Nothing can make or break an online store more than an effective or ineffective domain name. The right domain name can go a long way in giving your customers confidence in your product. The wrong name can drive customers away for good. Choosing one can be a stressful experience, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a few tips on how to choose the best domain name for your business.

Think of something that truly defines your business.

What is the main idea behind your business? What image do you want to convey? When making a domain name, try to think of something memorable, something your customers are going to remember every time they want to shop for whatever it is you’re selling. Not only that, but a good domain name has to be easily pronounceable. It can’t be a name that people struggle to say out loud; a successful business becomes a part of the customer’s vocabulary. Don’t make it too long either; research shows the top websites have domain names with an average of nine characters.

Whatever your business is, make sure the domain name you choose isn’t too close to your competitors.

You might be marketing similar things, but you don’t want consumer traffic going to rivals because you couldn’t think of an original domain name. Established businesses are guaranteed more traffic simply because they’re established. A domain name that’s too close to the competition is never going to attract a consumer base naturally wary of businesses afraid to think outside the box. Being wary of trademarking is important as well. Make sure the domain name you decide upon is free from anything a competitor might use against you in the future.

Decide on whether you want to be brandable or discoverable.

Will your business rely on search engines to generate traffic? If so, consider using real words for your domain name. If you’re selling laptop stands for example, try something like For early start ups, sometimes it’s more effective to have a domain name easily found by search engines. Relying on banner ads and paid search listing? As said before, make your brand name catchy and easy to remember, something like (yes I know that’s terrible).

Do you want your brand to go global?

So you’ve got your winning name and you’re ready to get started. At this point you should think about registering your domain name with country specific extensions. For example, or It can say something of the confidence of a business willing to expand their online presence in different regions and it can give customers the confidence to use you over the competition.


We hope the tips here can help you on your way to creating an effective domain name. Naturally it’s down to you just what you call your website, but if you’re struggling to think of something creative, consider using a domain generator like this.

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