Wholesale 2B is a leading dropshipping platform that integrates suppliers and millions of products under one platform. From this platform, you gain access to several products in different categories.

With this platform, you can access a range of useful inventory management tools, analysis, and automation. It also allows integration with third-party platforms like eBay and Amazon.

Yet, even with all the platform’s competitive features, there has been concern about Wholesale2B dropshipping prices. As a result, many members even choose to cancel their plan before they begin.

This article will address these concerns. It will show you why this platform still a more viable dropshipping option than other market players.

Why use Wholesale2B dropshipping?

Vast product catalog

Wholesale2B boasts of an extensive product catalog carrying over 1.5 million products in several profitable niches.

You can view these products for free and add them to your store with one click. The platform supports about 100+ suppliers, which may be relatively low. However, these offer several high-quality products at competitive prices.

Furthermore, thanks to the advanced automation features, you can continuously monitor the inventory. This helps customer satisfaction since you won’t be selling sold-out items.

Advanced automation

Wholesale2B’s advanced automation features are almost unmatched by any other platform. The automation capabilities facilitate one-click product uploads, order processing inventory management, etc. Such features enhance your dropshipping experience.

At a small extra fee, you can use the automation features to manage interactions with suppliers. The platform handles that for you automatically. That way, you can focus on other aspects of your business like the marketing jobs which can be more challenging.

Third-party platforms

Wholesale2B has the best third-party integration features on the market. So, if you have your store on any other platform like WooCommerce or Shopify, this platform caters to you.wholesale2b prices

It presents several dedicated packages for the different platforms at affordable prices, starting at $29.99/month. These options help you ease the process of inventory management in your store. It allows you to make numerous changes and also provides tracking codes for your orders.

Ease of use

Wholesale2B is incredibly straightforward to set up and use. Beyond choosing the packages and services, it is just a few clicks away to start running your dropshipping store.

Additionally, it has an intuitive user interface included in all the different packages. All their services are laid out for new users to find their way around easily.

Wholesale2B has plenty of support information on their platforms to help users with any inquires and issues.

Wholesale2B Pricing

This platform is one of the most affordable drop shipping partners on the market. Even on a free plan, you can sign up and view products for free.

When you need to launch your store officially, there are multiple service packages to choose from at affordable yet competitive prices. They also allow for monthly or yearly payments depending on your needs and budget.

Product prices on this tool are all competitive on the market and vary from supplier to supplier. In the products catalog, the platform can compare the Wholesale2B price of an item to competitors on Amazon and eBay.

Wholesale2B dropshipping prices vs. other platforms

When different dropshippers look at some prices, they quickly assume that the platform is more expensive. However, this is not necessarily the case.

So why do Wholesale2B dropshipping prices appear more expensive?


Many ridiculously cheap items are of inferior quality or inferior brands. While this may be discouraging for you as a seller, remember that customers are willing to pay for better quality, customer service, and authentic brands.

So, as you compare Wholesale2B dropshipping prices to competitors, also consider the product quality. Some of the prices are higher because they are of more prominent brands and much higher quality.

New items

Many online platforms like eBay and Etsy often carry used and refurbished items. That could explain the extra low prices. Sellers offer such products at giveaway prices which cannot compare to prices of brand-new versions.

Thus, when analyzing prices with such platforms, be extra careful not to compare Wholesale2B products with second-hand ones.


There are more knock-offs than real products on eCommerce platforms, which buyers must be aware of. Since they are fake, these products will carry much lower prices than the authentic products you will find on Wholesale2B.

Buyers are more likely to buy from your store when they know you sell real products. They are also willing to pay more.

Shipping fees

Super cheap suppliers often have hidden fees to make up for those low prices. Much of these go into shipping fees. They are aware that many buyers initially ignore shipping fees when they see a super cheap item.

So, the costs will come to about the same or even more. However, it will leave both you and your customers dissatisfied because of the sudden increase in checkout price.

So, whereas other platforms may seem low compared to Wholesale2B dropshipping prices, you must consider other critical factors. Product quality and shipping, for instance, are paramount in choosing suppliers.

Otherwise, you might end up losing much more when customers keep returning the items or leaving bad reviews. This could significantly affect your profits.

Product differences

Like any other wholesaler, prices will vary across the board. Some will be much higher, and others will be super cheap, which is totally normal. Rather, your focus must be on analyzing product prices within the given industry.


Sometimes, sellers on other platforms sell at lower prices because they could get select products in small quantities. This usually happens when they buy goods from liquidators or other sources and only have small amounts. As such, they can charge very low prices for the goods.

Key considerations

When comparing Wholesale2B dropshipping prices and other eCommerce platforms, consider the following.

Price is not the only sales driver.

Don’t worry about posting your product prices even though you do not have the lowest prices. Remember that super-low products can sell out fast. So, you could expect a highly competitive market that you may not be able to keep up with.

Furthermore, customers don’t mind paying a little more for items shipped from the US rather than other countries like China.

Your primary focus should be on aggressively advertising your store to spread awareness and drive more traffic. Key strategies you can employ include;

  • Social media marketing to drive traffic and conversions.
  • Including store links in your email signature can be an effective form of marketing.
  • Registering your website with a web tool to index it and start building quality backlinks
  • Adding a blog to your website. The website plan on Wholesale2B already includes a blog to get started.

Customers focus on reviews.

Regular online customers know that very low prices are often a red flag. So, they will not buy from you just because you are cheap. Instead, they will look at reviews.

When you sell cheap knock-offs, you will get discouraging reviews like “This looks fake, though it works.” Such harm your reputation and prevent potential customers from buying.

Therefore, focus on the fact that you are getting authentic products. Then work towards providing excellent customer service and gathering great reviews from initial customers. Even just friends and family can give you these.

Minimum Advertised Price (MAP)

MAP pricing rules apply to many eCommerce retailers except in a few cases. These are agreements where suppliers and retailers set the minimum price a product is to advertise or sell for.

Often, sellers on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay stock products undergoing clearance or liquidation. They are thus able to sell at very low prices. MAP rules do not apply to such cases; hence the prices will appear different to platforms like Wholesale2B.

Average price points

When comparing prices, focus on the average price points. On platforms like Amazon and eBay, you can check the average price points for different items. Then set your prices within that range to stay competitive rather than trying to compete with the lowest offers.


What makes Wholesale2B stand out among competitors?

Competitive prices

The platform offers more competitive prices compared to other suppliers like eBay and AliExpress. You can find high-quality products at the best prices which you can compare.

On supercheap platforms like AliExpress, many of the items are reportedly fake products from China. They also take forever to arrive. This dramatically affects the customer experience. Instead, using a quality-focused platform like Wholesale2B eliminates such hassle.

Occasionally, you will also find massive discounts on many products.

Reliable suppliers

On this platform, you can find 100+ reliable and vetted suppliers in all major niches. These include clothing, pet supplies, home décor, sports items, adult products, etc.

Unlike other competitors, you will find only credible suppliers on Wholesale2B. therefore, you can be sure that you are selling quality items that your customers will love. This will tremendously reduce the rate of returns in your store.

One-stop solutions

Wholesale2B offers a comprehensive solution for your dropshipping store. This is not the case with competitors like AliExpress and Amazon. Besides profitable dropshipping items, it provides backend solutions like relationship management with suppliers.

Furthermore, you can enjoy great deals on third-party app integrations, automation, among others. These all enhance your dropshipping experience. They also allow you to focus on your business’s money-making aspects instead of the technical.


Wholesale2B offers a one-stop reliable and affordable dropshipping solution. In comparison to other dropshipping suppliers, the platform guarantees higher-quality products at competitive prices.

So, don’t be discouraged by seemingly higher Wholesale2B dropshipping prices. Sign up now, and source the best products for your dropshipping store.

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