Dropshipping may be one of the most popular online business models, but over 90% of all such enterprises fail in their first month.

Entrepreneurs are often driven away by the technicalities of setting up the store. Site building, choosing a domain, finding suppliers, etc. are some of the tiresome processes dropshippers endure.

Turnkey dropshipping

Turnkey dropshipping is a model where you can buy a fully functional eCommerce website. The website is already operational and, in some cases, preloaded with products. This method offers a faster way to start dropshipping and is already used by millions of entrepreneurs worldwide.

Turnkey dropshipping websites vary. They range from newly built customizable websites to fully functional and established sites. You may buy directly from sellers or use one of the many eCommerce marketplaces available.

This article provides an in-depth guide to turnkey dropshipping to help you make the best decision as you purchase a store.

Benefits of buying a turnkey dropshipping store

1.     You get a functional business fast.

Turnkey dropshipping eliminates the initial hustle of opening a dropshipping store. You do not have to go through building a website, uploading lots of items, finding suppliers, getting your first customers, etc. The site is already up and running. All you have to do is find the right marketing strategy to maintain income flow.

The websites are usually fully customizable, so you can adjust the prices as you wish. Starting with turnkey dropshipping is easy. It is an excellent opportunity for drop shippers to have an income-generating business in no time.

2.     You can sell it for a profit.

Many turnkey dropshippers operate to sell their sites for a profit. You can buy a business, make a few changes, market it, get some sales, and then sell it at a higher price. Since these websites are easily customizable, you can tweak them to suit any purpose.

3.     There is no need to store products.

Just like a regular dropshipping business, you do not need to handle any inventory. When customers place orders, information is passed to the supplier, who then ships to the consumer.

When dealing with a turnkey dropshipping site, often, the site already has verified suppliers, and the order system is up and running. This system makes your work a lot easier. Your main task is to monitor the orders and provide customer support when needed.

4.     Start-up costs are low.

Turnkey dropshipping significantly reduces your start-up costs. The platform does all the work and sets the systems in place.

Starting dropshipping store from scratch requires time and money for website expenses. In turnkey dropshipping, these are packaged and offered at a much lower rate.

From as low as $300, you can get yourself a fully functional dropshipping website ready to make money. This starting cost is significantly lower than if you go the traditional route.

5.     Technical knowledge is not required.

Turnkey dropshipping cuts out the need for technical knowledge in creating an eCommerce site. To set up the site, you would need to know the technical aspects of site-building. In the case of turnkey dropshipping, you do not need to invest in learning any coding, SSL, etc. The company you buy from handles that for you.


Key factors when buying a dropshipping store

Before buying a dropshipping site, you should take some time to assess your options. Below are vital factors you should consider before you buy that dropshipping site.

·        The uniqueness of the business

Before you buy a dropshipping website, you need to check the nature of products already on the site. If they are common products, the chances are high that there’ll be too much competition. This could mean fewer sales and revenue from the site. Your marketing costs will also be higher.

For most stores, sales research is already available. However, it helps do your own research on the product niche to know if the products will sell or not.

·        SSL certificate

As you buy an already built website, security is essential. You should make sure the site you are purchasing comes with a Secure Socket Layer. It helps protect the data exchanged between your website and the customers.

·        Domain authority

When buying an operational turnkey dropshipping website, you should find out how the website performs on search engines. Search engine performance is also one of the ways by which you can check whether the site is worth the price. A website that you can easily find on search engines or has a higher domain authority usually signals a credible, well-performing site. If the site does not even rank, that is a red flag. It could be a sham website or have no traffic.

·        Buying processes

You should also check the buying processes of any site you want to buy. The site should have a transparent checkout procedure as well as order tracking features. Customers should find it easy to place orders. The site must clearly map out steps for the customers.

Additionally, the shopping cart should be user friendly with payment options ready and integrated. Return policies and contact information should also be precise but customizable.

Top platforms to buy dropshipping websites.

Purchasing a turnkey dropshipping site is relatively simple. You can buy and sell websites on several platforms. These include; AliDropship, Flippa, Shopify Exchange, Dropship Rocket, Empire Flippers, DropshippingHelps.com, etc. However, not all of them offer legit services. Here are some of the top players you can use.

1.     Dropship rocket

On this platform, you can buy a fully operational dropshipping site with over 100 preloaded products.

The pricing is quite favorable and comes in 3 packages.

  • The $295 Package: With this package, you get one store, on-demand marketing advertisements, and free hosting.
  • The $475 Package: This offers two stores, on-demand marketing posts, keyword research, free hosting, and two domains.
  • The $695 Package: With this package, you get three dropshipping websites with all other services mentioned above.

The packages come with free digital marketing training for your new business. Dropship Rocket also provides free hosting and free lifetime support for your store.


2.     AliDropship

Alidropship has a wordpress plugin that lets you create a turnkey dropshipping site. Alternatively, you can order a custom turnkey dropshipping store from the Alidropship custom store, preloaded with products.

Custom websites come with additional benefits like hosting, custom themes, and add-ons.

The platform offers three packages:

The $299/year Package: This package gets you all the necessary features needed to start your dropshipping business. Your site also comes with an SSL layer, which is critical to the store.

The $499/year Package: With this upgrade, you also get marketing tools and additional digital features to grow your business. It includes an SSL layer too.

The $899/year Package: This package makes for the ultimate hassle-free purchase. It covers all the features you need to open your dropshipping business and start earning profits immediately.


3.     Shopify Exchange

Shopify exchange is an online marketplace where you can buy a fully functioning Shopify store.

The sites cost from as low as $50 for start-up stores to over $1M for more highly established businesses.

The buying process is relatively simple:

  • Scan listings and analyze the information provided to find a store that works for you. Essential items to look for are the monthly traffic and revenue, social media accounts, and engagement. Also, take note of which assets you will receive and why the owner is selling the site.
  • Engage the seller. You can directly engage with the seller and even negotiate a price.
  • Initiate the transaction. Agree on terms with the seller and pay the amount required via Escrow.
  • Transfer ownership. After the sale, it takes about three days for the platform to transfer ownership to you entirely.


Turnkey dropshipping is a viable way to start your dropshipping business without the technical hassle associated with starting from scratch. If you are looking for a fast yet affordable way to start dropshipping, this model might be the solution for you.

However, you need to take special care to secure a good deal that will generate profits soon enough. Finding the right deal, which gives you value for money, starts from using credible platforms.

Dropshipping tools like Wholesale2B provide several options for turnkey dropshipping. You can have your site set up, fully integrated, and running in no time.

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