Many dropshippers have opted to source products from China in recent years. These goods are generally supercheap compared to local alternatives.

However, customers have grown weary of this practice. There has been widespread criticism of Chinese sourced goods as being low quality and taking forever to arrive. Additionally, Chinese sourced goods are widely associated with the loss of jobs for American workers. As a result of such trends, the Made in USA movement is taking center stage and is a trend you cannot ignore as a dropshipper.

Are you planning to move towards Made in USA products? This article will show you how to find local products and the best US suppliers to source them.

Best USA suppliers to for your dropshipping store

Many dropshipping suppliers in the USA offer products in almost any niche you might want to venture into.


Made in USA

Clothing has consistently been among the top dropshipping niches over the years. As expected, there are many clothing dropshippers sourcing from China. Yet, this is not as sustainable; not many customers are willing to wait a month for a pair of jeans.

So, if you want Made in USA clothing products, here are some of the top suppliers you can try.


Brands Gateway is one of the largest places to source luxury brand items. Their offerings are unique, and as such, have over 50,000 registered users. Some of the top brands they offer include Armani, Michael Kors, Dolce, and Gabbana.

With Brands Gateway, you can get high-quality luxury products that can earn you high margins on your dropshipping store.


Bloom focuses on high quality and affordable women’s clothing. You can find a range of clothing items from their dropship platform like tops, skirts, dresses, etc., of all sizes, all produced in the US.

Their services include fast and affordable shipping. That way, you can guarantee consumer satisfaction.

Home and Garden

Home furniture and décor is another stable niche popular among dropshippers. Due to the size and quality demands in this niche, you might want to ditch Chinese suppliers for local Made in USA products. Some suppliers you can consider:

Fast Furnishings

Fast Furnishing is based in California and is a major supplier of high-quality furniture and home décor. They are a great option to source US-made home and garden items like sofas, rugs, lighting, gardening products, etc.

You can find products from over 3000 items at Fast furnishings, which ship in 2 to 3 days, unlike what you would get shipping from China.

Sagebrook Home

Sagebrook Home is a leading US-based furniture supplier offering 8000 items in various styles. For example, modern to contemporary, vintage, etc.

With this supplier, you get high quality and unique products with a record shipping time of 48 hours within the US. You are thus more likely to get high customer satisfaction than the Asian alternatives.


Jewelry is another top-selling dropshipping niche you might be venturing into. Selling high quality items is an essential aspect of jewelry dropshipping, something you can guarantee with most local suppliers. Here are the top suppliers of jewelry.

Ruby Imports

Ruby imports is a US supplier of a wide range of jewelry. Instead of sourcing cheap knock offs from China, you can get the real deal on Ruby Imports.

They have anklets, earrings, necklaces, and gift jewelry, with a favorable return policy and affordable shipping rates.

Ruby Imports is based in Memphis.

Danforth Pewter

Danforth Pewter is a US-based jewelry maker and wholesaler. You can get unique and luxury items, from rings, to necklaces, to bracelets, all made in the US. Since most of them are high-end products, you can earn high margins from your products.

Sports And Fitness Equipment US Dropshippers

The online sports industry peaked in sales and demand in 2020, especially home fitness. Considering this high demand, you can differentiate your store from most competitors with high quality and short delivery times. Some of the suppliers you can consider:


FitnessZone one of the best fitness dropshipping suppliers in the US for you to source from. You can find all kinds of equipment: weights, benches, accessories, etc., and from over 40 brands.

Your customers will also love the free shipping on select products and shorter times compared to Chinese imports. So, it is worth the try.

Deltech fitness

Deltech fitness is located in Kentucky and supplies plenty of sports equipment like lat machines, benches weights, among others.

From Deltech fitness, you have quality assurance and favorable shipping times of 2 to 7 days, depending on the product’s size. That is a much better deal than you will get with Chinese suppliers.

Electronic Dropshipping Companies

Electronics is one of the most profitable dropshipping niches. Many dropshippers also source their electronics from China because of the incredibly low prices.

However, this has gotten a bad rep as many of such cheap products turn out to be faulty and even take forever to arrive. Here’s where local electronics dropshipping suppliers come in.

Eternity Wireless

Eternity wireless is a leading distributor of quality legit phones and accessories within the US. It is an excellent platform to get products at great prices from which you can charge a premium and make high profits.

Ma Labs

Ma Labs is also based in the US and focuses on computers and accessories. They carry other brands, most of which are from US companies. Sourcing from MaLabs, you can be sure you are not selling cheap knockoffs.

They supply products like motherboards, notebooks, computers, among others. This comes with free shipping within the US.


Note: Several other dropshipping suppliers can offer you Made in USA products at fair prices. So, do your research and find the best suppliers for your niche.

Tips for choosing the best Made in USA supplier

Not all US suppliers are guaranteed to be the best. As you vet potential suppliers, consider the following factors.


Some USA suppliers also carry fakes. To ensure quality, certify that you are dealing with legit businesses who stock real brands and not knock offs. Also, order some of the goods for yourself and check whether they can work for your customers.

Otherwise, you might find yourself with lots of dissatisfied customers who think you are a fraud. And, they will not buy again.

Delivery time

Being within the US, the supplier must be able to deliver the products in good time. Online customers are growing more impatient and accustomed to same-day deliveries.

So, depending on your location and size of the goods, they must deliver within a few days.

Integration and automation

You should check if your dropshipping supplies offers automation and innovative tools you could use. These include real-time inventory tracking, product catalog, etc.

Additionally, check if they can integrate with your eCommerce platform. That will make your dropshipping experience much easier.


Focusing on US-made products is an opportunity to appeal to the rising patriotic market. Also, it offers greater possibilities for brand growth and customer satisfaction because of better quality products and faster delivery times.

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