Facebook is the most popular social network website and it can be of a tremendous help you start the buzzword for your new dropship businesses. Practically every small, medium and large company have a Facebook account.  Facebook isn’t just for individuals – but how can it help your business?

Facebook is social based website which means its all about connection.  The goal of Facebook is to build communities to help connect people together. Currently there are over 500 million active users on Facebook and the user base is growing every day. That is a staggering number of people if you think about it. That means that facebook’s reach is huge, and if taken advantage of correctly, can provide many benefits.

Let’s take a look at your dropship business. You dropship products are supplied by Dropship Suppliers and Wholesalers. These suppliers will stock the products and they will pack and ship the products for you directly to your customers.  This is the main advantage of using a dropshipper as it will free you your time so you can focus on more important aspect such as marketing and management of your dropship business.  This will also give you time to integrate Facebook into your marketing strategy.

The first thing you need to do is register your business on Facebook. They offer pages specifically for businesses so you need to make use of this option when you signup on Facebook.  Once you have created your Facebook business account, make sure to include your business logo and description.  It is important that you complete this step before you start your social media campaign.

You can use Facebook to communicate with your customers and your dropship wholesale contacts – it’s better to use Facebook rather  than sending out emails. You don’t have to worry about your followers “opting out,” and new customers can easily find you. Remember, you are reaching a huge user base of people who are often checking out what’s happening on Facebook and who will see what you are posting.

Keep your Facebook updates short and sweet.  Make them appealing in a way that it will entice the viewer to visit your website.  Make your message interesting by invoking your the reader’s curiosity. Post often enough for people to stay connected, but don’t bombard them – you are a business, not their best friend.

You can also use Facebook to announce promotions and news about adding new dropship products to your website.  An important idea to keep in mind is that Facebook is about connection – enlist your customers’ participation! Ask them what they like, what they want to see, which promotions they like best, and the like.

Speaking of which, your dropship website will already include the Facebok “I like” button.  Each product detail page will include this option so encourage your followers to click on them.  You can also click on that button and this action will trigger a “I like” message in your Facebook account.  Do this for the products you like the most on your dropship website.

This is also a good way for you to find a good Dropship wholesale supplier, or for them to find and contact you. The Facebook platform allows for all different types of establishing connections, and using it is a great way for you to jumpstart your business.


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