Finding the right order fulfillment company for your dropshipping business can be taxing. There are several choices available, and several factors to consider in selecting one that works for you. The process can be quite confusing.

This article looks at 2 of the most prominent players in the dropshipping business, Oberlo, and Wholesale2B, and ranks them against various factors. This analysis will help you choose a good fulfillment company from the two.


Wholesale2B is an automated dropshipping tool that helps online retailers to manage eCommerce-based tasks. These include Order fulfillment and returns product sourcing and listings for platforms like Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Shopify, etc. The platform promises a one-stop solution, also providing hosting services and store design.

Oberlo is a dropshipping platform that helps you find products to sell online. With complete integration to Shopify, the platform arranges shipment of orders directly to customers and operates with an automated management system.

Wholesale2B and Oberlo differ significantly in third-party integration, pricing, and technical features offered. The ultimate decision, therefore, relies on which features you consider more important for your business.


Wholesale2B offers a forever-free plan. With the Free option, you can browse millions of products, access customer support, view suppliers, etc.

Wholesale2B’s premium package offers a more flexible pricing option. It lists its tools as specialized packages, each targeting a specific set of users.

You set up your dropshipping store directly with Wholesale2B. Plus, you can also use third-party platforms like Amazon, WooCommerce within the tool. Each of the integrated platforms attracts a different price point.

  • Amazon at $37.99/month or 287.99/year
  • eBay at $37.99/month or 4287.99/year
  • Shopify at $29.99/month
  • Big Commerce at $29.99/month
  • Woo-commerce at $29.99/month
  • Weebly at $29.99/month
  • Ecwid at $29.99/month
  • A dropship website at $39.99/month or $299.99/year

Wholesale2B also offers a 7-day free trial, during which you can determine whether it is the right choice for you. No charges are applied before the trial period elapses.


Oberlo offers a free starter plan. Users get an equipped store with automatic order fulfillment, sales analytics reports, and a Chrome extension to import products directly. However, it places a 500-product limit.

The paid plans start at $29.99 for a basic plan. With this plan, you can sell up to 10,000 products and receive an unlimited number of monthly orders.

The pro plan costs $79.99 a month and allows over 30,000 products, orders, and multiple user accounts. It is best suited for large online stores. There is also a 30-day free trial, before which there are no charges applied.


Although Oberlo offers a more extended trial period and provides larger stores, Wholesale2b provides greater pricing flexibility. This flexibility is useful for retailers because they can only pay for what they need. The ability to integrate with multiple platforms instead of just Shopify is a big plus.

Technical features


The platform offers highly automated order fulfillment options such as,

Automated Inventory management, useful for adding, editing, deleting, and transferring inventory information in real-time.

It also offers automated price setting, order management, real-time order tracking, analytics, and reporting.

On Wholesale2B, you have the option of handling all your suppliers and orders manually or allowing the platform to do it for you. This provision makes the tool incredibly easy to use.

The platform guarantees a pool of verified suppliers that you can choose from. You have options from a collection of over 1,000,000 dropshipping products.

You can also make use of analytic reports available on the platform. The insightful metrics help to monitor customer data and even supplier records.


The platform allows you to process customer orders en masse. With the pro plan, there’s no limit to the number of orders you can receive, and you can import over 10,000 products.

Just like Wholesale2B, it has provisions to manage orders right from the store interface. The costs dashboard also enables you to track your shipments and profits at any time. An extensive directory of suppliers is available to choose from to get your products.

On Oberlo, you can easily add your dropshipping products directly to the Shopify store and fully customize them. In addition, the service enables data tracking and performance measurement through Google Analytics. With this, you can keep track of customers’ behavior.


Wholesale2b Wins

Oberlo provides a relatively simple tool for beginners and has provisions for bulk orders. However, Wholesale2B offers an impressively easy-to-use system, automated order management, and 100 thoroughly verified suppliers who provide millions of products.


Wholesale2B provides integration with a range of platforms like; Weebly, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Shopify.

This broad integration landscape ensures that you have a full one-stop service with Wholesale2B. You can use a third-party site on the platform or allow them to create a dropshipping site for you. You can track your order and shipment data from within the dashboard, irrespective of which platform your store is on.


The platform runs exclusively for Shopify, offering seamless integration. So, you either must create a store on Shopify or link an existing store to your new Oberlo account.


Wholesale2B provides more options for your dropshipping store location. This diversity makes it the best choice if you do not want to be confined to Shopify. Suppose you already have an existing store outside of Shopify. In that case, it will not work with Oberlo, so Wholesale is your best bet.

Customer support

Wholesale2B offers customer support through live chat and email ticketing, which get a fast response. If there is any problem or inquiries, you can quickly get in touch with the technical staff who are happy to assist. Wholesale2b also offers various helpful materials to help with any queries you may have regarding your dropshipping store.

Oberlo offers online support and typically replies within 24hours.  The support team can help with any technical issues. On Oberlo, help information is available in other languages like French, Italian, German, Portuguese.


Wholesale2B provides a more comprehensive customer support system, although Oberlo leaves room for non -English speaking sellers.


Both Oberlo and Wholesale2B are great platforms with excellent features for drop shippers. Oberlo offers a straightforward, easy-to-use system. However, it is exclusive to Shopify.

Wholesale2B provides a broader range of dropshipping services for third parties. It offers thoroughly reviewed suppliers, helpful support, and fully automated management systems. If you are looking for a one-stop automated solution for your dropshipping needs, Wholesale2B provides the best value for money.

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