Many people has been asking the meaning of MAP prices.

Some suppliers may include a MAP Price along with their wholesale prices. MAP prices mean “Minimum Advertising Price”. This means that sellers (YOU) are not allowed to sell the item below the MAP Price when applicable. If you do not respect this rule, you run the risk of losing your selling privilege as many manufacturer will police the internet for any violations of MAP prices.

Most MAP prices are given by manufacturers that want to maintain a minimum selling price value on their products. This is usually done to maintain a brand value and avoid having prices be driven down close to the wholesale price.

I personally like products with MAP prices since they allow the market to maintain good selling prices, and that means more profits for you (the seller).

For example: If an item has a wholesale price of $80 and a MAP price of $120 and a List price of $250, then this means that your minimum selling price should be $120. You can sell the item at any price of your choice as long as its above $120. This ensures that you will make a minimum profit of $40.

With the wholesale2b shopping cart, provided with our website dropship plan, you are sure to never violate any MAP prices since we have a special feature that will prevent item prices from being sold below MAP prices. For example if you setup a markup configuration on your site that would end up with a price below any MAP price for any given item, then the MAP price will be used instead. This safety mechanism means that you don’t have to worry about whether or not you will be in violation of any MAP prices while configuring prices on your website. With sites having thousands of products, this is a great feature and saves you tons of time.

It’s important to understand that not all products have MAP prices. If an item doesn’t have any MAP pricing, then you can sell the item at any price of your choice as long as its above your cost.

If an item has a MAP price, it will be displayed in the product detail page of your account. Simply click on the left menu USA PRODUCTS to browse products by category.

If you don’t already have a Wholesale2b account, click on the link below to signup for a free account and review all our 1.5 Millions wholesale products and prices.


I hope this will help clarify what MAP prices are, and how wholesale2b can help you avoid any MAP violations and stay safe while selling online.


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