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Is drop shipping still successful in 2018?

Adapting businesses to the latest trends is what keeps them going. If you stick to traditional methods, your business will sink in no time even if those particular strategies boosted your business previously. Drop shipping is a model that has been around for some time now. Some would say it is the best thing for their business while the others would totally disagree. The reason being the difference of nature of businesses along with the varying approaches. Here are a few factors that will help you determine if drop shipping is for you or not.

High competition scale

One thing that makes drop shipping very attractive is the fact that such a business requires almost no investment. This opens the gates of the drop shipping business world to everyone who wants to start a business. Since things have been made easy, you’ll find hundreds of thousands of people in pretty much the same business category as you. There is high competition and the truth is, some of these people will be better than you. They’ll be selling the same products in cheaper prices just because they have direct links with the supplier. If you can cope with such a high scale of competitors, you’ll definitely be successful.

Risk of frauds

There is practically nothing in the world that won’t have loopholes. These loopholes are taken advantage of by frauds to scam people who have little knowledge. A lot of suppliers will do the same. Small startups will usually be attracted by cheaper rates without considering the risks. If you’re not so amateur, drop shipping is successful for you.

Low input, low output

As previously mentioned, people love the fact that drop shipping businesses require zero investment. However, they don’t realise that minimal input will not bring them huge profits either. There is a very tight profit margin in drop shipping businesses. The suppliers generally offer a 20% discount. That is your ultimate profit. But, there’s a chance you’ll have to lower your cut and offer minimal prices to attract customers. This is specially important in case of high competition niches. If you’re okay with that, drop shipping will be a success for you.

Branding issues

You’ll always be just the platform where another brand’s products are being sold. Since you’re not the manufacturer, you can’t really develop a specific brand identity. The only thing you can do is build an image for your service. If you’re successful in that, drop shipping will be a win for you.


Your business isn’t only run by your clock. Yes, you deal with the clients but the ultimate product shipment and handling is done by the supplier. This makes you highly dependent on the supplier in case of return policies, shipment timing, etc. The process of communication also elongates. Hence, you can’t offer instant response to the queries of your clients.

Like anything else in the world, this business model has challenges too. If you find strategies to cope with them, drop shipping will definitely be successful for you.

Expanding Your Retail Store With eCommerce

Retail business can grow bigger in a number of different ways, including expansion to other markets or opening stores in new locations. However, launching an online commerce is the single most productive way to grow your company quickly.

According to the report, the global online retail sales should reach almost $2.5 trillion in 2018. It’s a gigantic market and grabbing just a tiny portion of the cake could give your company a major boost. But how can you expand a retail store with eCommerce?

In this post, we will show you practical tips to combine offline and online retail business. Let’s take a look!

The Benefits of eCommerce

If you want to learn how to augment a brick and mortar store, you need to understand the advantages of launching an online commerce. Here are the four major benefits:

  • Grow your reach: The Internet allows you to approach global audiences almost instantly. It’s not limited to local consumers, so you can create new audience groups.
  • Lower operational costs: Online stores are extremely cost-effective in terms of business overhead, maintenance, and inventory.
  • Multiple communication channels: While it is true that eCommerce lacks the privilege of face-to-face interaction, compensation comes in the form of multiple communication channels. You can address prospects via email, live chat, online forms, forums, and many other channels.
  • Business analytics: As an online retailer, you have a full set of tools and apps that can help you analyze even the smallest details of your business.


Things to Handle When Going Online

With all the benefits we mentioned above, going online seems like the only reasonable thing to do. However, you still have to take care of various details in order to seamlessly integrate all of your sales channels. The fundamental components of eCommerce are these:

  1. Website

A company website is the first thing users see when they start looking for products online. This means you’ll need a quality design with attractive themes and a friendly user interface. The purpose of online retail websites is to convince consumers to engage, so you need to highlight the products and calls to action.

Besides that, you need to optimize a website to rank highly in Google results. Since 93% of the entire Internet traffic comes from search engines, you have to implement the state of the art SEO strategy to be able to outdo competitors. For this reason, try to create top-notch posts because it’s the only way to build website authority and make it look credible in the eyes of the target customers.

Mobile optimization is another major issue. People prefer shopping through tablets and smartphones, so you must design a mobile app and make your website fully responsive.

  1. eCommerce platforms

A website is an anchor of your online sales strategy, but the vast majority of eCommerce is done through digital platforms such as Amazon, eBay, or Etsy. A report shows that Amazon alone will take almost 50% of the eCommerce market share in the US by 2021. In such circumstances, you just have to create accounts on eCommerce platforms and focus most of your efforts on this sales channel.

  1. Social media

Facebook, Instagram, and other networks have turned into genuine business platforms a long time ago, so you can use them for retail purposes as well. The secret is to perfectly combine high-quality content with the corresponding offers. If you can engage followers and inspire them with great images, videos, and entertaining comments, you can also expect them to take the final step and buy your products.

  1. Digital campaigns

Digital campaigns represent a nice tactic to activate both the online and offline customers. The procedure is simple: boost your posts and give incentives. For instance, you can give a 10% discount for first-time buyers on your website.

At the same time, you can encourage offline shoppers to visit your store using online coupons they can materialize only in the physical store. It’s a win-win tactic for both sales channels, so you should launch digital campaigns every once in a while.

Essential eCommerce Tools

It’s almost impossible to run a profitable online commerce without automation tools. There are all sorts of software and apps out there, but here are the most important solutions:

  • eCommerce platform: Platforms such as Shopify or WooCommerce will help you to quickly launch a credible online store.
  • Domain name: It’s not easy to find a representative domain name, but Name Mesh and Bust a Name will help you find the most appropriate solution for your business.
  • Website content creation: We mentioned already that you need a quality content to improve search engine ranking. With the help from A-writer.com and BestEssays, this job becomes much easier.
  • Email marketing: Email is still one of the most important business communication tools, so you’ll need reliable automation software to handle the process smoothly. We recommend you test MailChimp and Constant Contact.
  • Social media marketing: Keeping an eye on social media accounts while doing regular work can be a daunting task. That’s why we suggest you utilize the Hootsuite or Sprout Social.
  • Proofreading and editing: Grammar and spelling errors could ruin your online business, so make sure to consult editing and proofreading services like Assignmentgeek.com.au or Bestessaytips.com.


Running a retail store can be a highly lucrative business, but why wouldn’t you expand it online? Digital sales give you a chance to reach out to the global audiences and build a brand new customer base.

In this article, we showed you the benefits of eCommerce and how to grow your retail store through online retail. It requires minimum costs and the setup process is rather simple, so you shouldn’t waste the opportunity to give your company a fresh boost!


Warren is a marketing enthusiast and a blogger at UKBestEssays, who loves music. If he doesn’t have a guitar in his hands, he’s probably embracing new technologies and marketing techniques online! You can meet him on Twitter and Facebook.

How To Write A Killer Product Description And Helpful Tools You Can Use

The Importance of Product Descriptions

Why do we write product descriptions?

We could, potentially, just post the picture of the product we’re selling, add the price, and leave it at that. That should work, right? Customers would come by, see the product, presumably recognize it, and decide whether they want to buy it or not based on the price.

But what if they don’t recognize it? Posting a simple pic and an accompanying price works well when you’re posting a picture if a t-shirt, but what about when you’re posting a snorkeling mask? Not everyone has been out snorkeling before. In fact, not everyone even knows what snorkeling is. Wouldn’t some kind of product description be useful in that situation?

What about when you post something that everyone instantly recognizes, but still needs to know more about before they make their buying decision? Take an Apple MacBook, for example. Everyone knows that it’s a laptop, and just about everyone I know, and probably everyone you know too, can recognize a MacBook from a mile away. The distinct shape, colors, and design are instantly recognizable. Does that mean you can just post a picture of a MacBook and the price and get away with it? Of course not!

People want to know the technical specifications of the MacBook, simply known as specs. They want to know what kind of processor it has, how much memory it has, how much storage, what the size of the screen is, and so on. Macbooks tend to look the same within a generation, but that doesn’t mean they’re all the same. That’s why a description matters.

Sometimes you should have different levels of descriptions for people looking for different levels of information. Say you wanted to sell some kind of ointment. You could post a simple description telling people what the ointment basically does. But some will want to know the more technical stuff, like what the ingredients are and the potential side effects.

You could also include information on where they can learn more about the ointment, such as links to reputable sources and scientific papers. You could separate them into different tabs so people can see the basic description on the main tab, and then click on the other tabs when they decide they want to know more about the subject.

However you look at it, product descriptions are pretty important and you will have to write one at some point or other for the products you are trying to sell.

How to write a good Product Description and helpful Tools you can use

“We all agree that writing a product description is a good idea, even necessary, but the how of writing one is where the complexity starts,” says Angela Bates, an essay writer who provides online copywriting services in her free time.

While some may consider the writing of good product descriptions an art, there is definitely also a science to it and understanding that science is key.

“I think there are definitely some basic rules you can follow to ensure your product descriptions meet a certain minimum standard,” says Andrew Finn, a copywriter specializing in product descriptions. So what is this standard, exactly?

To begin with, it is in your best interests that you do not write your own product descriptions if you don’t have any experience at it. Get the best essay service you can and let them do the work for you. It’s worth the money.

Here are a few tips on how to write a killer product description with some essay services that can help you nail the whole process.

Have a clear Picture of your buyer’s Persona

Without a clear picture of who is buying your products, you won’t know how to write a good product description for them. For example, if you’re selling a bear oil kit, your main customers are probably metrosexual men who believe being manly comes with good grooming. You should reflect these values in the way you describe your products to them using the right words that rhyme with their buyer persona.

Best Essays is a tool that fixates on buyer personas to drive the product description writing process. By clearly defining the buyer persona, you immediately know what to say to them.

Your Product Descriptions should have your Brand’s Tone

What kind of brand do you have? What kind of brand are you trying to build? Are you casual or highly formal and professional? Are you sleek and high tech or laid back with a mom-and-pop vibe? Your product descriptions should match the tone of voice of your brand or they will not connect with your customers very well.

Here you would do really well with UK Best Essays and Superior Papers, which have experience in the field of developing brands and streamlining all of a business’s writings to reflect the tone of the brand.

Bullet Points

With bullet points, you break up really long product descriptions so that they are easy to read, but more importantly so that they are easy to scan. Your customers probably don’t want to feel like they are reading an article when all they’re reading is a product description. They want to be able to quickly look for the features that matter most to them so they know whether they want to buy the product or not.

Use the Right Words

Scholaradvisor really gets this. It’s a known fact among marketers that you can improve your persuasiveness with certain words. Words like ‘Now’, ‘Amazing’, ‘Miracle’, ‘Revolutionary’, ‘Magic’, ‘Hurry’, and ‘Quick’ have an effect on the customer that normal words don’t. Scholaradvisor specializes in getting the right words through so your customers get convinced.

Use Keywords for SEO

Your customers are probably using certain words when they search for products in your niche. When you use appropriate keywords in your product descriptions then you get a better chance of ranking high on search engines when potential buyers search for your products and that improves your chances of selling. A good service to use here is College-paper.org. Their in-depth keyword research will get your product descriptions on the search engines for everyone to see.


Ultimately, automating your product descriptions by placing them in the hands of professionals makes the work easier for you. You can then focus on the core of your business, which is sourcing products and selling them.

5 Content Strategies Your Business Needs

Creating an attractive, functional website is a prerequisite for a good content marketing strategy. Customers must find the website user-friendly, interactive, and attractive. Most visitors to a website are either visually drawn to or repelled from the appearance of the website.

Do not think for a single second that completing the design of a website is the end of the matter. There are other factors to consider. One of the most important is the content that the website will include.

“Even the most attractive website will flop if it doesn’t contain meaningful content,” says David Delaney, a writer at Australianwritings.net.

Here are some important strategies to use for effective website content:

1. Stick to a point

A website and its posts should be concise and stick to the intended point. Unnecessary embroidering around the central idea will put readers off. The reader goes onto the website for a few of reasons:

  • The reader is expecting to find an answer to a specific question
  • The reader wants to find out more about a specific subject
  • The reader is interested in purchasing a product or service on offer

When the content doesn’t get to the point and deliver on what the title promises, the reader will exit the page. Writers at Essayontime.com and Myassignmentwriting.com.au have been known to say that for website content writing, two important factors prevail:

  •  A catchy headline and opening sentence to captivate the reader
  • Content that gets straight to the point and delivers on what the title promises.

 2. Cater for all types of website visitors

People have different reading and learning styles. The most popular styles are the verbal, aural, visual, and social learning styles. These can be incorporated into a content marketing strategy.

  • The verbal or linguistic reader likes words that they can read and digest.
  • The visual learner prefers pictures to best absorb and understand the content.
  • The aural learner is more likely to remember what they have heard.
  • The social learner prefers one-on-one discussions.

A website can cater to these learning styles. Content should be offered in writing for the linguistic reader. For the spatial or auditory-musical learner, a video is an answer. Comments and replies help the interpersonal learner. Most people are a combination of the learning styles. Providing a multi-media approach makes them feel comfortable.

3. Search engine optimization

Before those readers get to the website, they utilize a search engine. There are different search engines are a users’ disposal such as Google Chrome, Bing, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

A website content writer should understand how the search engines work. The function of the search engine is to sort the content and display that which is most applicable to the searcher’s request.

To make sure the website features in searches, the writer needs to include keywords that users will search for that relate to the content. These keywords need to be included in website content organically. The content writer is serving two masters:

  • The search engine
  • The reader

A good balance between optimizing content for an internet search and satisfying the readers who visit the site must be struck.

 4. Language usage

Website appearance is important. The correctness of content is another essential aspect of good website writing. Excellent content full of language, spelling, and punctuation problems loses much of its effectiveness. The credibility of error-ridden content is immediately questioned by the reader. Poor use of language results in a high exit rate on a website.

Content is mostly presented in English on websites. Not being a native English speaker doesn’t preclude a writer from contributing content. There are ways to help those who aren’t fully familiar with the language present good content. There are different options:

  • Online tools are available to offer help. These include Grammarly and Hemingway Editor.
  • Services such as Essaygeeks.co.uk and Bestessays.com offer proofreading and editing at reasonable prices.

5. Keep content credible and current

To write credible content, a writer might want to refer to other sources. Quoting statistics without referring to the source might make the reader question their veracity. The rules for citing sources should be consulted by the writer. This makes sure that the right credit is given where it’s due.

 The world around us is changing daily. A good content writing strategy includes regular updates. Within a week of posting content, an update or change may occur relating to the post. Failing to update the content can be a huge mistake. Stale content that isn’t updated can cause readers to leave the site without reading the content in its entirety.

Updates and revisions to website content need to be done frequently. This prevents the site from falling behind its competitors.

To Conclude

Effective content can be the difference between the success or failure of a website. It should never be undertaken in a slap-dash fashion. Due care and consideration to the content and its accuracy are needed. This may take more time, but the dividends it pays will be handsome.

10 The Best Tech Writing Tools, As Recommended by Tech Writers

As a technical writer, the content you write is vital to help others understand technology better. Using the right tools can make your life easier.

Tools are available for all kinds of different purposes such as writing, screen capture and editing. Technical writers help to explain how to use technology to non-experts, so they must convey complex information in a simple manner.

1. Monosnap

If you are a technical writer or a blogger, it’s very common to add screenshots to help explain how to use a product or an app. There are hundreds of tools available to take screenshots, and Monosnap is one of these.

Capture a full screen, part of a screen or a selected window. Highlight important details with text, arrows, and shapes. Hide private information with a blur tool. Upload your snapshot to cloud storage with one click or save it to your local folder and copy it to clipboard.

 2. Essay Writing Lab

It can be difficult for someone familiar with a complex technical subject to present it in an easily understood format. This is where a custom writing service such as Essay Writing Lab may be able to help.

Writers with years of experience in writing about a variety of subjects learn the art of making complex ideas easy to understand. On the pricing page of this site, you can use a live calculator to work out a quote.

3. RoboHelp

RoboHelp by Adobe Systems is a Help Authoring Tool (HAT). It helps tech writers to develop projects and render them across various formats.

With RoboHelp, you can generate output in the form of an eBook, mobile app format, HTLM5 help format, XML, printed documents or WebHelp format. It has a user-friendly interface and offers a free 30-day trial.

4. Edugeeks Club

Sometimes writing everything yourself is impossible when you’re up against stringent deadlines. If you want to hire a professional writer with a Ph.D degree, it’s possible at Edugeeksclub.com.

The focus is on superior quality, and there are separate pages for different types of services. It doesn’t matter what topic, level of difficulty or subject you require, you will get the help you need.

 5. Grammarly

Using the right grammar and spelling is important when writing technical content. Content that is full of errors is more difficult to read.

Grammarly is widely used by all writers, including technical writers. It is available as a free online text editor as well as a free extension for Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers. The tool will automatically highlight your errors and offer accurate, context-specific suggestions to improve your writing.

6. Essay Writing Land

Expert writers at Essay Writing Land will write for you at affordable rates. You will get support 24/7 and receive your content on time without any problems.

The work is guaranteed to be 100% original. You will have the opportunity to get free revisions until you’re happy with the content of an article writing critique.

7. Assignment Geek

If you need an expert Aussie writer to help you out, you will find many skilled writers at Assignment Geek. You will receive top-notch content that meets and beats your expectations.

Only native Australian writers will write your content, and they all have postgraduate degrees from top Australian universities. They combine their experience of writing with your guidelines and ideas, so the content still conveys your point of view.

8. Aussie Writings

At Aussie Writings, writers from all kinds of different disciplines, from engineering to IT, can help you to write and edit content.

The writing team consists of more than a thousand writers, each unique in a specific sphere. The editing stage of the process includes polishing style, cleaning up format and checking references. Rigorous quality control ensures originality.

9. Best Dissertation

On the  Best Dissertation website, writers have university degrees from the UK or the US.

You do not have the option of selecting a specific writer, but various samples are available on a wide range of subjects that you can download as a PDF. This offers insight into what type of writing is available and the standard of authorship. The company also offers proofreading and, editing services.

10. Pro Essay Writing

At Pro Essay Writing more than 750 native writers with Masters and Ph.D’s are available to write content for you. Receive regular bonuses and discounts for using the site.

When placing an order, you need to specify all the details, including the exact length of content you require. Vague instructions hamper the progress of the writer.


Technical writers work in many different industries and have to generate quality content. They must be able to take difficult concepts and make them clear to readers, using good grammar and language that flows. With tight deadlines and the importance of clarity, picking the right tools helps you to generate the type of quality content that keeps readers coming back for more.

Ultimate Guide on How to Write a Business Plan

Dropshipping is a growing trend for would-be entrepreneurs. A niche in the market, dropshipping requires careful planning and forethought. Financing the set-up of a business may mean a business loan.

Walking into the bank and asking for a loan won’t work. Banks demand a business plan. It is necessary for the bank to assess the planning going into the business. From the business plan, the bank can determine if the proposal is viable and worth financing.

What is a business plan?

A business plan is a formalized document with several components that present an overall picture of the business. A good plan indicates the steps to be taken to get the business off the ground, secure a place in the market, and make a profit.

Putting effort into writing a good business plan can be the difference between obtaining a loan or being rejected. Rory Williams from assignment writing service says good writing practices make a business plan more effective. “Don’t be afraid to ask for help to make sure your business plan is well-written,” he advises.

How to write a good business plan

There are plenty of templates to use when drawing up a business plan. When applying to a bank for finance, find out if the institution has a set template. Alternatively, consult the United States Small Business Administration website for templates.

Common elements in a business plan

Regardless of the format, there are some elements of a business plan that are common. Pay attention to the following elements to put together a coherent business plan.

1. A brief personal introduction

Start a business plan off with an introduction. The entrepreneur can discuss the skills and education they have which will strengthen the odds of success for the business. Keep this section brief. The reader doesn’t need an autobiography, just some basic details.

2. The overall summary

A summary should be no longer than one page. This page creates an impression by highlighting important information that is elaborated on in the business plan. The executive summary is vitally important. Failure to impress the reader at this stage might affect the chances of plan being taken seriously. Some business leaders suggest writing all the other components of the plan before summarizing them.

3. Describing the company

There are important details in this section. They include:

  • The proposed name of the business and what products or services it will offer

  • The location the business will operate from

  • The legal format the business will take (e.g. a partnership) and the number of employees

  • Necessary licenses and permits obtained from authorities

  • Vision and mission statements for the business incorporating its values and ethics

  • Short-term goals and the steps in the process to achieve the specified long-term goals

  • A brief description of the industry, where the business will fit into the market, and major competitors.

4. What the business offers

At this stage, go into more detail about the products or services the business will offer. Put a spin on the unique approach the business will bring to the market to stand out from competitors. Dropshippers should go into detail about categories of products and how many products fit into each category.

5. The market as it stands now

A business plan needs to show that market research has been done. A potential business owner needs to know the market well. Show there is a niche in the market the business will fill. Indicate the target group of customers the business aims to reach. Include an analysis of the competitors the business will face. Cite reliable websites or texts used to complete the market analysis.

6. Management

All parties to the management of the business should submit a brief resumé showing their knowledge, skills, and attributes. Summarize existing resumés to highlight only what is pertinent to the running of the business.

7. Finances

Here, a business needing funding must indicate how much is needed. The plan will show how the money will be spent and what the ROI (return on investment) is expected to be. Realistic indications around repayment of a loan should also be evident. Calculate a projected income trajectory to show the business is worth investing in.

8. Attached documents

Banks will ask for certain documents prior to entertaining a loan application. Credit reports, permits, and patents are some examples. Use this section to include as much relevant documentation as possible.

9. Objective analysis

Round off your business plan with a brutally honest SWOT analysis. Think long and hard about what to write in the analysis. Be objective and realistic. Subjective analysis won’t help in a finance application.

To Conclude

The first draft of a business plan determines if the business is viable before even contemplating finance. Let the plan highlight areas that need further consideration. After addressing such areas, refine the plan to tailor it toward getting a bank to see the business as a reliable investment. Get help to make the plan as professional-looking and organized as possible.

7 Simple Ways to Write a Compelling Product Description on Your Drop Shipping Website

Once a customer lands on your sales page in search of a product or service you have all the chances to convince the customer to make a purchase. But how do you capture the customer’s attention and generate sales? – Using a compelling product description.

The way you craft your product descriptions on your website will determine whether you will increase conversions or not. A product description is a vital aspect of an online store that can increase conversion tremendously, but it must be written perfectly. Although a product description is an important component of any online store, writing an epic product copy isn’t an easy task.

Let’s get back to you.

What is the reaction of readers when they land on your sales page? Are they compelled to click the “Add to cart” button, or do they just navigate away?

If your product descriptions are not compelling your customers to make a purchase, this article is for you. To win the eyes, mind, and heart of prospective customers, you need to write a persuasive product description.

To learn how to write a product description that generates sales, follow these proven approaches to convert readers into actual customers as shared by Andrew Peters, an expert copywriter at Brillassignment.co.uk.

What is a Product Description?

A product description is the marketing copy on a product listing that provides a detailed description of what the product is and why it’s worth your money.

Let’s get into the meat of the article.

Simple Ways to Write a Compelling Product Description That Generates Sales

  1. Understand Your Target Audience

You are targeting a specific audience and not selling to anybody and if you are selling to everyone who lands on your sales page then you will never sell anything. Not all readers who land on your page are your customers since different products appeal to different people.

So, you need to know who you are selling your products and address them as you could have done on a one-on-one basis.

Before you embark on writing the product description, ask yourself:

  • Who are the product’s ideal customers
  • What problems are they facing?
  • Will your product solve their problems?
  • What are the interests of the readers?
  • Why should they buy your products yet there are other products out there?
  • How do they describe your products?
  • What features of the product entice the customer?

If your product description will be based on these questions, then you are likely to write a product description that convinces customers to purchase from you and not your competitors.

  1. What Benefits Will the Product Have to Your Potential Buyers

As mentioned above, most professional copywriters focus on detailing product features and fail to convince a potential buyer why they should buy their products. You may be interested in detailing all the qualities and features of your products showing the readers how your products have the most unique specs, but that’s not what the customer wants.

The customer wants a product that will solve a problem they are facing. They are not interested in the features of the product. They are eager to know whether buying the product could mean the end to their problems- how it will benefit them, how it will solve their problems etc.

Your product description should detail how the product will improve the buyer’s life and not how beautiful and amazing it easy on the eyes.

  1. Show and Not Tell

While text can be used to describe your product, getting too wordy can be boring to the reader. So, you need to go simple, by using images.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so use images in your product description. Images are weighty and can leave a lasting impact on customers.

  1. Show, Tell, and Describe

Now that you have described your product using images and text, you need to use other means to show your customers how they can use the product or why it is worth their money. Here, you can use a combination of graphics, text, and videos to describe your product. Note that ensure to use good images and videos.

  1. Make Your Product Description Easy To Read

Life is busy and people are not ready to strain their eyes and brains to read your product description. You should capture the reader’s attention immediately they land on your sales page by writing super scannable product description.

Scannable product description

Ensure the reader can get what they want without having to sift through a bunch of information. Include bullet points, short sentences and short paragraphs, and lots of white spaces.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

To make your product description findable online and attract new readers to your sales pagewho can turn to be your actual customers, you need to optimize your product descriptions for search engines.

Search Engine Optimized Product Description

Use the search terms the buyers use to search for information online when shopping for their products. To know the search terms/keywords, you need to research to discover these terms. Ensure you don’t overuse the search terms.

Over to You

It’s that easy: When writing a product description, think about whom you are selling your products, what problems they are facing, how your products will solve their problems and what makes them buy your products.

The list is not comprehensive; there are many other important things that should go into your product description to make it generate sales.

You can research more to add to our list.


3 Ways to Boost your SEO for Your Dropship Website

No matter what kind of business you are running, one of the first things you have to think about when building an online presence is SEO. Dropshipping comes with its own unique SEO challenges and you need to employ special tactics to succeed. Here are three ways to boost your SEO for your dropship website in 2018 to ensure success this year and beyond!

Use Unique Images

One major problem dropshippers have with SEO is that they are reliant on the data feeds the stores they use provide them with. That means that the inventory and products on their website are fed through XML feed and spreadsheets. You won’t be the only website that is using this particular feed either. That means the images and content related to the products on your website will not be unique, as they are being used on any other website that uses that same feed. That can damage your SEO as search engines will decide your website is hosting duplicated content and knock some points off.

An effective way to boost your ranking is to take pictures of the products yourself. Give the image files their own unique names as well. Search engines will also look at the name of a file and so it has to be different. Colorful pictures attract more social media sharing, with people sending them to friends via the likes of Whatsapp or Facebook, this will also help boost your website, as Google looks at social media interactions as part of their ranking algorithm.

 Change Product Descriptions

We already mentioned how big of an SEO sin it is to have duplicated content. The problem goes much further than just pictures though. You want to ensure that you have a unique product description that is different from what everyone else is doing. You must change the description and the specifications of a product as much as possible, while highlighting the unique selling points of the product.

Writing your own specifications and descriptions also affords you the chance to add some extra keywords to boost your ranking a little more. It’s not difficult to reword a product description, but many business owners have trouble with specifications. Don’t just list product specifications; talk about them instead and find different ways to show them.

Writing content of your own gives you complete control over the material on your website. If you do it properly you can give your SEO rankings a significant boost.

Use Internal Links

Another important aspect of using SEO effectively is having good quality links. An internal link is a link that goes from one page of your website to another. These are different from external links and backlinks. Internal links will always use the HTML tag ‘do follow’. That tells search engine crawlers to follow the link to the page being linked to, which gives the page some extra ranking power. This basically allows you to use internal links to tell a search engine which pages should be ranked. They also have the added benefit of helping customers discover more of your website.

When it comes to dropshipping, internal links tell search engines the pages that you want to be ranked for specific keywords. They also help to categorize websites for search engines and improve domain authority. If you’ve put together a great infographic or blog post that has high authority and high quality backlinks, including a descriptive keyword that has an internal link is a great way to boost the ranking of it.

With that said, having more links on a page means that they each pass on less authority. If you were to have two internal links on a page, then each one passes on 50% authority. That’s a 33.3% transfer. Then you have to add category links, navigation, and the link into the mixture. Link placement is also an important thing to consider. If you three internal links – one high up on the page and two near the bottom – then the higher one can claim up to 60% of the authority, leaving just 20% each for the bottom two. It can take a little getting used to, so we recommend this guide on creating great internal links.

No doubt you can tell how important internal links are to SEO. Add internal links where relevant and related, and avoid overdoing it. That’s how you can get the right balance between boosting rankings and keeping content natural.


There’s a lot to consider when it comes to SEO for dropshipping. Whether you use a data feed or a dropshipping e-commerce store or are warehousing your products, our SEO guide should give you all the fundamentals you need to improve the SEO of your store.

Note that the best way to take advantage of these tips and key concepts is to regularly update your content. SEO should never be considered a quick and easy way to boost traffic. It can take some deep knowledge to fully understand and master SEO, which needs a long-term approach. By following along with these beginners tips and getting some practice in, you’re already on your way to getting started on the right foot! You’ll soon see that SEO is a vital part of building organic traffic, so don’t lose heart and stick with it!

5 Marketing Rules for Dropshipping Business That Will Boost Your Sales

In today’s world, everything is going online. Shopping is no exception. The e-commerce industry has emerged as one of the fastest growing aspects of the world of internet. A good portion of this trillion-dollar industry is occupied by dropshipping retailers.

Dropshipping businesses are different than your traditional online stores in that a dropshipping business doesn’t need to keep and manage an inventory and related aspects of it. When a customer places an order, the dropshipping business simply has the supplier send the goods directly to the customer.

According to experts, in 2018, dropshipping is projected to cover 30 percent of all retail sales globally. This is roughly the same number as what e-commerce covered in 2017. This exponential growth also means that more and more number of retailers are coming aboard the dropshipping business “ship”. Now, if you own a dropshipping business or are interested in running one, you should have all the information required to maximize your reach and make sure that buyers prefer your dropshipping business over 30 million other online stores. Here are some marketing tips that will help you stand out and boost your sales as a dropshipping business.

Impress The Buyers With A Neat Website

You don’t get a second chance to make the first impression. Before a buyer even places an order, he or she will interact with your website. Hence, it’s important to have a website that is visually appealing and even more importantly, mobile first. Market surveys place online purchases done using a smartphone at around 40% of total ecommerce traffic in the US alone. This means that if your website is not conducive to a quick and easy shopping experience, you’ll lose buyers.

 Harness The Power of Social Media

Power of Social Media

Social media is a big part of everyone’s lives today. When it comes to marketing the products your dropshipping business deals in, there’s no place better than the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram among others. With recent advancements in mobile technology, it is expected that over two-thirds of all content on social media will be video-based which gives you an opportunity to boost the traffic to your online store by posting engaging video-based content on your online store.

A good example are the how-to videos – Make Beauty, a makeup cosmetics brand, shares on their social channels that engage their target audience and then send them to their online store.

 Increase Your Reach Using Ads

Using Ads

Advertising on social media is a relatively quick way to direct new traffic to your online store. Facebook, in particular, provides incredible levels of control and specificity when it comes to targeting Facebook users with relevant ads. With its massive active user base of around 2 million daily users, this means that if done right, Facebook ads can get your store a very high number of daily visitors which, in turn, means more sales and revenue for your dropshipping business.

Facebook Ads are versatile too as you can make an ad about an upcoming product or make your target audience aware of the different offers you are running like this Facebook ad by Macy’s.

Start A Blog

Old is gold and blogging is right there with one of the oldest yet most trustworthy ways in which you can create and expand your customer base. Blog marketing comes handy as a low-cost marketing strategy which allows you to consistently appear in the eyes of your target audience.

Try writing blogs that offer value to readers instead of blatantly selling your products on them. If your blog manages to become an authoritative page to your target buyers, you’ll have for yourself a chance to generate more interest and sales for your dropshipping business.

In case, the written word is not your ally, don’t sweat too much. Just write a short and simple blog. If you still think, you need some help, there are various blog and essay writing services that will come to your rescue and deliver high quality and engaging blog content to your target demographic giving them a chance to visit your online store again.

 Retarget Non-Buyers

Retarget Non-Buyers

Just because someone didn’t buy a product off your store the first time around, it doesn’t mean that they can no longer become buyers. Retargeting techniques allow you to target users who visited your store but didn’t purchase anything. This is done using relevant display ads such as this one by Blue Steel where they tell the users that they know the user have visited their store and added products in the cart.

Retargeting works because it creates a sense of urgency which can propel store visitors into buyers pretty quickly.

These were some tips to help you maximize the footfall you receive on your online store, which, in turn, should boost the sales and revenue of your dropshipping business. With ever-growing number of dropshipping businesses emerging, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and these tips will help you do just that.

Tell us about the marketing strategies you like the most in the comments below.

Tips on Writing an Amazing `About Us` Page for a Wholesale Dropship Company

An `About Us` page is one of the most common things you see on websites. Brands and companies use it to tell their story, state their mission and let people know how they can help them and what makes them different on the market. Since it`s so common, no one really thinks about it too much – some companies just paste the links to their social media profiles, some simply write the name of their company and what they do and some say what their mission is and move along.

But thinking that your `About Us` page doesn’t matter all that much is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. There are a lot of things that you can incorporate in this page to make your brand more likeable, human or transparent – all of which can improve your business immensely.

Because it is so important, here are some tips on how to write the best `About Us` page you can.

  • Use the conversational tone. People are often put off if you sound like you are preaching. Be friendly and try to explain what you do and why you are the best company for them like you would explain it to a new acquaintance. Keep it simple and effective.
  • If you want to write a history of your wholesale dropship company, don`t go on forever about it. People like to read about how you made it to where you are but too much information is overwhelming and they will skip it. Try to incorporate a funny anecdote or some interesting facts of how your company came to be.
  • Focus on your audience. Your tone and style should appeal to people who will buy product from you. Tell them about why you are selling, for example, toys or baby gear. What made you focus on that? Is there a story behind it? Share it with your customers.
  • Make sure that your `About Us` page is flawlessly written and without grammar mistakes. These can be off-putting – most people back off a bit when they see a grammar mistake. It can make you seem less serious about your business, uneducated or ignorant. This is an easy fix though – there are plenty of free tools out there that can help you write without mistakes. Grammarix, Via Writing, State Of Writing and My Writing Way are some of the tools that can be helpful.
  • An `About Us` page can be used as more than just an introduction to your company – with proper keyword use you can improve your websites SEO. Include some keywords that relate to what you are doing. This will help your potential customers find you and even though the effect might not be much to talk about, it will help improve your business.
  • Use your `About Us` page to humanize your company. Most people like to know who it is that they are doing business with. Put some pictures up – of yourself, of your employees, of your office space. Tell them about yourself, your likes, dislikes – but keep it short and interesting.
  • If you have a social media page and you keep it up-to-date, you should definitely share your links on your `About Us` page. This will bring people closer to you. Your contact information should also be displayed – phone number, email, anything that can help potential customers reach you if they have any concerns or questions.
  • In order to make your `About Us` page more readable and appealing, use short paragraphs, bullets and subheadings. “Humans are visual creatures – they will respond better to a good-looking page than to a large block of words. Use pictures, graphs or illustrations to break down the text and give your story credibility,” suggests Brian Kellys, an editor at Simple Grad.
  • In case you have any awards, testimonials or anything similar, this is a good place to display it. There`s nothing better than a good review to let your customers know that you are serious about what you are doing.
  • Be honest and use facts. Display numbers and your stats. People prefer honesty to `purple prose`.

At first the writing of an `About Us` page can seem like just another thing you have to do, but it`s much more than that. It is your chance to make a first impression and draw people in – make it count.

Grace Carter: Business Writer

Grace Carter is a business writer for BoomEssays and UKWritings, writing services. Also, she builds IT processes and improves business analysis at Essayroo, academic website.