YouTube is still the largest video platform in the world, with over 1.9billion monthly active users. Viewers spend millions of hours watching content on the platform every day. As a result, video marketing has tremendously grown over the years.

Considering how popular and effective video marketing is, it is a strategy you should adopt for your online store. From this article, you will learn how best to use YouTube marketing videos to improve your sales.

The benefits of YouTube marketing

·       Large audience

The broad audience on YouTube makes it an attractive arena for marketing. With 1.9billion active monthly uses, YouTube is a massive gateway for brand awareness. You can reach many people with your videos and with ads as well.

·       YouTube works with Google.

YouTube videos blend with Google search results because of Google’s universal search. So, when you post videos on YouTube, they can also be found on the search results page. When posted alongside blog content, videos massively increase your chances of ranking highly.

·       Access to a global audience

YouTube marketing enables you to reach potential customers worldwide. Since the platform is global, all the content you put out is viewable anywhere in the world. You can use this exposure to expand your online store’s international market.

·       Enhances customer trust

Using YouTube marketing is an opportunity to put a face on your brand. Nowadays, people are growing more skeptical of online sellers. Using videos, therefore, makes you appear more relatable and creates trust. When customers trust you, they are more likely to buy from you.

·       High conversion rates

Using YouTube marketing generates higher conversions for your brand. Reports indicate that consumers are more likely to buy after watching a video than reading text.

Videos also have a greater emotional appeal, making the Calls to Action stronger than text and images. YouTube marketing can, therefore, generate more sales for your online store.

The best YouTube marketing strategies

Success in YouTube marketing requires you to follow a few best practices. Here are some of the tested strategies guaranteed to generate higher sales for your online store through YouTube.

1.    Using short Videos

In the wake of dwindling concentration spans, it helps to keep your videos as short as possible. Over 50% of video views are of videos below 2 minutes. These trends imply that a lot of people do not want to sit through a long video. Therefore, you should make every second count and keep your content precise so people can watch till the end.

However, recent findings also show that longer videos encourage longer watch time, which is rewarded by search engines. So, where a long video is necessary, keep it engaging enough to hold the viewer’s attention till the end.

2.    Branding your channel

It is essential to establish a distinctive brand look or feel for your YouTube channel–something that differentiates you from the millions. Viewers should quickly identify your content when they see it.

To keep your page on brand, also maintain a consistent video style. Maintain similar video lengths and the same video format. For example, when you place your logo in every video.

Consistent branding makes you look more professional and enhances brand recall.

3.    Consistency with content production.

For YouTube marketing to be a success, you must post consistently. Figure out which posting frequency works for you and stick to it. A regular pattern helps consumers know what to expect, but when you post six videos in one week and then take two months before posting again, you will slowly lose traction.

Smartphones now have advanced HD cameras. So, you do not need to invest in sophisticated equipment to produce high-quality content regularly.

4.    Using analytics

It is essential to monitor the performance of your videos regularly. YouTube provides a wealth of data you can use. You must, however, look beyond vain metrics like video views.

  • Audience retention rates. You can see how long people stayed on your video and even the exact points when they drop off. From these metrics, you can determine which aspects of your video need fixing.
  • Traffic sources. The traffic information shows you where your viewers come from, whether it’s other websites, social media, etc. You would then know on which channels to emphasize to drive more views.
  • Customer demographics. This data is useful for targeting. When you know who your viewers are, you can then create content better suited to their tastes.

5.    Adding Calls to Action

It is not automatic that viewers will take action after watching a video. Therefore, it is crucial to include relevant calls to action.

You may remind them during or after the video to like, comment, subscribe, etc. Including calls to action increases subscription rates tremendously.

Video annotations and cards also drive engagement. Annotations on YouTube let you place links and text over your videos. With these, you can encourage viewers to like, subscribe, or even watch other videos on your page.

6.    Making custom thumbnails

Custom thumbnails drive more clicks and views than random shots from the video.

It, therefore, pays to invest in creating high-resolution images for your videos. The images should include target keywords and also create expectations in the viewers’ minds. When creating thumbnails, keep the branding consistent so that fans can easily recognize your content.

However, avoid excessive clickbait images because they cause high bounce rates when viewers do not find what they expected.

7.    Optimizing for search engines

You can optimize your videos to enhance their visibility on YouTube. Do keyword research with tools like Google trends beforehand to find out what people are searching for.

When using keyword optimization methods,

  • Use your keyword in the title. Keep it short (50-60 characters) and expressive.
  • Create a catchy video description with keywords as well. In the description, you can also include external links.
  • Attach relevant tags
  • Insert captions and subtitles to your videos. Google indexes captions, so these could help you rank higher.

8.    YouTube Ads

Paid ads on YouTube can expand your reach and drive more clicks and conversions. It is like Google AdWords, but for video.

There are four different types:

  • Instream ads: Both skippable and unskippable, that play during a video
  • Display ads: These appear when someone searches for the intended keyword
  • Banner ads: Banner ads are non-video ads that show up as people watch videos.

Common mistakes in YouTube marketing

Not everyone succeeds in using YouTube marketing to drive sales. If you fall into this category, here are some of the reasons why.

No plan

Just like other marketing strategies, YouTube marketing requires an actionable plan to succeed. Before you start, you should know what you plan to achieve with your videos and have clear goals for action. Specific goals, like increasing brand awareness and generating more sales, help the content creation process.

Poor-quality videos

Viewers hate to watch poorly executed videos, especially since there are millions of others to watch.

Whereas you may get away with a shaky, low resolution, poor sound video on social media, YouTube is not so forgiving. Viewers are unlikely to come back after watching a terrible video. It also makes you look very unprofessional.

Furthermore, they may stop watching too soon, which affects your rankings. So, if you are going to make a video, do it well.

No subtitles

Not everybody watches videos with sound, and not everybody speaks like you. Ignoring these factors by not including subtitles limits viewership and engagement from these categories of people.

No optimization

SEO does not just apply to Google. For your videos to rank highly in search results, they need to be well optimized for relevant keywords, bear appropriate tags, descriptions, and categorization. Failure to do so will significantly affect your rankings.


People do not like to be sold to. If you are using YouTube marketing to make a hard sell, you are doing it all wrong. Your YouTube content should focus on engaging your audience, providing product information, answering questions, etc. Otherwise, you discourage viewers from subscribing or following your brand.

Video ideas for YouTube marketing

Do you want to start YouTube marketing but do not know what kind of videos to produce? Here are some top video types you can use in your strategy to drive sales.

How-to videos: Create videos that explain different uses of your products. These give customers the confidence to buy.

Influencer first impressions: Create videos of regular people or influencers receiving and trying the product for the first time.

Product demos: These explain what the product is all about and how it works. Product demos can convince viewers to buy the product.

Customer testimonials: You can create videos showing customer reviews of your product. Such videos enhance your brand’s credibility.


YouTube marketing has proven to be a very effective marketing strategy for driving traffic and increasing sales. It is more important to know how best to use these videos to achieve the set goals.

Best practices like search engine optimization, using paid ads, calls to action are crucial to driving traffic and subsequently encouraging sales. However, all these cannot yield the needed results without high-quality useful content.

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