen, this wrinkle scarf is trendy among the ladies. The scarf is large, about 100*180CM, so it works in many ways. Your customers can wear it loosely, use it as a shawl, use it as hijab with a cap, etc.

The ethnic feel of the fabric makes it even more stylish. Furthermore, the fabric texture keeps the shawl from slipping easily. It is also warm and comfortable, suitable for any season.

On wholesale2b, it now goes for $11.41 in over 9 colors.

9.    Women Muslim Headscarf Plain Pearl Chiffon Scarf Hijab Arab Islamic Prayer Loop Shawls Scarveschiffon hijab scarf

This lightweight fashion hijab works in both the winter and summer. It is a fashionable and trendy product for women and so perfect for your store when dropshipping hijab.

The material is soft, light and breathable, making it super comfortable. It also has beautiful extra detail to make the wearer stand out. Since it comes in neutral and bold colors, they can use it for any outfit or occasion.

This chiffon scarf now costs $20.76 and can fetch you some great margins.

10.   Mercerized Cotton Long Hijab Head Shawls Hijab Amira Islamicmercerized cotton hijab

The mercerized cotton long hijab is popular among the Muslim community. So, if you want to start hijab dropshipping, this is a great item to include.

The material is light, heat resistant, smooth, and soft, making them comfortable, and suitable for all weather types. Unlike the smaller scarfs, this one offers full head coverage for modest dresses.

They come in three bold colors, black, blue and white and cost only $12.49.

10. Ethnic Turban Hijab Women Polyester Solid Color Silk Muslimethnic head covering

This super-soft, elastic, breathable polyester ethnic hijab is must-have if you are dropshipping hijab. It is favorite among the ladies because:

  • It is light and breathable
  • A one size fits all
  • It is skin-friendly
  • It is elastic and breathable

The hijab is pretty stylish, is available in about 5 colors, and works for many events.


Whether you have been hijab dropshipping or plan to start, these are some of the best items you can add to your store.

Any dropshipping store must have reliable suppliers to provide your customers with the best. Wholesale2B provides you with a variety of these items from certified suppliers and at competitive prices.

So, you have all you need. Check out the products page, sign up today and start adding these items to your store.

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