Instagram marketing is now one of the essential social networks, with over 1 billion monthly users.

Over 50% of users follow at least a brand on Instagram, making it an ideal place for you to market your dropshipping store. Furthermore, over 42% of Instagram users make over $75,000 a year. This high purchasing power makes it a great place to make sales from your dropshipping store.

However, to be successful with this marketing strategy, you must be aware of the most effective tactics and use them accordingly.

This article will guide you through the nuances of Instagram marketing for dropshipping. You will learn the best strategies and practices to guarantee success for your store.

Why use Instagram Marketing for Dropshipping

Large customer base

With a user base of $500+ million, using Instagram marketing for dropshipping exposes your dropshipping business to many potential customers. A higher audience also increases your chances of making more sales.

Focus on visual content

People engage more with visual content than written content. Instagram caters to this need. It allows you to appeal to customers with captivating images and pictures regarding your store, thus increasing conversion rates.

Mobile usage

Over 42% of online buyers browse and shop online. Instagram is a mobile platform, making it a quick and convenient way to reach customers 24/7. This convenience also increases their chances of buying.


Since the same company owns both Facebook and Instagram, you can link your accounts on both platforms. For instance, when you post content on Instagram, you can automatically duplicate it for Facebook. Such integrations save you time on your social media marketing activities.

Instagram advertising

Instagram gives you the chance to reach audiences that you cannot reach organically through paid ads. The platform has a broad advertising capacity, allowing you to target specific audiences and even measure the results after campaigns.

Ease of use

Unlike other marketing channels, Instagram accounts are easy to set up and start adding and promoting your products.

How to promote your business on Instagram

To start promoting your dropshipping business on Instagram. You must prepare your page for it.

Step 1: Install Instagram and create an account.

You can install Instagram through a computer ( or a smartphone. Get the app on either Google Play or the Apple App Store and install it.

Then create an account. For your dropshipping store, it is best to create a BUSINESS account. In so doing, use your business information rather than your personal info. That applies to emails and phone numbers.

Also, be careful about the name you choose for your account. It appears on your profile and next to all your activity. Therefore, it will form the basis for your brand on Instagram.

As you would expect, your desired username may already be taken. In that case, add symbols or a digit to get something similar.

Step 2: Create a thrilling Instagram profile

You must now edit your account to make it more specific to your store, starting with your business bio.

In the website section, paste the URL of your store. Since it is the only place on Instagram where you can post a clickable link, it is best to keep it updated with your latest content.

In the bio section, you will need to write about your business. Your bio usually forms the first impression of your page. You must put in the effort to make it captivating enough to entice people to follow you.

What should you include in your bio?

On Instagram, you get 150 characters to work with.

A touch of personality: you should write it in a way that portrays your brand style. It could be casual, business, etc. To add some character, try using emojis as well.

Who you are: Your bio should tell readers who you are, what you stand for, and what you do.

Hashtags: you should try to include hashtags in your bio. They help users find your content quickly and are also a great way to collect user-generated content.

Call to Action: your bio should give people the next course of Action. For example, you can invite them to visit your site or follow a link to buy something.

After completing your bio, you can upload a profile photo. Usually, the logo of your business works best for easy identification. However, any nice image that represents your business works too.


Step 3: Turn your Instagram into a business account.

To make your Instagram account into a business one, you will need a Facebook Business account and business page.

You will also need to switch your account to business mode.

In your profile under Account settings, choose the option “Switch to Business Profile.”

It will then ask you to log in to Facebook, then select the page you would like to connect to. You can only connect one profile and one page.

Afterward, Instagram will ask for which contact information you want to get from your Facebook page. You will need to use a minimum of one. Contact information includes email addresses, phone numbers, etc.

And you’re all set!

Having your contact information on your Instagram bio is one of the features that adds credibility to your page and your dropshipping store.

When you switch to business, Instagram lets you also:

Select preferred settings to promote your store like location, age, etc. It also lets you create and run ad campaigns on Instagram.

Under ‘INSIGHTS,’ you get to know more about your audience and their behaviors.

Under “PROMOTE'” you can quickly turn your posts into adverts.

Now that your accounts are all set, you can start creating content, posting, and engaging with customers.

What are the best strategies for Instagram marketing for dropshipping?

To be successful at using Instagram marketing, you must employ the right strategies. Here are some best practices by experts.

Use influencers

Instagram is one of the best places to use influencers. Influencer marketing in dropshipping is critical to increasing traffic and sales to your store.

On Instagram, you will find mega influencers, micro-influencers, etc. You can use some of their pages to talk about your products in their posts. They can also link to you or even give shout outs.

Use hashtags

Posts with hashtags reportedly get 12.6% more engagement than those without.

Hashtags enhance your posts’ visibility, especially the right ones. They help to optimize posts by categorizing them. However, keep in mind that the wrong hashtags can do more harm than good. So, ensure that you only use relevant hashtags.

Great ways to find some relevant hashtags are:

Check what competitors are using or other brands in the same industry.

Only identify hashtags that directly relate to what you are posting.

You can create your own branded hashtags, though that usually works for more established brands.

Captivating visuals

“It’s a visual world, and people respond to visuals.”

For customers to notice you among the millions of daily posts, you will need to create enticing and highly captivating images for your page.

That said, blurry or low-quality pictures borrowed from your supplier will not cut it. With dropshipping, all your competitors likely have the same things.

Therefore, to stand out, you must create unique images and offer an unforgettable experience. Instagram filters can help you out too. High-quality imagery captures attention, adds to your credibility, and will likely increase clickthrough and sales.

Interact with customers

The best way to stick in the audience’s minds is to stay engaged with them. You must be active on social media.

Being active does not stop at posting regularly. It covers answering questions, following, liking, and commenting on other people’s content as well.

Additionally, you must stay consistent with your posting. Do not post once a week and disappear. You need to produce content regularly, at least every day.

When you do this, potential customers are more likely to notice you and check out your pages. You can, therefore, attract even more site visits and sales.

Posting times

To maximize impressions and interactions with your content, you must post at the right times. When you post when customers are online, you stand a higher chance of appearing on the Instagram Explore Page. Otherwise, your posts will most likely be buried in the pile.

The best time to post on Instagram is during the week.Instagram marketing for dropshipping

Run ads

Due to the content overload on social media, new posts can find it harder to get the desired organic traffic unless they are influencer pages.

Therefore, ads are your best bet at getting your dropshipping store content to thousands or millions of customers on Instagram. The reach depends on your budget.

Instagram ads run under Facebook ads. So, you will enjoy a lot of the in-depth features like targeting and detailed insights to assess your ads’ impact.

Use Instagram tools

There are several tools available to increase the effectiveness of your Instagram strategy.

When you switch to a business account, Instagram provides business insights that can help you analyze and optimize your content.

Alternatively, you can employ third-party platforms. Some of the best ones include:


Buffer is a social media scheduling tool that you can use to reduce your daily social media workload. It has a free plan that allows you to schedule both images and videos.


Hootsuite provides a more comprehensive scheduling option for your Instagram page. The Hootsuite publisher offers access to a content library, built-in planner, etc. Hootsuite also provides analytics data.


Canva is a free design tool with hundreds of templates. You can use it to create custom graphics on the fly.

Stories Ads

This is an online tool for creating Instagram stories. It can produce quality vertical videos and has an intuitive editor to customize the content as you wish. Stories Ads has a free version that you can start with.



Instagram marketing for dropshipping is a highly effective strategy to drive targeted traffic and sales. Instagram was rated as one of the most addictive apps in 2020. Many of your potential customers spend a lot of time there, making it the perfect place to reach them.

The Instagram app also comes with advanced ad capabilities to help you get the best out of your strategy.

The best practices and tips listed above will help you effectively utilize Instagram marketing for dropshipping in 2021.

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