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Is A Dropship Website The Same As An Affiliate Website

Many people confuse dropship websites with affiliate websites however they are both very different.

An affiliate website is usually provided by a vendor in a fixed format with products controlled by the vendor, meaning they control the look of the site and the price of the products.  With an affiliate website, you basically your job is to simply send traffic to that website and if a sale is made, then you earn a commission pre-defined by the vendor.

A dropship website is very different.  With a dropship website, you are in control of your website and product prices.  Such a website can be considered as your own website since it can be hosted under your own domain name so you can customize it as you wish.  Having full control over your website and over the product prices gives you a big advantage in the market.  For example you can decide to lower your prices to be more competitive in exchange for a lower profit, however you will most likely make more sales this way.  You can also decide to create special discounts on selected items only or even create discount coupons for your first time buyers to give incentives for placing a 2nd order on your website.

The most important thing to you need to realize with a dropship website is that you will be on the front line of customer support.  This means choosing the right dropshipper is extremely important as your reputation will determine if you will be a success or a failure with your online venture.  Although you may offer the nicest and friendliest customer support to your buyers, ultimately if you choose a bad dropshipper you will take the hit each time your supplier drops the ball on your orders.  This will make you and your website look bad and will scare away potential buyers. already has many of the best dropshippers integrated in their services so you don’t have to spend time looking and investigating for dropshippers that you can rely on.

If you can’t find the types of products you want to sell, then you can use dropship directories to find the suppliers that do have the products you wish to sell.  For example if you are looking for a dropshipper of Cowboy Boots, then most likely you will need to refer to a dropship directory to find a dropshipper that focuses on this type of products.

If you don’t already have access to a dropship directly, then click on the link below for my personal recommendation:

==> Dropship Directory Referred By

If you can’t find the products you need in your account, then simply use the dropship directory above and inform us of which supplier(s) you wish to add to your website and we will do it for you, free of charge.

Now back to getting your own dropship website.  When choosing a provider for a dropship website, please be aware that you will need unique and specific features that are unique to using dropshippers which are usually not provided by your typical shopping cart software.  For example, using a dropship website will assume that you will have many suppliers involved, therefore you will require special features to allow you to manage multiple suppliers in your dropship website.  For example you may want to set different types of shipping costs for each group of products which you have integrated into your site that are supplied by different dropshippers.  This is important since dropship suppliers usually all have different shipping costs.  This is just one example, however many other considerations should be taken into account such as profit tracking per supplier, order details per supplier, markups per supplier, discounts and free shipping configuration on a per supplier basis, etc.

For this reason I recommend using a shopping cart that is designed and adapted for a multi-dropshipper website.  All these considerations have already been carefully analyzed and integrated in the wholesale2b dropship website plan.  With our dropship website plan you are usre to get all the features you need to be able to manage multiple suppliers in one website.

Adding suppliers to your wholesale2b dropship website is extremely easy.  When you login to your account you will be presented iwth the list of all our integrated suppliers.  All you need to do is tick the suppliers you wish to add to your website and click ont he SAVE button at the bottom of the list.

Your website will be loaded with all the products from your chosen suppliers in just a few minutes.  From that point on, your website will be updated daily with new products, out of stock products and recent quantity in stock for each product on your website.

You can even add/remove any of our integrated suppliers at anytime you wish and your website will be updated a few minutes later.

It’s that simple.

Each wholesale2b dropship website will come with an admin console that you can use to configure your website in many different ways such as payment methods, shipping and price markups, special discounts, discount coupons, SEO options and content management.  There are too many features to list here, however I can reassure you that you will be more than happy with your site.

We also offer customization if you require a special feature for your website so you are sure to be able to expand your business according to your needs.

To signup for your own dropship website, please visit

New feature – Dollar discount coupons

For those using our dropship website plan, we have added a new type of discount coupon today. Now you can set a dollar coupon for your buyers and also set a dollars threshold on which the discount will apply.

For example, you can configure a $10 discount for all orders above $100.

This new option is included in the discount coupon menu of your website admin console.

If you don’t already have a dropship website, please take the time to visit our website to get started with a free account to review our dropship products and wholesale prices.


Enjoy this new feature and as always let us know if you have suggestions.

New Feature – Enhance your website with a Background image

This new feature applies to the dropship website plan only.

Today we added a new page in the admin console of the website plan that allows store owners to change the background color or even choose a background image.

To access this new feature simply login to your website admin console and go to the menu “DISPLAY SETTINGS” => “BACKGROUND IMAGE”.

You can configure your background image to repeat horizontally or vertically or simply change the background color of your site without any images. There are several themed background images which you can use for Valentine, Easter, etc. We can also add more over time. If you decide to load your own background image, please note that there is a limitation of 12K in size per image. This limitation is in place to avoid excessive bandwidth usage of the overall servers.

I hope you will enjoy this new feature.


New feature – enhance your product detail page

Today we added a new option in the admin console of the website plan to allow members to enhance the product detail pages.

This new feature only applies to the website plan.

This new feature will allow you to include ads on your product detail page in 2 different places.

A) Below the product image

B) Be low the product description

This can be used for example to show Google adsense ads or to show ads from third party services that offer product comparison services.

Adding price comparison ads on your website can help you accelerate consumer purchasing behavior, increase average cart size, improve site stickiness and grow overall site revenues. We can recommend a shopping comparison service upon request.

New “Browse by Price” feature

Today you might have noticed that we added a new “browse by price” option on your website.  This new option is located on the left side of your website, below the SEARCH box.
Of course this only applies to those that have the website plan membership.
This new feature will allow your visitors to browse your store by price range.
I hope you will find this new feature useful.

Now you can add your own products

If you have the wholesale2b website plan, now you can add your own products to your website.

We offer 2 options, a) load products manually 1 by 1, or b) bulk load with a CSV file.

You can categorize these products as you wish and add/remove any of your own products anytime.  This is a useful option if you have your own product line that you wish to sell on your wholesale2b website.  You can combine your products with those from other suppliers that you have loaded on your website.

This option can also be very useful if you know of other dropshippers that are not currently integrated with wholesale2b.  You can load their products using the bulk load option and voila!

This new feature is currently in beta test and should be available for members to use before this coming Friday.


New Feature – Choose products to put on your website home page

Today we added a new feature that will allow you to choose which products to put on your home page.

This feature is accessible from the admin console menu of your website under “Display Settings” / “Home page products”.

There are 2 options available:

  • Display random items on your home page (default setting)
  • Display products of your choice on your home page

This new feature only applies to members that have the dropship website plan.

How To Get A Dropship Website

Get a Dropship WebsiteOwning a dropship website is easier than you think. For those that are not familiar with dropshipping, dropship means that you can start selling thousands of products right now without having to buy them first. Basically with a dropship website, you get an e-commerce website fully loaded with thousands of products that you can start selling immediately.

All you need is a Paypal account to accept payments. Linking your website to your Paypal account is as easy as simply entering your Paypal ID in a box and click submit! Your new website will immediately be linked to your Paypal account and ready to take orders. Paypal is the most widely spread payment processing service on the internet. They allow sites to easily accept online payments through paypal accounts or from credit cards.

By owning a dropship website you will also be able to cross sell other products better and you will also be able to retain your existing customers to buy again and again.

Wholesale2b can fully integrate thousands of dropship products into your new dropship website. Our company will handle all website maintenance by applying daily updates so your website will always have up to date product information and price. We will handle all the logistics and stocks for you.

Now is the best time of the year to get ready for the holiday rush. Get your website today and be on the receiving end of all the holiday shoppers.

Give it a try today, you have nothing to lose!

Click HERE to get more information about our dropship website plan.

Get A Dropship Website Before This Holiday Rush

The dropship website package includes a tunrkey ready-to-go fully functional e-commerce website that is pre-loaded with the product descriptions and images of your chosen wholesale drop ship suppliers.

The dropship website package is perfect for people who want to start their own branded name online store, or work-at-home people who want addiotional income. Instead of doing it yourself, save time and thousands of dollars by letting us build a dropship website for you.

How Does This Plan Work?

1. Signup for your free account

To get started all you need is a name for your new website.

2. Choose the products you want to sell

Browse the list of dropship suppliers and pick which ones to add to your website.
Your website will be updated daily with new products from your chosen suppliers and with the inventory status of each item.

3. Personalize your website

Customize your website by adding banners, a logo, and your own ads. You can also set you own “About us” page as well as the “Policy”, “Shipping”, “Terms” pages. You can also change the prices of your products and offer free shipping. There are several other customizing options.

4. You’re now ready to start your business

Now you’re ready to start taking orders from your website and fulfill orders directly with your chosen suppliers. They will ship the products directly to your buyers on your behalf.